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  1. Well said. I have the RT6 optic on my AR and it competes very well with the more expensive options out there. The price here definitely is a good deal.
  2. Homeowners and Auto...home was $600 more than Geico
  3. I've heard very good things about their service but when I priced them out they were significantly higher than my current Geico rates.
  4. Running a 2015 Sequoia Limited as the family truckster. Love it to death. Basically a Tundra with 8 seats. Have only done brakes , oil and tires in 80k miles. Strong engine, rides like a sofa on the road. I don't pull anything but I know it can drag a house if needed. Other truck is a 2018 Highlander. Also a great truck..been good to us..well see if it's as reliable as the Sequoia.
  5. WTS my like new Eotech EXPS2-2. Selling only because ive moved onto a LPVO. It shows a build date of 2016 on the box. I bought this from someone in 2018 and it's been to the range with me 4 or 5 times. I ran the serial # through Eotech CS and came back legit. It works and looks brand new. I just put new batteries in it. This is the quick detach model which allow fast on/off the gun with a return to zero. Come with factory box and registration card. Any question please ask!. Can ship on your dime or meet up in Monmouth County near Marlboro Asking $300 First "I'll take it" wins this beauty. SOLD to Cam29906
  6. Very sad situation. When I did spins in a 172 for my CFi I basically had to hold control inputs to keep the plane IN the spin. They usually fly themselves out with very little help..unless you actively prevent recovery.That being said a center of gravity issue or flight control malfunction change that dynamic very quickly. 6000 ft allows a very good margin of safety for stall work...although 7000 for spins is a bit more comfortable...but they wouldn't be working on spins for a Commercial ticket. It appears to be a newer C172S with G1000. Prayers to the families indeed. Will await the findings when they come out. Just a reminder how serious an undertaking aviation is..especially regarding training and maintenance. 10x..it is amazing how much info is available re: flight tracking. Ads-b was a big game changer. I use it regularly to track students on solos and show them their flight paths.
  7. Looking to join one of the flying clubs down at N12 Lakewood Airport.( Jersey Aero Club or Monmouth Area Flying club). I already applied to both and attended virtual meetings. Both seemed to be well run. Just curious if anyone here has any opinions on either( acft condition, availability etc.) I'm also a CFI and would look to give some instruction at either club.. Thanks! Joe
  8. So I can't get photos to work but I found one on the net which is exactly what I did . The o -ring is a #7 1/2 OD 3/8 ID 1/16 thickness. Got them at Lowes.
  9. I will snap a pic later of the o-ring fix for you.
  10. This is the answer to wobble right here..been doing for years and it's the easiest and cheapest fix.
  11. I love the stuff!. If you're down by AC, Bass Pro has it on the shelves.
  12. So sorry Tex...such a difficult time..prayers to you and your family
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