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  1. The HF ones are OK, but if you read the reviews and do homework, their torque is anywhere from 10-20% off. Too high for accurate use. The "norm is a range of 3-6% off with high end wrenches, depending on direction being used. However their "digital torque converter" that snaps on your wrench is according to numerous test, is very accurate and within the normal range. Its also fairly cheap. I love Snap-On, but if you are not a commercial business/professional mechanic they visit, or have somebody in one you can use, GOOD LUCK if you ever need service. I went through a nightmare to get a ratchet repaired as the local drivers, who are independent owners, don't want to deal with you, despite the fact its part of their agreement. I thought it was just NJ but when I hit the net, I see its more of the majority of trucks. Not to mention they are now importing from of shore. Just grab the new stuff and look...."made is USA" is no longer on a lot of their stuff.....now you get "COO" which when you ask, you get a BS answer until you call corporate. The old stuff was all made with parts made in the USA and then assembled in their factory. Now they still "made" in the USA by them, but the parts are from offshore. So the word games begin and another company goes down the road of Craftsman. So yes it is "made" here from parts from off shore. No thanks. Most stuff is foot pounds, not inch. Wasting a lot of money on one when you can borrow one is a little crazy. You will also be hard pressed finding one that goes lower than 20. Just borrow it and buy a decent foot pounds one. I don't own it, but I have heard the Kobalt ones are pretty decent and very accurate with a lifetime guarantee. The car forum folks love it and rave about it. Its a lot cheaper than my CDI wrench and when doing informal testing with friends on projects, it seems to be spot on with my $600 wrench a friend in NASCAR gave me.
  2. As stated, you can do it yourself if you get a good staple gun and a trip to your local JoAnn Fabrics (foam and vinyl covering). All that thing is is plywood with foam and vinyl stapled down. You could do it yourself for $30 from scratch. If you want something that will be heavier, commercial grade, bring the board to AM Auto Trimmers (Rt 46 in Dover). They re-covered an old garage stool my grandpa had with some left over leather from a car they were doing for a very reasonable price since I left it for a week. Don't be a dick and pay by credit card/debit card.....cash....and explain up front this is for your weight bench, smile and be patient with them. They will do you right!
  3. Quality Auto Glass in South Plainfield. You won't pay a penny more than $275 and they have a coupon usually on their website. You can go to them or they will come to you. Going there always seems to be faster. They are the direct supplier for many auto manufactures who have their cars damaged while sitting on dealer lots. My SUV was $220 and it has "Made in America" on it.
  4. I have had zero issues on GB.....but I have only bought from folks who are FFL's and high feedback. I scored a SW Shield, brand new for $128 shipped due to a major spelling typo when they entered it. I stumbled upon it by accident, snagged they buy it now price of $100 which was meant to be $400 and they seller could not have been nicer about it...but was pissed his employee screwed up. I paid a 3% credit card fee of $3 and $25 shipping. He honored the deal without any hesitation and it was at my FFL within 48 hours. Guy was aces and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
  5. History Channel had a special last weekend. They had a bunch of video and specialist on. They threw out a theory: 1) Oswald made shot #1 2) A USSS Agent made shot #2 with a accidental discharge. They had some video of the guy sitting on the trunk, with his legs down the back of the rear seat, and his feet on the part you rear would be. He looked up at the book depository as shot #1 went off and then reached down and grabbed his AR-1515 on the seat by his feet. As he pulled it up the car braked hard (as did all the cars) and the video cuts out but suddenly the second shot came. They even had Los Angles medical examiner look at the autopsy and x-rays and said the head shot damage and angel was far more consistent that it came from a.223 round almost parallel than from the book depository. I am no conspiracy theorist but they made one hell of case.
  6. I still don't understand why any purchase permit is taking more than a month. Pure and utter BS. My town was doing them in 3 weeks with a civilian doing the work. She got promoted to the mayors office and three weeks in....reference letters haven't even been received yet. It's BS and lazy as people.
  7. Somerset (Franklin Township) went from great to crap. The girl who did them was promoted and whoever took over if anyone isn't doing anything. What was 30 days or less is now "whenever."
  8. No you are not. And you or whoever is filling your head doesn't understand the civil court system. If you get used by the heirs in civil court, they are suing you for a financial recovery the value of the perps life had he lived to hide normal life expectancy. Their lawyer will not argue the method of use of force used, especially if no criminal charges were filed or you were found not guilty. The matter at hand is if you wrongfully killed them and caused them a loss......to which you argue the perps negligence and your right to self defense. Using your logic, every pedestrian could get more money because they were hit by somebody driving a pick-up instead of a subcompact car since it can do more damage. They don't! See how ridiculous? There is nothing in any of the case law databases, including Westlaw, on any cases where in NJ this was ever mentioned or argued. By the way, I graduated law school and have some idea what I am talking about.
  9. Depending on your system it may void the warranty. I got a Carrier 98% AC and gas forced air system installed last year with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. The paperwork specifically states if you participate it voids the warranty.
  10. And another bunch of mis-information. I love how these guys are all trained and taught on what to say themselves, and then they screw they average gun owner in education. YOU SAY NOTHING. YOU REQUEST AN AMBULANCE AND GO TO THE HOSPITAL FOR SHOCK/TRAUMA AND RINGING IN YOUR EARS! And if you are dumb enough not to, you saw one word, "LAWYER." No need to say anything else, including you feared for you life. They get 72 hours to recover and speak with their attorney without saying a word. So should you!
  11. It was funny because Guy B wanted to buy a gun off Guy A, however Guy B had already screwed up his timeline on buying and it would expire before he was eligible and he couldn't get an extension in time. I was going to pipe in my thoughts, but I wasn't 100% as I have only been in this state a few years. I figured as much.
