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  1. Hello, Are re you still interested in doing the bee hives? Let me know. thanks, jeff
  2. Yes... if and when they become available I read an article that Steyr USA only sold 10k riles in 7 years.( 120 / month). So once the initial wow of the F90 is gone how many rifles will they be able to sell. It will be a real Niche market.. US buyers want $700 AR-15's.. Anything over $1500 is a tough sell.
  3. FYI - Steyr is releasing a 40th Anniversary edition of the AUG A1.. It is called the STG77 and the receiver is marked as such... This may be an opportunity to get a new Steyr... They are being limited to only 400 rifles. Check with your FFL but I don't see why this would be prohibited in NJ. It is NOT a Steyr AUG. [emoji6]but it does resemble one..
  4. Correct. I believe after 2004 when the Federal AWB sunset these were ok for conversion.
  5. This is what the USR stock looks like if you remove the thumb hole . And these pics are before cerekote. I'm Going to buy a spare A3 this way I'll get the bolt release button not on the USR/A2 stocks but totally not necessary to convert the USR to an AUG.
  6. I don't think it matters if the stock is marked AUG.. the receiver is marked USR. You could put a Stock on you AR clone if it said "Colt AR-15"Same difference.. i hope the receiver does say AUG. Go buy the NIB USR on gun broker.. about the same as a new AUG with the steyr 1.5x scope.
  7. The NIB USR was $2k... Back in early 2000's they sold retail for $2500-$3000. But now that Steyr is making AUG's in the US the price has dropped. They would only appeal the collectors or Banned States. Only 3000 were imported.
  8. High Exposure talked me out of getting a used MSAR with no parts availability and enlighten me as to the NJ legal status of the Steyr USR. It turns out the USR model uses the same Parts/Stock as the AUG. I should be picking up the NIB Steyr USR below from my FFL in about a week. I was told a lot of these guns simply had the barrel threaded for a break and the thumb hole dremeled off and cerekoted. I saw pictures and it looks perfect... however these are somewhat of a collectible so I think I will pick up a spare A3 Aug stock and spare barrel... Also, no sense in a quick change barrel if you don't have a spare to change to. There is another NIB Steyr USR on GunBroker if anyone is interested.
  9. With it being adopted as the new service rifle for the Australian Army I expect service and support to be around for awhile... I worry the Desert Tec MDR will end up like MSAR after a 5 year run and go out of business.
  10. Lithgowarms Atrax F90 is her name... to be released any day now. Anyone interested? I would love to get an MSAR but since they are out of business I'd hate to risk a breakage. Part are impossible to find. http://www.lithgowarms.com/portfolio-item/f90/
  11. I swapped for the 13" top rail and short forearm for the x95.. What to do you think looks wise? It feels and seems to handle very nice. I have not gotten it to the range yet though. The swap took all of 5 minutes.. my break is pinned on.. I was able to swap over the pinned break. very easy to switch back and forth. In the longer formed there was a muzzle bushing right behind the muzzle break. I left it off for now... going to see if there is any accuracy improvement. Others have reported no noticeable change in accuracy.
  12. Ok thanks for trying... it just seems like you are crapping on all my posts lately... Even following me on over to the bullpup forum for more of the same.. Perhaps I'm over sensitive and or it is unconscious on your part. Just letting you know how I feel, not trying to provoke more negativity here.
  13. It's my thread.... and it has been off topic for quite a few post. People started discussing proliferation of bullpups in general.. If you want to be a thread Nazi... By all means start your own and keep in on track however you like.
  14. Anyone plan on getting the Desert Tec MDR? https://deserttech.com/product_overview.php?product_id=4&load=product_overview
  15. Your residency for tax purposes can be determined by time spent in a specific state but for the purpose of jurisdiction Your Domicile is what matters. The things that can be used to determine your domicile (not necessarily where you spend the vast majority of your time) are banking address, health insurance address, church or professional affiliations, primary doctors, accountant, storage of important items, car registration, voter registration, family ( where is my wife and kids living), etc, etc. No one thing is critical but taken as a whole it is able to be determined where someone considers their domicile to be. In 1972 Supreme Court ruled no duration residency required for state voter registration. Only that the State be your intended domicile. So if you "Want" to be a resident of PA even thou you spent 99% of your time in NJ get a physical residency in PA, click your heals 3x saying " I am a PA resident". Then setup the majority of your affairs to reference your PA address and store your prized baseball card collection there along with your favorite hat. Definition of Domicile (State of legal Residency) For purposes of jurisdiction, “domicile” means a legal residence which is the place where a person has fixed dwelling with an intention of making it his/her permanent home. Domicile is a combination of two factors namely, residence and intent to make it his/her permanent home.