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  1. Thanks for all the input and funny stories. I apologize for not replying earlier, I just got back from 9 1/2 days at Camp Perry. I will make sure I have all regulations in hand and cases locked inside the suitcase. It is an early flight, I am sure they are not going to have their best on duty.
  2. I thought of the shipping option, but this is going to be a flying deal. My daughter is shooting in the Junior Olympics. Too risky on shipping to an unknown place and we are leaving for the airport right after the competition and awards ceremony. Thank you for the input, I will have every policy printed out.
  3. I have to fly out of Newark to Denver on United later in the month with a Handgun. Hard to get solid advice and impossible to get through to United customer service. It is actually an air pistol. I was advised to fly out of Philly, it is a non issue there, but I had to book out of Newark. I was told to ask someone who has done it before and value their advise. I figured this would be the best place to start. Thanks for any help. John
  4. Welcome. It's a great range.
  5. I buy from them all the time. Ammo, firearms, mil surp goods, etc. The SG credit card also takes 2.5% off at checkout. I signed up for the email alerts that keep you informed. Free Ship on $49, $40 off of $250 purchase, etc.
  6. I was in there this past Thursday (9/28). Open, but no FFL, guns or ammo. Eric said he will be opening up a shop over the bridge in Bristol, PA in the next few months.
  7. DirtyDigz, Did you get the 50 cal sampler? Who had them for sale? Thanks. John
  8. Glad you ordered. I also have placed many orders with no problems at all.
  9. I moved to Lumberton from Cherry Hill in 2002. The increase in quality of life is unbeleivable. Lumberton has a gun friendly PD, 3-4 weeks max for permits, no problem having them extended either. The way it should be. School system is good. Range 14 is about 25 mins, CJRPC where I belong is 40-45 mins. Centaur Firearms is in Lumberton. Depending where in Marlton she is going, 20-30 mins. 295 not far for you. I'll try to elaborate on the quality of life aspect. The Cherry Hill/Marlton area is very congested. You would have to think ahead traffic wise if you hade to go anywhere, Home Depot, shopping, etc. Lumberton has everything you would need, Lowes, Shop-Rite, Gun Store, Beer/Liquor distributer, Wawa, Wal-Mart, etc, Hainesport is the next town over, same thing except no PD, must use NJSP. Let me know if you have any questions. John
  10. Thanks guys. I reached out to 67gtonut.
  11. How do I get access to a group forum. I want to be able to read and participate in the CJRPC group. I am a member of the range and a paid member here. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  12. gun594

    Go carts

    Speed Raceway is entertaining. I had a team that raced in the first two league seasons earlier this year.
  13. Lumberton requires notarized letter from employer in addition to two notarized references.
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