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  1. A bill that banned .50 semi-auto rifles was introduced at the end of the 2021 legislative session. It did not get signed into law and died when the session ended last week. It has not been resubmitted for 2022….yet.
  2. Unless it really picks up, or goes well overnight, there is no way I’m getting 6-8. We have 0.00 now.
  3. Thanks for the info/links. I am going to contact Daisy next week. See if they have a seals kit or something. Then just diving in and see what happens.
  4. Lol. Most of my projects start that way. More than half never make it back to the assembly phase.
  5. My wife’s grandfather had an old Daisy model 860 pump BB gun. I started to train my daughter to shoot it today. Due to its age it’s in bad need of TLC but I can’t find any resources on how to tear it down or do basic repairs (seals, etc). Anyone have any good info or links?
  6. Looking for immediate options. My wife finally had enough with NJ and her family here that she wants out.. Trying to figure out work options. If I can stay where I am and work from home most of the time they we figure we would still need to be within 2-2.5hrs from Burlco.. which unfortunately means PA or DE. Some interesting areas of DE (Milton) but it’s becoming just like NJ/MD. Otherwise I’d like to move back to Maine or New England. My wife saw a video on Montana and suddenly that’s an option. Need to find job in my area in either case.
  7. Could be. Though I know I sent a few emails to the senate and assembly and got a few replies. If they’re filtering it’s not just by Bcc (or not applied universally).
  8. Anyone who puts more than 2-3 people on the To or CC line is a heathen anyway. It’s the social equivalent to always talking in the third person.
  9. These fucktards don’t work the other 11.5 months of the year but queue up gun bills and OH boy, they’re working Christmas Eve, “for the children!”
  10. Just had a chance to read the “nuisance” bill. Holy vague and capricious, Batman! Some pull quotes And their definition of nuisance:
  11. It’s a little disappointing. In the past some of these had stalled in committee, like the FID renewal. Sadly they didn’t happen this time. I don’t know if it is because Sweeney is a lane duck or because they’re trying to get anything signed before scotus rules on the NY case or what.
  12. Didn’t matter. Bills passed committee along party lines. Fuck this state.
  13. Yes. And he basically announced as such two weeks ago. Saying a focus on suing manufacturers. Everyone thought he meant like CT but I’m better he was thinking CA.
  14. You can carry. The firearm. But the ammo must stay locked up or your in violation.
  15. This bill is so much worse than I thought it would be. And I thought it would be bad. It literally flies in the face of EVERYTHING in the Heller decision.
  16. Hopefully scotus rules in Bruen to require strict scrutiny before any of these proposals pass. They’re all complete bullshit.
  17. Coughlin will back Murphy gun agenda, agrees to post bills during lame duck Fuck Phil Murphy.
  18. Season 6 is only covering book 6 and maybe hints at Laconia (ala Strange Dogs). The writers have been coy about what comes next but many believe tackling the last three books as movies is in play.
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