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  1. I knew I had some 100 round boxes somewhere and finally got around to looking and ended having 3. But mine are stamped MH30 so I’m good.
  2. Get ready for your car insurance premiums to go up, more accidents on the road, and sadly more DUI deaths.
  3. Yea the 1892 model. I’ve looked at lots of reviews and saw some that weren’t great but most were good. I’ll take it to the range and see how it performs and then I’ll go about cleaning and smoothing out the action and doing a spring kit.
  4. Ended up going with a Rossi 20” stainless. Will be picking it up from the FFL tomorrow or Monday.
  5. Went to the oaks show and there wasn’t much lever actions to look at. But I did pick up a few in different barrel lengths and figured out a 20” barrel feels right. That’s what I’m gonna go with.
  6. I’m goin tomorrow since I’ll be in the area anyway. Any line to get in?
  7. It’s annoying the show is still on the air. Seriously I don’t know how people watch this crap. The show jumped the shark like 6 years ago
  8. I’ll take ride to the Oaks Show next weekend and check it out. I’ll either buy something there or make a decision that weekend what I wanna get
  9. One of the first guns that reallly got me into becoming a gun owner was when I saw Die Hard as a kid. Seeing John McClane use that beautiful Beretta 92 really caught my eye. Later on I knew I wanted to get one someday. I did end up getting one without even testing it first and to this day it’s one of my favorite pistols to shoot. And I think it’s one of the best looking ones out there.
  10. Or shithole if you wanna put it bluntly. But yea I’m tired of living here, paying the ridiculous taxes and getting almost nothing in return, dealing with people who can’t drive, corruption, and so on and so on. I get a real kick out of people trying to explain how it’s good to live in this state as if it’s somehow unique and special. There’s nothing about this state that you can’t have anywhere else. It’s laughable hearing people defend it here. Thankfully my family has started to do what we can to fix up our home and make it easier for us to sell and more attractive to potential buyers. Looking to have it on the market sometime later this year. I’ve also begun looking over the border in PA for some property. I honestly can’t wait to get out. It’s on my mind all the time but especially every quarter when we pay taxes.
  11. I should have hit you guys up. I’m at the show as well
  12. I hate snow but that’s a price I would happily pay to live in free America. Hopefully by end of this year it’ll happen.
  13. I’m flying out Monday night. Hope there won’t be lingering delays
  14. It’s already been spread for years now. Virginia is lost, it’s a blue state now. If a psycho like Tim Kaine wins over and over in your state, you’re in deep shit
  15. After thinking about it for years I’ve finally decided it’s time to get a lever action. Just wanna get some suggestions and info. It’ll be used just for good ole plinking fun. No long distance shooting or hunting or anything like that. What im sure about it is I want it in 38/357 caliber since I already shoot that and don’t have to invest in a new caliber of ammo. Wood stock, not some plastic or synthetic material What I’d like to know is if I’m better off with a 20 or 24 inch barrel? Is one better than the other? Any significant difference between them? Any brand is better than others? I’d like one that I can slick up the action and make it a clean smooth shooter. And lastly to be in the $1000 price range. But I don’t mind paying some more for something nice. I know there’s Marlin, Rossi, and Winchester. I also remember seeing a photo on another thread of a nice Uberti. Not interested in Henry. The way you have to tube load it is pretty lame. Any input on these questions would be greatly appreciated.
  16. NJ is consistently one of the worst states for living and doing business. Every year it gets worse and with the new tax laws going into effect for this year the exodus out of this state will only increase. I’ve seen posts on this board where people gave an example of what they’re paying in other states. So I figured why not start a thread dedicated to the cost of living comparison between us here in NJ and other states. If you have moved out of state, have family or friends that moved out, or are looking to move and have done some research, please post here. Would be very informative to get some insight into the cost of property taxes, car insurance, health insurance, etc, in other states. Now since this is a 2A forum I know some will say to stay and fight here to try and improve things. Well for people like me, I’m looking to relocate based on cost of living and my business, not because of gun laws. Yes I feel strongly about 2A and would love to have more freedoms associated with it, but guns are not a top reason why I want to leave. Between my home and business property my family is paying over 23K a year in taxes. That’s a number that will only get worse in the coming years. That’s why my family is planning to leave. With that said, post up what information you have.
  17. Dewalts are alright depending on what you’ll use it for but if you really want a damn good impact gun then go with Milwaukee. It’s a beast, the best cordless on the market. I’ve used IR and Snap on in the past and this thing completely shits on them. I use it all the time on my vehicles and it broke loose every bolt on my truck that I tried. If you wanna go a step further you can get this combo kit https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263179436763 I got this combo off eBay about a year ago when they had one of their 20% off coupons. Best automotive tool purchase I’ve ever made. The 3/8 gun is pretty strong as well. So it all comes down to how much and for what you’ll be using it. Mines a year old and I’ve beat on it a lot working on trucks. It continues to work like brand new. I read all the reviews on Milwaukee before buying and I gotta say, the hype is real.
  18. Wether you mind dealing with rebates or not, we need to jump on deals like this and stock up. We all know the dems and governor dipshit will put an end to online sales next year. So stock up now people even if you don’t need it.
  19. I’ll be there. And great timing it’s the same week as AVN. Two shows on one trip lol !
  20. Does ex post facto not apply to gun rights? And wih today’s ruling this all points to a scotus decision. What are the chances they take the case and what’s the earliest it can go before them?
  21. Picked up some ammo even though I didn’t really need it. With prices this low you can’t pass it up. If you have an Active Junky account you can get an additional %2 off at PSA and %4 off at Brownells. If you don’t have an account, you can use my referral link and get $10 free with your first purchase. Referral link
  22. Has anyone tried selling there’s on gunbroker or armslist? I know free America doesn’t want NJ neutered crap but is it worth it to try? Thinking to dump a bunch of my 15 round pmags
  23. Damn that’s a great price. May have to jump on this deal as well
  24. I haven’t watched a race at all this season since Fox debuted their horrendous new tv coverage, but I’ve been a fan since the late 90’s and have always liked and respected the way they handle pre race ceramonies and the mentality of team owners, drivers, and fans being patriotic. Loved when Richard Childress said anyone who doesn’t stand for the anthem should be out of the country. And that he won’t tolerate anyone on his team doing it. Much respect to him.
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