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  1. So I’m tired of dealing with gas powered trimmers and bought a Kobalt 40 volt trimmer this weekend AFTER losing hours fiddling with the idle. Then I read some reviews that stated the bump feed knob tends to crack...so that has me wondering what are some opinions on good electric weed trimmers. I live on just shy of 2acres of land that’s fenced lined by a split rail fence with a drive that’s about 50 yards long. I know most of the stuff sold at Lowe’s or HD are “pro-sumer” models that lag behind in performance to the more expensive Pro grade models. So my question is which model is a good brand to get? Echo, Milwaukee, worxs, ryobi, toro, ego, green works? I already have the kobalt hedge trimmer which works great and the reason why I got the kobalt weed trimmer, but like I said its suspect base on reviews. Ideally I’d like to move to one platform for future yard tool needs so the batteries need to translate to other tools. Thanks for the help. If anyone can help fix my gas trimmer I’d be willing to pay for time or trade for Ammo...
  2. Welcome to the forum!! definitely check out the next clay shoot. Should be in the next couple saturdays....hint hint @Krdshrk
  3. Happy Easter! Hope the bunny dropped 22LR for everyone
  4. Watched it last night and thought it was good. We can only dream of shopping that way here in new jermany
  5. NJSigfan

    Long range stuff

    Understood...well I’m toting along my RPR...hope it’s worthy of this trip. Lol
  6. NJSigfan

    Long range stuff

    What failed u in the RPR?
  7. Distance and cost are fine with me. Depending on date I’m in. I have a new RPR I want to rest out
  8. I just watched the the latest offering...nicely done! Oh, and I subscribed. Looking forward to more content.
  9. So, will we need still need to pay the online fee...think it was $20 for processing and then the $6 check for permits to the locals?
  10. Yes it is...long drive. Roughly 60 minutes
  11. Welcome to the forum!! keep an eye for the next shotgun blast. Great way to meet members!
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