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  1. Yes it is...long drive. Roughly 60 minutes
  2. Welcome to the forum!! keep an eye for the next shotgun blast. Great way to meet members!
  3. Def a nice range. It’s become my new go to over heritage
  4. Waking up expecting mass hysteria from the apocalyptic snow that prompted smurfy to declared a SoE only to find no snow....
  5. NJSigfan

    2/16 update-10/22, more

    At your earliest can you post pics of the ruger10/22.
  6. NJSigfan

    Cali plane crash caught on nest camera

    That’s crazy. If you look in the rain puddle at the lower right corner, you can see what looks like an explosion took place (guessing the plane breaking apart) and then the two pieces come into frame mid to upper right.
  7. NJSigfan

    Super Bowl?

    So you agree, they have sucked
  8. NJSigfan

    Super Bowl?

    Yea, that made me say...WTF. so far I say they’ve been awful
  9. NJSigfan

    Super Bowl?

    So what’s everyone think of the commercials??
  10. NJSigfan

    Super Bowl?

    Yep...1st of many. god I hate Brady...
  11. Oh, I added the bolt gun last month. Still getting it set up. Once it’s ready I’ll unveil her. Lol oh, and I need to update the Sig...some of those guns have changed.
  12. Good luck with either direction you choose. For me I’d concentrate on the bolt action. They’re simply more goodie. Haha
  13. NJSigfan

    Glock woes!

    Have the S&W to!!!

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