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  1. I just looked and we’re up about 30% since the lock downs hit. I’m not sure if it’s because we’re home more or because we added a portable AC to help cool the upper floor. Probably both, but either way we are paying more. i’ll know more in about 30 days as milder temps roll in. Last few nights have been AC off with windows open. Woke this morning to the house at 64 degree
  2. I guess I’m a solid 4. I stopped buying Ammo about 3-4 months back when 9mm hit .35 cpr. That’s when when I started buying more reloading components. Picked up shot and wads for SG and about 5k 124 grain FMJ. I have 3k more on back order so I should be ok for about a year. If this mess is still here in 12 months...well, that will suck.
  3. I was gonna say meatloaf....
  4. Yeah...sorry about that. Probably should have warned everyone.
  5. Hello all I wanted to say thank you to @Mr.Stu for holding the IDPA into class today. I had a great time and learned so much. Also thank you to RSOs (Jon, Joe and Jim) that helped out. looking forward to participating in my first match next month at Pburg.
  6. Welcome! As many have said, this is a great place to learn. As for what firearm to purchase...get a sig and never look back.
  7. Understood....see you guys in a few hours
  8. @Mr.Stu what’s the story with weather for this Saturday? Forecasts calling for heaving rain...
  9. Sell it to Sig carrying members for fair price. Gouge the crap out of Glock owners. They were silly enough to buy a glock in the first place and can be fooled by “a good price “.
  10. Federal has them at .40 a round...more than normal but available
  11. Hunterdon county got smacked good. I just read the something like 70% of my town has no power and not expected to get it back for several days...
  12. Nice write up and good luck with at the matches!
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