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  1. Oh...this is getting interesting now.
  2. NJSigfan

    new sig p320

    Haven’t shot it yet...but hoping to do so this weekend. shout to out to Monmouth Arms for helping me get this lady...
  3. NJSigfan

    new sig p320

    You mean this?
  4. I can bring a Mr buddy heater as well. How big of a tarp do we need ?
  5. TLR-1 HL in Black. New in the Packaging, went cray cray and now i have too many lights. Either the Surefire or This is going. $105 takes the TLR-1 HL. still available?
  6. I’m in. Misssed the last couple not missing again
  7. NJSigfan

    OK - I'm Legal

    Pizza Bob - I feel your pain. I did the same as you and collected everything > than 10 rounds. All that’s left to do is attempt to modify one as a test subject or ship them off to storage facility. What burns me is the lack of knowledge regarding the mag limit law. I spoke with a very close friend of mine who is a cop for Somerset county. There has been zero communication to the them about it. He knows it starts on the 10th but thought everything is grandfathered. He was not aware of citizens becoming felons if we keep anything greater than 10rounds. to me that’s insanity that the people placed in charge of enforcing the laws aren’t made aware of the impact.
  8. Those products are not real lifts. They’re budget friendly option that involve a rubber spacer for the spring coils. They’re more trouble than it’s worth. They mess with steering geometry and make the ride very bouncy. A proper lift installed by a reputable place is 1500+ at a minimum. Sure you can go cheaper but when it comes to your steering and handling do you really want to go cheap and get the death wobble when your on the highway doing 65?
  9. Being a proud jeep owner (insert jeep wave) I have to agree with Malsua. The miles on it along with the new JL that launched this year will kill the value. To sell it you’d have to verify to people exactly what was replaced and when -Timing belt, shocks, springs, heater element, muffler, tires, nav maps updated, etc. Was it ever taken off roading? What condition is the soft top in? i would bet the value is sub 10k, without knowing the above info. My advise is to take it to a jeep dealer and have them give you a trade in $ value. Yes I know it will be low, but it should give you a decent starting point. Personally, if you have 5k laying around I would keep it. Drop an AEV 2.5 inch lift with new 35 inch tires and make it a fun weekend beater. From there you can drop new aftermarket bumpers on it
  10. NJSigfan

    Who would you like to actually meet

    Reagan and Pele would be my top 2, if I had to toss in a female...Jennifer Aniston
  11. NJSigfan

    Member needs our help

    You can use a random number generator from the web. I’ve seen this done on another forum that raffles off 1/5 scale gas short course trucks
  12. NJSigfan

    new sig p320

    Reading this post has me more excited to get mine. The count down has begun.
  13. NJSigfan

    Holiday Wishes!

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!
  14. I can rent you a small corner in mine. Lol. Prices starting at 1box of Ammo per week. Lol