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  1. I would be interested in joining the group buy
  2. NJSigfan

    Staccato C2

    show off...yes i'm jealous.
  3. and I see a dead horse that will yield a few cents (decent %) on the dollar as profit. its a churn stock...
  4. I get the buy low mantra, but geez that thing cratered in 5 years. high of $6484 in Jan 2016, down to $2.29 today. small company and no dividend. what's the attraction? are you planning to just churn and burn a few cents profit and get out?
  5. that's insanity.... wonder if we can get the buyers names...maybe we can sell them a bridge to. you just can't fix stupid
  6. are you guys talking about this ETH?? its off the high of the day, but still a decent run...12%
  7. Already have the custom shop FCU for my P320 build but I have another permit to burn. interested in Sig P series guns, p226, p229, p220 etc primarily, but will consider other makes like springfield, S&W or Berreta let me know what you have. I can trade 9mm, powder or cash. will drive 30 minutes to meet at an FFL...thanks
  8. And Manchin came out today as saying he’s a hard no for the $2k checks. They basically lied for the votes...but that’s just normal politicking. i effing hate them all...
  9. Looks like I’m in the minority when it comes to firearm purchases 5% online 90% via LGS 5% via FTF sales now, accessories, that’s another story.
  10. Several friends have the peloton bikes and love them. Built solid and now include a bunch of off bike work out likes weights, yoga and stretching. The bike + is the same bike with just the rotating monitor. Everything else is the same. Biggest issue is delivery time. Currently like 10weeks out. Another option is the eschelon bikes. Same build but about 2/3 the price. im seriously looking at them for myself. If you go down the used bike road, just be mindful the bikes are big and heavy will cost a few bucks to move. For the 2-300 you’ll save it might be easier to get it new
  11. You’re waiting on the organization you filed with. There are two FARS links, one for SP and one if you have a local PD. in my case, I use the perryville SP barracks and it’s been well over 2 months waiting on them. My references and crim check cleared in exactly 9 days back in Sept. When I called the barracks, they don’t even answer the line. There is s recording that says it could take several week for processing. When I stopped in there last week, the trooper at the desk didn’t even call the FA trooper or look in the pile. He just said wait for a call and said “ have a nice day”...the polite way of saying...go pound sand.
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