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  1. $3.30 this morning by me in Clinton NJ. thank God, I’m under 800 days when that for sale sign hits the front lawn.
  2. Saw this in the TTC newsletter. Time to invest in reloading gear
  3. Dang…would have loved to join you guys, but I’ll be traveling back from Florida on Sunday. Have fun, shoot em straight and stay safe.
  4. Can someone explain what the timing limits are for the quals? I know it’s 50 rounds broken down at various distances, but what is the timing requirement in total or per distance?
  5. i hear ya on picking up blue chips and companies like Nvidia. my boss loves that stock. He's recently dumped most of bonus and stock incentive money in it. For a while he was down like 30% on it, but its rebounded nicely for him and he continues to buy more. ideally I'm looking to get to a nice level of dividend income to supplement my retirement money. So for now i'm more focused on those stocks but hearing about some of these upcoming splits like tesla have me thinking about getting into that game.
  6. anyone dabble in new stocks these past few weeks? i picked up more dividend paying stocks like MO and SPG and closed out positions on some dogs like pinterest and HUT 8 mining. Now debating dumping my POWW stock since its been a dog for me. any strategy to keeping it long term? it doesn't pay a dividend, its 10 months off its high of $10.XX+ and has traded narrow between $4.5 and $5.5 for most of 2022 and analysts are now bearish on it. let me know what you guys think.
  7. Also interested in attending and willing to drive. Not sure it will be needed, but can also bring powder to share if people need some. i have more than I'll ever need.
  8. I dumped MVIS a couple months back. Still holding POWW waiting for it to recover. Bought MO the other day, up about $4/ share.
  9. finger crossed this one rides like GME. I bought 100 shares of AMC, NOK and GPRO back in January when the Redditors blew up GME. toyed with selling them since they were either flatline or underwater, glad I didn't. If they ride I'll have a healthy fun gun money pot for 2022!!
  10. Very cool. What did you use for the Ammo tray?
  11. Had my Sig CW FCU come in today. Went to heritage in Branchburg and did my NICS and asked about ammo...no common calibers in stock unless you wanted to pay $1/rd for .223. older guy, been there for years told me that federal just hit them with a15% increase effective today and they stated another increase could come as early as June. They cited Deman is just outpacing supply...
  12. stopped watching since it was giving fits for how much its was changing. pulled out of several holdings, some at a loss to get more AA, XOM and MRO...
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