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  1. The others bring up a good point. If you’re just looking to listen to “your music” and you have a smartphone and car with Bluetooth/CarPlay then going with a music streaming app on the phone may be better. You pick exactly the songs/artists/genres you want. If, instead, you want a wide range of music, talk, sports, etc or primarily listen where you don’t have cell service. Then XM may be better.
  2. I’m afraid there is no Lawrence Welk channel..
  3. I’ve had it since 2001. Either paid for or included when I’ve purchased a new vehicle. It was really nice to always have the same channels, of which there are a ton, anywhere you’re driving. Some of that benefit maybe has waned due to phone integration and streaming apps but it’s still pretty convenient. Also getting all the NFL and NHL games is sweet if we are on the road during the season.
  4. How far is the coop from your property line. Municipalities often have a minimum setback an animal pen can be. Beyond that get the sticky strips for your fence and a large cat.
  5. Looking at their Facebook page and appears it’s been shutdown since the 13th for construction or something.
  6. That’s true, but even with that idiotic rule one could possess a BB gun if you had a FPID. Now, since the BB gun does not have a serial number printed by a “firearms manufacturer” possession of one is a felony.
  7. So if the 3rd stays the PI, does the TRO get stayed as well?
  8. I haven’t been there in a while. Have they renovated the Pistol side yet?
  9. I believe that 750w is worst case. Cranking the CPU, GPU, Disk, and Network plus margin. Nominally I doubt it’s using anywhere near that. That reinforces that the UPS’ listed would work and he’d get more uptime from them than listed.
  10. I don’t know of anything recent that will burn CD’s to a device. It used to be that you could burn them to your computer and then download them to devices. I haven’t messed with that in a decade. Streaming wise I’ve used Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube music to stream to my phone. They are all very easy to use once you have an account. YouTube music was included in YouTube premium. I think Amazon/Prime has a music service as well.
  11. “Back in my day it was…” Blah blah blah. Yes, interest rates were higher 40 years ago. But the cost of the house has skyrocketed too. Paying 16% on a $250k SFH in 1985 is better than 6% on $650k for the same house today.
  12. If I remember right while it was rewritten so “smart guns” weren’t the only model FFL’s could sell immediately, it also created a “smart gun” safety committee. That committee can (will) recommend changing the law as soon as possible.
  13. Had a tornado warning in Burlco. Went from “hey, it’s getting dark” to “Oh shit…” in like ten minutes. Had a 70-100lb “branch” land in the road in front of my house. While trying to clear a little of it two cars barreled through it at 40. Me thinks they may be hitting a mechanic tomorrow. Plastic debris everywhere.
  14. Common sense == opinion Opinions are like assholes therefore these assholes have common sense.
  15. There are so many fallacies in that “opinion”. Except CCW laws only got relaxed in 2022 and really that impact wasn’t see until late in the year. Has no bearing on the decrease in “gun violence”.
  16. That’s cool. This guy was chilling in my driveway a while ago..
  17. How….did you get my family photo? Why am I craving Hershey Kisses?
  18. What if my Critical Thinking Hat is made from aluminum foil?
  19. My family up in coastal New England said it was -10 this morning.
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