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  1. I did my own research before I purchased my home defense ammo. I spent over $700 on it and I now I am afraid to even load my gun with it. I thought this was the appropriate venue to ask such a question. I am a new gun owner and I am just trying to navigate NJ gun laws responsibly. No offense to Joe but I thought he was incorrect. I did understand I asked to purchase hollow points for my 357 magnum and he said "Do not shoot anyone in NJ with Hollow Points even in home defense" and he sold me different ammo instead. Either way it seems open to discussion and I see no reflection on Joe what so ever. Hes a solid guy and I like his shop and service.
  2. To clarify I am using Federal Classic 9mm Luger 115 Grain HI-SHOK Jacketd Hollow Point
  3. I have tried to get a definitive answer on is it legal or not. I thought using hollow point rounds for home defense was perfectly legal if I had my permit and paperwork and I was not committing a crime. Yesterday I was informed at a local gun shop that it was illegal and I would be arrested if I shot someone in NJ with a JHP round. I am very confused now and I am not sure what to do. I have a bunch of this ammo and wondering if I should sell it and buy target ammo now for defense? That seems silly.
  4. My P2P took a week! Now its faster then the NICS check! go figure..lol
  5. ok NICS approved!! took 8 days..seems they are grouping orders by gun shop and slowing everyone down. Gotta love NJ!
  6. You think I should ask dealer to resend? This seems like it never went through.
  7. I had my nics faxed over by the gun shop last wed and no response 7 days later. Anyone else have delays this long? I have permits and everything ready to go. This new system makes no sense.
  8. Avoid the shop sell on GunBroker..In the end much less of a headache and you get the most for the entire collection. It is just like Ebay and very simple to use they have help section and just call your local Fedex/UPS shop and ask for shipping instructions. Best way to go to get most cash and sell it quickly..
  9. A message was left on your voice mail this morning..Still waiting on a call I am here now..thanks
  10. How am I demonizing this dealer? I explained what happened the way it happened and asked for advice.. Not sure where you are coming from...I just want fair options to fix this..Like (A),(B),©, etc to find a fair solution. You are offering nothing.
  11. Its was a large collection of over 30 guns and rifles left to me by a family member. I sold a few on here but it was uncomfortable because I don't know much about guns. So I asked around on forum and picked a sponsor vendor to sell rest on consignment. I thought that was a safe and prudent thing to do to avoid getting ripped of or screwing someone I was selling to. He took the time and went over all the weapons with me and everything seemed fine till 3 days ago when this came up. I let it go till I had time to ask your advice and speak to him tomorrow. Honestly I was speechless that he just acted like no biggie and moved on. The junk guns are small palm like conceal carries in the 22 caliber I think. Most of them are size on hand or smaller..Kinda cool but really old and not in best shape but could prob fire a round. $75 to $100 each seemed fine to me and to be honest I am a Gun Noob I read reviews and picked a dealer everyone on this forum knows. I even told him this and his help was worth the 15% commission to me so I didn't get screwed.
  12. I am not looking to out anyone just wanted advice. He seems like a very honest person who prob made a mistake. Yes we very clearly talked about each gun as booked them in and there were 2 piles. The guns he could sell, and the guns he would take to the buyback.(He went on about they just had one so have to wait till the next one, implying this was common and he done it) This was discussed over 7 times and took 2 hours to book them all. As far as needing in writing everything he said my response is are you Freaking kidding me? Some guns needed shop work, some didn't, some were for buy back rest for sale. He gave me a copy of the list and we agreed on a course of action. Now 3 weeks later we touch base and things seemed to have changed so I came here to see what I should do. What a fair way forward would be so I can discuss it with him and gets this resolved fairly. I am not looking to out, embarrass, or damage his reputation. I assume other gun dealer are reading this so everything happened the way I said and what would a fair compensation be? thanks
  13. Old handguns not worth much but def perfect for the buyback program.
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