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  1. Yea dont worry I can only carry while on the clock. And thanks to he same aforementioned morons in Trenton because of wording I have to unload my mag and store ammo away from reach of the weapon and the whole deal after a long night at work since my permit doesn't allow transportation to and from work. Oh I drive a wrangler he entire vehicle is within reach! But banks guys. I will have to look into some of the mentioned options
  2. So my carry permit for my job finally processed and now I have to go out and buy some full metal jacket rounds after reloading for years! I reload with hollow points. I have some hornady critical defense .40 calls I keep at home just incase. I was recently talking either a friend and he says that nj state police do not consider these as hollow points since they have the polymer in the cavity. For some reason I highly doubt it but does anybody actually know for sure? I tried calling the state police barracks that issued my carry permit bug no one there was any the wiser either. I could only picture them scratching their heads on the other side of the phone as I was told .........ummm sir I'm not really sure by a few people. Has anybody else dealt with this situation? I'd rather carry those than the fmj. But again anything us better than nothing.
  3. Yea it does kinda stink with the no holstered thing. I was told if you are police they will allow it but haven't seen anyone actually do it. I have been told they want slow dire. Why I don't know but I think it really depends on the range officer and well who you are. Me and my cousin went and were probably shooting a lot faster than 1 a second and never had an issue, that being said I am military and my cousin is state corrections and they know us there. They had a lot of legal issues lately but my experience has always been positive and you can't beat the price!
  4. Like the title says, Delran junior marksman clubs pistol range has now been reopened. It was shut down for quite some time due to legal issues with surrounding corporations that haven't been around as long as the range. Me and my cousin went over there today for a few hours and I am very impressed with all the work they put into the pistol range! It was a complete overhaul! It looks great and as always the staff is always helpful and respectful. If you live around the area check it out! It's only 25 dollars for the day, none of that pay by the hour crap! But they don't have a shop so bring ammo and targets with you! Oh and if you are military or police, ask about their discounted price. It CANT be beat! This place has been around for years and almost got shut down but they are back! If you are in Burlington county or not far from the Delran/cinnaminson area they are on Taylor's Lane.
  5. Still do need a block. Workin on driving restrictions right now due to a broken ankle but should be good to go as long as doc says all is good tomorrow. Will let you know
  6. Aside from having the external extractor I love my sig! Sig scorpion 1911 carry model. It has a different slide profile than the standard 1911 but I like it because it is different. Sig also has a traditional style with the internal extractor and their internals are good quality and not m.i.m. Parts like some of the kimbers are supposedly coming with these days. I got mine for about 800 out the door and can't be happier. Purchased through hunting world guns and ammo right through this site. The only problem I had with mine is that the rear serrations are rough enough that I short stroked the slide with gloves on. I never shot with an ambi thumb safety and I was riding the thumb safety too much. And yes I'm a lefty so I got an ambi on purpose. Good luck on the search
  7. I have been working on my ar now on and off for almost 2 years at this point. Granted 6 months I was gone for basic training. Anyway I have finally purchased a barrel/ barrel nut, front sight and everything else needed but I am currently in need of an upper block to torque everything properly. I have looked into buying one but can't justify it for one build. Also if anyone has small parts such as a forward assist and dust cover parts those are the only things I'm missing. Used parts are fine and willing to pay a few bucks. Also I'm around the Delran/ Burlington county area
  8. Thanks I wasn't sure as far as new Jersey itself. I figured it would be an issue because of coarse it is new Jersey. But hey one can wish can't they. A few friends where thinking about splitting cost on the jig and all, but I guess I'm stuck finding a lower. Missed out on a blemish run for 60 bucks! Oh well time to move out of Jersey
  9. I came across a video for an ar lower that still needs the trigger group and pin holes cut out. Aparently according to current statues this is a perfectly legal way to build an ar-15 but it isn't serialized or registered as a weapon. I don't care about the registering part that's not important to me but as long as the weapon is made by one person and never transfers ownership then it seems to be perfectly ok to do a build this way. I guess my question is, does anybody know if this is even true and possible in the lovely state of new Jersey? It seems like a fun way to build a firearm, it's a bit more than just slapping parts together. I don't plan on building it in a way that is illegal to Jersey rules and all, it would follow all rules as a regular stripped reciever build as afar as barrel length pinned stock, and what ever else. I don't want to spend the money and not be able to posess this if its not legal but I'm not sure where to turn to for info so I figured I would start here. The company gives the statutes by the atf stating where you are legaly aloud to build a firearm for personal use so long as it is only for that person and not being produced for sale. If anyone has done this or has any info pertaining to this it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Basically my question is as stated above. I have been looking at an 80% lower that will need the trigger group and hammer and sear pin holes machined out still. Being that this is not technically a firearm it can be bought and built without having been serialized and registered. Now I could care less about the registering part just seems like a fun way to do a build. My question is..... Is that even possible to do in New Jersey? And has anyone tried it? According to the stipulations I saw, as long as this is purchased and built for yourself and never transfered to another owner it is technically legal, but does new Jersey still follow that rule of thumb.
  11. It truly is pathetic! I live right around the corner nd frequently now I don't have anywhere to shoot. The main problem is the local company that owns practically the entire block! They have been co planning about the range since the built their warehouse! Makes sense right? Build next to a shooting then co plain about it stupid isn't it. This is the second time they got shut down. And if people are finding bullets at their house, odds are they aren't coming from the range! The lanes point into the ground and if you go past the warehouses is the freakin river! I'm a 5 minute drive but now I'm forced to drive an hour and a half to. Friends property since that's still cheaper than the other clubs. Oh and if it does get permanently shut down, my guess Whitesell will end up buying it and expanding. But again they do own most of delrans business industry. It's all politics.
  12. Thanks guys I think I will end up working through njreloader. He doesn't deal with powder or primers though it seems. Guess I'm off to a gun show for those. Gotta find a good powder for the .45 now.
  13. Mikeythumbs I live just off route 130 in the delran area about 10 minutes from the Betsy Ross bridge. My son goes to DuPont children's hospital that is on the same road as targetmasters. The range is about 10 minutes past the hospital and usually only takes us 45 minutes to get there. Hope that helps any for travel Times. It's a pretty simple drive, hit 95 south and take that into delaware until you hit the exit for concord pike(202) and you go probably 10 to 12 minutes down on the right. I have yet to shoot there but I did look around the place and it seems really nice.
  14. Ok I have been reloading fo a few years now and mostly been using xtp bullets in my .40s well now that I'm going to start reloading the .45 I have been looking at cheaper alternatives. I am happy with the Berrys bullets I recently bought for the .40s but I have been looking into xtreme plated bullets. My question is what stores do you know of that carry reloading supplies especially plated bullets. The only places near me within a 45 minute drive only carries xtps and lead. I don't want to deal with lead just yet but I'd rather help a store in this state rather than order online. So please start naming some stores for me. I don't mind a little driving. Thanks guys
  15. While I dont have asthma my wife when she was pregnant started throwing up from the smell of hoppes bore solvent I was forced to not clean my guns as often or do it outside on the deck weather permitting. A GREAT alternative especially on the smell factor I recommend frog lube. It smells like wintergreen lifesavers! It's aparently all natural too so little ones or pets wont be killed by it if they where to eat it. I've only cleaned my xd with it twice so far but even the initial cleaning the gun felt super slick but not to the touch I might add. The carbon practically dissolves right off too! My jaw hit the floor when on my barrel where it contacts the breach face normally takes a good scrubbing with the hoppes, the frog lube cut right under the carbon and lifted it right off! Seems to work well for me and the smell if freakin awesome!