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  1. Is Gun for Hire notarizing everyone Qualification document? Mine is not. Did I skip a step when I was there?
  2. So I literally just dropped off my Application to Carry in Franklin Lakes… The officer was was nice and helpful but two interesting take aways. 1) He thought my Qualification letter from Gun for Hire had to be Notorized but accepted anyway, We’re they supposed to Notify it before I left? 2) I completed the Pistole permit request on July 6th and got my Fingerprints at Identico on Wednesday using the case number provided. Today the officer gave me instruction to get finger printed for the carry permit with a different Case Number. I explained I was just printed on Wednesday and provided the receipt and Pistol Purchase finger print instructions. He advised me to go and get printed again using the carry application case number because he could not guarantee it would not be rejected. So back to Identico in go, twice in one week. 3) He advise since I compete the Pistol purchase permit on July 6th it would be on hold indefinitely until a new State process was implemented. If I had completed on July 5th it would be grandfathered in and I would have gotten pistol purchase permits in about 3 weeks. 4) when I get my PPP and buy a carry gun I like I will have to complete the entire application process again 100% to add an additional gun to my permitt.
  3. There is a good Chance the DA’s will hesitate to prosecute CCW holders for carrying on Public Transit and most other places. Even a public defender would be able to win the case sighting Bruen and set president so it can no longer be enforced. They will write the Law as a felony to scar everyone into compliance, Then plea bargain anyone they catch down to a fine and disorderly person offense to pull your Permitt but not risk setting president. Any Thoughts?? Yes, No, Maybe?..
  4. If they can’t do it on the computer see if then can stand back about 3’ when taking the photo.. That will will reduce your image to better match the 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” format.
  5. Just and FYI Staples does two 2 x 2 passport photos for $14. So $28+ for four. If you request they will reduce the image and leave blank space above your head and on the side of your shoulders. This way when you Trim a 1/4” off each side to make it 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” the picture looks correct. If you trim down a normal 2” x 2” passport photo it will look zoomed in on your face when cut down.
  6. So at the Top of the Application is say make Money Order payable to “State of New Jersey - Treasurer but on the Application Instruction Sheet it says “Treasurer, State of New Jersey” I assume either will be accepted. However the Application Bottom Right of second Page references the photo size of 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” and the application instruction sheet says Passport Size photos which are 2” x 2”. That difference I would think matters…
  7. So I see Gun For hit is offering the shoot Qualification needed to complete the application. What about the Training requirement? Regardless of previous experience / training you need to pass e certified test on the NJ Use of Force laws right? How do we complete that?
  8. I would love it if SCOTUS sees what NY is trying to do as an insult to the intent of what the ruling is supposed to achieve in allowing self defense outside the home.. Since they will already know how NY and others may try to circumvent the ruling they may include clarity that requires any restrictions require the highest bar for public interest to justify restrictions… So that only Airports, court houses, etc would meet the criteria.
  9. You might have a good point.. I can’t really see you carrying completely legal with 14 people in a room and then when the 15th person enters you are a Felon… If violating these restrictions is a misdemeanor offense at most then most people I know would be comfortable with the Concealed means concealed mentality and just go about their business knowing in the unlikely event concealed mean NOT concealed they will be paying a fine and not going to jail..
  10. Wow.. If those restrictions go into effect it is hard to imagine being able actively CCW on a regular basis. in NYC you would need to walk or own a car.. (Can’t even car pool) to go anyplace. When you get there you can not be around more then 15 people for almost any practical reason. All eating and drinking establishment are forbidden so you can only be out in public with your CCW a few hours without needing to go home and eat…………. if they go that strict I would think the courts would eventually straighten them out.. As I mentioned D.C. and Illinois(Chicago) tried to play that game when they had “Shall Issue” forced on them by them by the courts and got their ass handed to them in very short order… I doubt NY will be able to get away with anything too much more restrictive then they were able to…
  11. So I do think they would try to block as long as they could get away with.. I am just pointing out the D.C and Illinois had shall issue imposed on them and tried to screw around… Both times the Judges who passed the ruling took it personal and got them straighten out in very short order.. I think the Supreme count will feel the same way if disrespected. The LEO Carry law was passed by congress so there was no one to Kick NJ’s ass for not complying..
