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  1. I picked up 3 bags of shot and some primers. OP mentioned he was going to amend prices so I’ll let him answer the price question.
  2. @SmokenClay thanks for the deal on shot. guys buy with confidence.
  3. It’s not just bikes...or Ammo. it’s everything. Trying looking for furniture for a home office. I’ve had 4 orders for desks either cancelled or pushed out until October. It’s doesn’t matter which stores, raymore, Walmart, Ashley’s, Wayfair, overstock, bobs...no writing style desk unless their fugly or 1k. Crazy Times.
  4. Hey Nick....can you PM a price on the upper. I’ve been toying with the idea of building out my last lower and depending on price, I might be interested... Thanks
  5. Sorry, never got the emails. heading to the shore in the am and back on Sunday. I can meet you then depending on the time. I’ll pm you my number and we can text to set up a time. thanks Gabe
  6. What are you getting done??
  7. Just curious if this stuff is still for sale? Interested in shot...
  8. I’ve fondled one a few weeks back but didn’t get a chance to shoot it. I liked it, but not as much as the stock grip. Maybe it’s the weight or texturing, but it just didn’t “fit” my hand like the stock grip. for the price, would I get one...sure. Am I 100% in the WC is better than the legion or X5 grip...Nope.
  9. @Krdshrk thank you for putting this together. I had a great time and managed to not burn. nice meeting and catching up with everyone. @Mr.Stu count me in for the IDPA refresher in August.
  10. Ouch....just saw that. Maybe just a case. Lol
  11. Kc17...I’ll pick up a few cases from you if people back out. Just let me know how much they are.
  12. Yes, come on by. The more the better. as for clays, any standard clays will do.
  13. 9 “We shoot at 9am....dinner is at 6 honey, see you at noon”. Enough said
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