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  1. For christ sake, @Longranger you’re right. I was just looking at their site and saw the minimum value. The question now is, how did I mix mix it up with 1.125? I’ll leave that for tomorrow tho. thanks to @Maksimand @Mr.Stu for their help as well.q
  2. @Maksim I loaded to 4.0 grains of titegroup. Max load for 115gr lead calls for 4.3 grains of titegroup. I tend to load lite or midrange to the published max load to keep things safe. These were just plinking round so I can shoot them from my browning or P226. @Longranger I’m not aware of any specific load date for ibejiheads but was told to follow for equivalent weight lead.
  3. Hello fellow reloaders, I need some help solving a reloading problem. Let me start by saying I’ve been reloading 45 ACP and 9mm for a few years now and until today everything has gone smoothly and bang at the range. Historically I’ve reloaded using FMJ delta precision or plated extreme bullets, my own once fired brass, CCI primers and few different powders. I use a Lee 5 stage progressive press with Lee carbide 4 die set with a universal decapping die. Today, I had an afternoon free so I decided to decompress by reloading some 9mm. Only this time, I used 115gr coated bullets from ibejiheads that I picked up about 6 months ago. So I started reloading, finished 5 rounds then stopped to QC them. Here is where my confusion and frustration comes in. I had the OAL set at 1.150 with a decent crimp. When I went to gauge check them, they were too long. I had to reduce the OAL to 1.103 which is below the minimum OAL of 1.125 that’s recommended for titegroup powder. Could the coating throw off the OAL length that much? I did the plunk test on my p226 barrel and it “plunks” nicely. I ended up taking all the dies out of the press and reset them, but no matter what I do I can not get the rounds to fit flush in the gauge checker. The heads measure 0.3125 wide and .05395 tall, primers sit flush in resized federal brass. The brass even sits flush in the gauge checker until I load the heads. My question is; can I safely fire these rounds if they measure below 1.125 OAL? What would cause them to plunk nicely but not sit flush in the gauge checker?
  4. Thank you @JohnnyB and @Maksim
  5. bummer....I’d love to take the class but I don’t have the classification rating
  6. Hello everyone... I need some help confirming. First, is it true that 223/5.56 can be fired thru a 223 Wylde barrel? Second, will PSA ship complete AR uppers to NJ? I see that have a nice deal on a .223 Wylde upper. Thanks in advance,
  7. Nice review of the gun and great line...squat squad....classic
  8. More subjective BS orders that does nothing against criminals....
  9. Haven’t read the proposed bill; will later today, but does the ban include existing weapons legally purchased?
  10. Midweek is fine for me. I have a couple pto days left to use in the summer
  11. Just surfed gundeals.com and AR500 is really pushing their anniversary day sales!,
  12. Finally took the plunge... Submitted request for 3 permits via the online system yesterday, 8/16 @ 12:53pm with the Perryville SP barracks listed. payment for $27 was collected at time of submittal. References sent inside 5 minutes of submittal. Both references completed same day by 2:52pm my biggest concern in this process is the employment verification. My company uses Work Number to verify title, salary and start date. It’s an automated services that requires someone to call, punch in a code and then my personal info. Based on the fact that my last batch of permits sat on a desk for 3.5 months before they we signed and ready has me thinking the work verification is going to trip up the process...fingers crossed.
  13. Thank you. Good video as well
  14. So spartan plates are better than AR500..
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