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  1. I just got a KT defender set up from KT Mech...love it and not too expensive..I believe they are a smaller operation out of Idaho..
  2. Ok just got an email from John Scott...guests are allowed on GP HP and pits...no indoor yet..members have priority
  3. Maybe I missed it but are guests good to go again at CJ?.The website says guests are good at matches again but I just want to be clear if I can bring a guest to shoot at the GP/HP and pits? Thx all!
  4. In the past 2 weeks I have had 3 close friends, who are not by any stretch of the imagination "gun people", text me and ask how to apply for pistol permits and FID cards. The request further devolves into what gun should they get, where to buy ammo and of I could take them to the range. I'll gladly change as many minds as I can.
  5. Ditto..the wind buffeting makes me feel like I'm gonna blow an eardrum out..
  6. Thx for the detailed reply Kev...so 2 valves are leaking from the sides where the top meets the bottom.they leak all the time the main water is on and cause the manifold pit to flood...tried tightening to no avail. I may give repairing them a shot...on the 3rd valve the solenoid snapped off completely and is unrepairable..
  7. Looks like my 9 zone manifold has a couple of bad valves and may need replacing..not in my wheelhouse of skills so looking for someone to do the work. The company I usually use threw out an extravagant number so preferably looking for someone who does side work and not a company. Any help is appreciated. Thanks all!
  8. If anyone needs.. I found the Wilson 47D 8rd online at Lanbos Armory for $33 including shipping..cheapest I've found so far https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=21429
  9. So Wilson it is...thanks for the input everyone!..finding them around $33 a mag plus shipping now...anyone have some secret sourcing for them or is that a good price?
  10. I'm looking to pick up a few extra mags for my Springfield USGI 1911 and need some advice on what's good and what to avoid. Should I stick with 7 rounders or are there reliable 8's. I'm hearing good things about Wilson and McCormick..any other good ones?..I'm not looking to go ultra high end..just reliable extras. Thanks! P.S. Very happy with this Springer USGI..not one malfunction in over 300 rds
  11. Haven't been on in a while...so Tapatalk is dead to us now?...keep getting network/log in error
  12. Welcome to the grind Matt and I'm in for a meetup
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