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  1. Easy Peary.... any Sig P22x variant or P320. you’ll thank me later for the recommendation. and welcome to the forum.
  2. Great choice on your pistol! Once you go Sig, you never go back. and for the record, if anyone asks you on this forum, it’s pork roll...
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope Santa was great to everyone and best wishes for a safe and Happy New Year.
  4. Why wait. You can shoot it anytime. Maybe next shotgun shoot...
  5. Thank you. I’ll pass along the information. Location will probably be an issue. GLWS
  6. Having worked in staffing for almost 20 years, I’ve been following this topic for a LONG time. The main issue is about money that’s lost from people not covering their portion of payroll taxes- about 13% of a persons base comp. add to that the lose in business insurance revenue and state filings fee it adds up to 100s of millions in lost revenue. Im not saying this is a valid reason for the proposed law, but if people just did the lawful thing and reported income properly, scumbags like Sweeney wouldn’t be trying to reach deeper into our pockets. the interesting part of this legislation is that it initially started by saying the “freelancers” couldn’t be someone that does or performs the same core work as it’s employees. Meaning...if you own a photography business you couldn’t hire a freelance photographer since photography the core part of your business. With all the proposed exceptions, implementing and enforcing it will be next to impossible. In the end only time will tell where they land with the language/exceptions. Until then, it’s hard to tell how wide spread this will be. I do know that where I work we are paying a ton of attention to 1099 requests for staffing needs...some are being approved, others are not.
  7. Are the prices listed on the site the sale price?
  8. I agree with others, just leave as is. for the record, this wouldn’t happen with a Sig..just sayin.
  9. Tons of good info from @High Exposure, teach them young about gun safety, how to respect the dangers and more importantly how to be responsible human beings. That alone puts them ahead of most kids. When I got back into the hobby years ago, I also thought about buying a piece of concealed furniture. Heck, one of the popular makers of concealed furniture lives in my town and his kids are friends with my daughter. Then I saw how easily they can be “defeated” by kids once they know what it is. Remember, unless you’re super secret about getting the firearm out, kids will eventually see you take them out of the concealed furniture piece making them useless. You stated, that you already have your firearms locked with a trigger lock, in a locked case, and no ammo in the house so you’re meeting your wife’s conditions. As many have said, go out and buy a combination lock mini safe, not digital, and you should be set. As your collection grows, and it will grow, look into purchasing a larger dedicated safe.
  10. Thanks for all the ideas...found a 223W on bownells that looks good. Initially I wasnt looking at A frame site post, but those are tempting.
  11. .223w or 223/556 upper. Midlength. I wanna build out a budget rifle with the lower I’ve had in the safe for years.
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