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  1. Looking to join one of the flying clubs down at N12 Lakewood Airport.( Jersey Aero Club or Monmouth Area Flying club). I already applied to both and attended virtual meetings. Both seemed to be well run. Just curious if anyone here has any opinions on either( acft condition, availability etc.) I'm also a CFI and would look to give some instruction at either club.. Thanks! Joe
  2. So I can't get photos to work but I found one on the net which is exactly what I did . The o -ring is a #7 1/2 OD 3/8 ID 1/16 thickness. Got them at Lowes.
  3. I will snap a pic later of the o-ring fix for you.
  4. This is the answer to wobble right here..been doing for years and it's the easiest and cheapest fix.
  5. I love the stuff!. If you're down by AC, Bass Pro has it on the shelves.
  6. So sorry Tex...such a difficult time..prayers to you and your family
  7. I just got a KT defender set up from KT Mech...love it and not too expensive..I believe they are a smaller operation out of Idaho..
  8. Ok just got an email from John Scott...guests are allowed on GP HP and pits...no indoor yet..members have priority
  9. Maybe I missed it but are guests good to go again at CJ?.The website says guests are good at matches again but I just want to be clear if I can bring a guest to shoot at the GP/HP and pits? Thx all!
  10. In the past 2 weeks I have had 3 close friends, who are not by any stretch of the imagination "gun people", text me and ask how to apply for pistol permits and FID cards. The request further devolves into what gun should they get, where to buy ammo and of I could take them to the range. I'll gladly change as many minds as I can.
  11. Ditto..the wind buffeting makes me feel like I'm gonna blow an eardrum out..
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