  12. Every state currently has CCW available on the books. So If SCOTUS rules favorable in the NY case we should effectively get CCW “Shall Issue” in every state. Correct? As I believe the NY “May Issue” rule is the concern.. I have read a lot of people say regardless of the ruling NJ will screw us but I would like to point out D.C tried to screw around when they got Shall Issue CCW imposed on them and I believe it was the Federal 4th circuit Judge who passed the ruling was having no part of it. He got them in line in TWO WEEKS and at one point it was legal for a day to Open Carry in D.C. with out a CCW license. He declared what they voted into law unenforceable or something and it took a day for D.C. to revise the law. There where several pic’s of people open carrying with the Washington monument in the background. In the end there implementation is not bad, they did not have to offer reciprocity but provided shall issue CCW option to non residents. Any-case the Supreme Court may do the same if states don’t follow their intention and try to screw around… They often take it as a personal disrespect to their authority… Illinois(Chicago) had a similar situation and had to implement Shall Issue CCW and their initial attempt to implement was quickly corrected… They also don’t allow reciprocity but somehow got away with only offering people from 6 states with similar CCW rules the ability to apply for a non resident CCW. So my thought is within 6-12 month of ruling NJ and NY will offer Shall issue CCW similar to D.C or Illinois. Hoops to jump through but can be done. No reciprocity and limited Non-Resident CCW available. Once every state has shall issue CCW passing a federal National Reciprocity law is not as big a deal and will eventually get passed.
  13. I love the “Securely Tied Package” option…. I purchased a used handgun from Meltzer in Garfield a number of years back. No box he just put it in a thin food store type plastic bag and handed it to me.. So I asked “Is this legal”. He said, “Oh no absolutely not”and grabbed the bag back from me.. I assumed he was going to get a box or some sort of case to take it home in…. Nope… He simply looped on carry handle under the other and handed it back…. Saying with a smile. “ Good catch the package must securely tied”
  14. This is new I for for Me…. So according to your understanding I could fold my unloaded 9mm Keltec Sub 2000 and wear it on my back under a jacket while walking down Main Street.. Now when I get back into the car to drive home can it stay on my back or does it need to get locked in the trunk to transport.
  15. Funny you summarized Firearms.. The FFL employees where saying the law references Firearms ( which clearly is not the case) However when I initially just tried to Google more information it seem most websites provided general information using the term firearms and summarized the the exceptions…. This why they believe what they are saying to be true. People absolutely need to read the code as written.
  16. If has always been my understand that if you have a NJ FID card you can transport an unloaded /Secured Rifle in you vehicle anyplace you want to go without any restrictions and technically keep it in you vehicles at all time.. I was transferring my AR-15 today at the Local FFL to a friend and explaining to him he did not need to worry about only going to and from the Range, Gun Store, Target Practice, etc since he had an NJ FID. Before I finished the FFL employee corrected me, and when I advised I believed he was mistaken all 4 of his helpers backed him up.. I looked it up again tonight and NJS 2C 39-5 supports what I believe to be true and 2C 39-6 Lists the exemptions to include people going to the range, gun store, etc.. Am I not understanding what I am reading correctly? I cant imagine 5 FFL employees would be wrong?
  17. This was my take as well on the how “others” would be classified. And here in NJ it then becomes completely illegal to own.
  18. The ATF just release proposed changes with regards to Pistol Braces and there something that reference that if the gun has a vertical for grip the Brace is give 4 points. ( 4 point being over the limit to qualify as a brace.) if this gets passed does it effect the Troy A4? They mostly talk about pistol vs rifle vs sbr status... No mention was made of “other” “Firearm” classification. Will these still be available to buy / own? I was interested to get one but now no sure if: A) I should rush to buy one and be grand fathered or B) Be glad I didn’t get one because they will need to be gotten rids of.
  19. I am selling .22 LR ammo. I priced it at 75% of what I see it available in stock on ammoseek. If you see available for less let me know.and i can adjust pricing. so at 75% current pricing and no shipping you will save almost 50%. I don’t want to split up. Everything goes to one buyer. Face 2 Face Sale in Oakland, NJ. Paypal amd Venmo preferred for payment Federal Primum HV Match 500rds, ammoseek price $90 x.75 = $67.50 Federal Ammo Match 325rds ammoseek price $48.74 x.75 $36.55 x 4 Boxes = $146 Winchester 555rds ammoseek price $105 x .75 =$78 Total = $291
  20. Hi Tom, Yes, I can meet you at the Range tonight. txt my cell. XXX-XXX-XXXX post in the threat that you will take it.
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