  12. NO! Keep in mind with Wikipedia, you are getting somebody else's interpretation. That site is field with errors and BS on a variety of issues. Us "older" folks tend to relate the title to encyclopedia, which we all know was a fact filled book back in the day. Wikipedia is NOTHING like that. LEOAS is now federal law. While it was working its way through Congress, it was given a name, which was HR 218. That means it was proposed by the Hour of Representatives and was bill #218 that came up. Once signed, it was incorporated into federal law. All of federal law is under the United States Code or USC for short. There are 51 Titles to the USC and each section has sub-sections. (See: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text ) LEOSA was codified under Title 18 (Crime & Criminal Procedure), and broken down into two sections: a) 18 USC § 926B - Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified law enforcement officers (See: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/926B ) --> Look at section E-2: "...includes ammunition not expressly prohibited by Federal law or subject to the provisions of the National Firearms Act" ....Since HP's are NOT banned by the National Firearms Act, they can be carried. b) 18 USC § 926C - Carrying of concealed firearms by qualified retired law enforcement officers (See: http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/926C ) --> Look at section E-B: "...includes ammunition not expressly prohibited by Federal law or subject to the provisions of the National Firearms Act" ....Since HP's are NOT banned by the National Firearms Act, they can be carried. The number of rounds in the magazine is a separate issue. Every state is going to handle it their own way. Lets talk about NY for example: 1) On duty and employed/empowered in NY or fed: no limit 2) On duty and employed/empowered by any state but NY: no limit 3) Off duty and actively employed/empowered in NY or fed: no limit 4) Off duty and actively employed/empowered in any state but NY: subject to 10 round limit 5) Retired and was employed as a LEO in NY or fed: no limit 6) Retired and was employed as a LEO in non-NYS or fed: subject to 10 round limit. If you are not on G business and traveling to other states, active or retired, do carry and don't worry about your HP's, but do some homework first on how many rounds you can have.
  13. I overheard a interesting conversation at a local range last night. Guy A said he has used all three permits, with no exemption from the NJSP, all within the same month, by doing FTF buys, "several" times and has never had anyone say a word. He states the local PD does not check or compare when they get it back. I think if he is telling the truth, he is dancing with the devil on this. I just wonder if the sellers will get nailed also. Thoughts?
  14. For 9 mm if you can find it, the Winchester Ranger Q4364 or RA9B.....the 9 mm 147 grain bonded JHP is my choice. And at $250 a case its only .50 a round.
  15. When deadly force is justified, the method used is NOT an issue. Not in NJ, NY or any other state. You can drown them hit with a frying pan, use a pen, a Swiss Army Knife, run them over with a car, rock to the head, etc.... The method used has no bearing on a civil suit. Albeit a civil case has a much lower burden of proof for a judgment, it is still about the death, not tool used.
  16. I have a brand new one in Glock 19 (9mm) (also takes Glock 17 mags) myself I bought about 2 years ago. It has NEVER been shot and is sitting in the safe. I added around $225 in accessories (KelTec Dust cover; KelTec Sling; KelTec Soft Case; KelTec Spare Mag Holder; KelTec Stock Extension; Tacticool Buffer Cylinder; Tacticool Bolt Tube Cover; Tacticool Operating Handle Cover; Hogue Handall Jr; Red Lion Precision Front Sight; Screw upgrade). If somebody locally wanted it and made a REASONABLE offer I would likely sell it to a new owner. Otherwise one day I will either get some time and shoot it or it will end up on the big auction site.
  17. A lot....it's more than connecting 2 wires. Add in the original runs have to be moved to the new switch and switch and the switch to where the old runs are. I know the original runs are too short to reach the new switch and need extending. I don't know what code is nor how to do that safely. I will pay somebody who knows code, knows how to so it right and is insured so I don't burn the house down. My neighbor bought one at a box store that came with a DVD. He did it himself and bragged after Sandy how easy it was. He has been in a hotel for 3 months. His house has $150k in fire damage and they lost the family dog in the fire that was caused due to his workmanship. I know my limits and rather sleep sound at night. I don't mind paying a tradesman for his skill and knowledge for that peace and comfort. I just don't want to be hosed or BS'd while doing it.
  18. And they fall under "ridiculous quote" for me. To hook a single line in the box (which I already ran) and the transfer switch was over $2k!
  19. I need a generator manual transfer switch installed and two home runs hooked to to the panel that are already ran to the outlets 10' away'. I am confident in my electrical skills and know basic electric, but I refuse to touch anything at the panel. I guess I am paranoid I will screw it up/casue a short or a fire. So after using the yellow pages and speaking with or meeting with 8 electricians, I have hit a wall and found: 1) They don't work in my area 2) Not licensed and insured and willing to provide proof 3) Caught them in a lie or telling me complete BS during their time with me. 4) Not comfortable or asked me not to pull a permit for the MTS 5) Spend their time telling/trying to sell me on a whole house instead 6) Come up with a ridiculous price Anyone know of a reputable, linensed, insured an reasonable electrician who works in the area?
  20. For $100 any hearing aid place in the phone book will make you a custom fit pair In any color. It's also "flexible spending account" deductible if you have one at work. I now have two pairs...regular and one that holds earbuds so I can listen to the radio/iPod.
  21. Galves is the way to go for your trade. It changes weekly after the auctions. For the new car price, are you a AAA member? If so log in and pick car buying. MIT will give a price (which I have always beat). But it gives you a lot of great info....dealer price....average price in your market....average national price, etc..
  22. I was at Heritage in Easton yesterday and they had DOZENS of them. I only saw the S&W M&P 15's but there were racks full.
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