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  1. Quick update - Thrower is all set and adjusted. Now I just need the ranges to open. IMG_0022.MP4
  2. That’s an interesting point...
  3. When it comes to plates...are the multi curve plates worth the extra money? This is speaking from a civilian perspective...thanks
  4. I’ve used them on and off for a couple years. Now issues on my end.
  5. @Sota the thrower is 350 on Cabelas plus tax. Shipping was free and really quick.
  6. Hmmm... I guess with it still in the box until Saturday I’m good until then. After that, who knows. I can always play with it buy launching clays into my neighbors pool. Lol
  7. At some point i will. For now, this will be good until it gets boring. I’m just about to skim the instructions with a beer and then going outside to look over the contents of the box.
  8. Definitely!! Hoping to get this built and tested this weekend
  9. Hello everyone, I figure most of us are “window shopping” between meetings, calls, dealing with kids or just to keep sane so I thought this might be a fun place to tell/show us what you’ve recently purchased. For me, I’ve taken advantage of end of season winter sales picking up a new ski/snowboard rack for the jeep and jackets. My best purchase though was this $11 purchase on Sunday. I had a bunch of points on my Cabelas card and since I’ve stopped using it, I decided to cash them in. So for $11 bucks including tax and shipping I got this and a couple 10/22 mags. Open to hearing about any tips or tricks to build it and what Battery to use. so, what has everyone else purchased to stay sane?
  10. @JackDaWack and @Heavyopp thank you for the comments. Appreciate it! Anyone have other substitutions they’ve used with success and safely?
  11. As this ammo drought takes hold it got me thinking. Are there any reloading items that can be used as an alternative to something that has become hard to source? An example would be X type of primer for Y type of primer or X type of power for Y type of powder. During the last Ammo scare, I vaguely remember someone saying that they used small rifle primers to replace small pistol primers that were basically non-existent. Since I was brand new to reloading and everyone preached keeping to known published recipes I never looked more into in. So, to all the more savvy experienced reloaders...is it true that you can use small rifle primers, like Remington #6 1/2 small rifle primers for CCI 500 small pistol primers. is there anything else that could be substituted? Modifying one caliber brass into something else? thanks
  12. They were scumbags in the days following the Newtown tragedy and never stopped.
  13. We did our lawn last week. Already starting to green up nicely on big patches..
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