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  1. I read elsewhere that some are getting the runaround with PD by them saying they can’t apply in person/paper but have to go through FARS even though that doesn’t do CCW yet.
  2. The Japanese are marvels when it comes to technology. How they designed the beer mug so it doesn’t spill when set on the wall is amazing.
  3. It’s probably written in COBOL with a text-file backend.
  4. SCOTUS didn’t grant cert for them they’re sitting pending so they could send them back on any “orders” day.
  5. Killing Intermediate and even Strict Scrutiny will do that. More importantly the NJ mag ban sitting at scotus could get resolved as early as Monday if they remand it back to the 3rd or better summary rule based on Bruen.
  6. If I remember right there were quite a few cases held either at Scotus or circuit courts waiting on the result from Bruen. One was the NJ mag challenge and I think an AWB (MD?). Also the CA mag, ammo, and AWB are there somewhere. Since those cases are already at a high level they should quickly get sent back to be redecided with the new precedent. We shouldn’t have to wait for a new case to make its way up.
  7. You keep using that word, reasonable…I do not think it means what you think it means. Dos XX is Mexican Coors.
  8. Honestly I’m more excited about mag and AW bans being thrown out than I am CCW. Let me have normal mags, stocks and unpinned barrels!
  9. As I understand it, before yesterday both your local PD (or NJSP) and superior court judge could deny based on Justifiable Need but usually PD pushed it to the judge to deny. After yesterday that judge has to consider the new precedent and “shall issue”. Maybe in the short term PD will start denying at their level so it never hits the judiciary.
  10. I think they eliminated both intermediate and strict scrutiny.
  11. One suggestion: find a range that rents so you can try and shoot a few you are considering. Call ahead to see what models they rent and if they’re on your list. note: Depending on the range you may need to bring a friend since some won’t rent if you’re by yourself (suicide risk).
  12. FID expiration and training requirements. What a crock of shit.
  13. The family gave me Oban 14.
  14. It kind of did. Scalia went into a lot of detail about how bear arms means carry. This was foundational to Heller since DC banned carrying even in your home. What they didn’t do is address whether government interests allow them to restrict that right outside the home.
  15. The way I read it is that juvenile records would only be part of the check if you’re under 21. Basically the record would “stop” at 18 but only get sealed at 21. This kind of makes sense. There is no reason a 18 year old kid’s background shouldn’t include stuff before 18. There’s nothing else to go on. At the same time a 40 year old can’t be jammed up for something they did at 15.
  16. No voting, drinking, smoking, driving, entering contracts, military enlistment, medical procedure, credit card, or parental emancipation until 23.
  17. Right. It’s why the pro-gun side should never compromise. Todays compromise is tomorrows loophole. Perhaps if there was trust and actual compromise it would Be different. I’ll give up A if They give up B. Instead it is we need to give up A so they don’t take C only to have them take C a year later. Fuck. That.
  18. They were admitted to the hospital for what they said. They were diagnosed while in the hospital despite acting normal. I would expect any diagnosis to be based on an evaluation while they were in the hospital and not biased because of the fact they were there.
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