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  1. Have fun out there guys. Couldn’t make it there this year due to work and family stuff but look forward to your updates from the show. Meanwhile this will be me all week as I see coverage from Shot on IG and Facebook each day lol
  2. I picked up 1200 rounds of .223 which would bring me to maximum of $100 rebate per person. Any way of getting around the limit? Would like to get a case 9mm too.
  3. I knew I had some 100 round boxes somewhere and finally got around to looking and ended having 3. But mine are stamped MH30 so I’m good.
  4. Get ready for your car insurance premiums to go up, more accidents on the road, and sadly more DUI deaths.
  5. Yea the 1892 model. I’ve looked at lots of reviews and saw some that weren’t great but most were good. I’ll take it to the range and see how it performs and then I’ll go about cleaning and smoothing out the action and doing a spring kit.
  6. Ended up going with a Rossi 20” stainless. Will be picking it up from the FFL tomorrow or Monday.
  7. Went to the oaks show and there wasn’t much lever actions to look at. But I did pick up a few in different barrel lengths and figured out a 20” barrel feels right. That’s what I’m gonna go with.
  8. I’m goin tomorrow since I’ll be in the area anyway. Any line to get in?
  9. It’s annoying the show is still on the air. Seriously I don’t know how people watch this crap. The show jumped the shark like 6 years ago
  10. I’ll take ride to the Oaks Show next weekend and check it out. I’ll either buy something there or make a decision that weekend what I wanna get
  11. One of the first guns that reallly got me into becoming a gun owner was when I saw Die Hard as a kid. Seeing John McClane use that beautiful Beretta 92 really caught my eye. Later on I knew I wanted to get one someday. I did end up getting one without even testing it first and to this day it’s one of my favorite pistols to shoot. And I think it’s one of the best looking ones out there.
  12. Or shithole if you wanna put it bluntly. But yea I’m tired of living here, paying the ridiculous taxes and getting almost nothing in return, dealing with people who can’t drive, corruption, and so on and so on. I get a real kick out of people trying to explain how it’s good to live in this state as if it’s somehow unique and special. There’s nothing about this state that you can’t have anywhere else. It’s laughable hearing people defend it here. Thankfully my family has started to do what we can to fix up our home and make it easier for us to sell and more attractive to potential buyers. Looking to have it on the market sometime later this year. I’ve also begun looking over the border in PA for some property. I honestly can’t wait to get out. It’s on my mind all the time but especially every quarter when we pay taxes.
  13. I should have hit you guys up. I’m at the show as well
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