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  1. Ms. Peel and others looking for reloading gear...check out dvor.com. They have reloading gear on sale...
  2. This was the best post I’ve read in a while. hits the nail right on the head. Having been in staffing for the past 20+ years I know for a fact...it’s where you finish your degree, not where you start it. 2yrs at at a community school + 2 years are X big name school...degree says bachelors in Y from X big name school.
  3. I was jus thinking of doing the s same to mine!!
  4. The X5 is awesome. Love mine, but annoyed this model came out... time to save some more nickles
  5. Yep, it’s a never ending illness. And while I agree that saving money on common calibers like 9mm and 45ACP in today’s market is rough, there was a time where reloading those calibers was a big savings over the price certain retailers were charging.
  6. Holy crap....always thought that was crab grass. what are you doing? Overall my front lawn is doing great, but the back has a few iffy areas...
  7. I’m out. just learned that my oldest has a rescheduled soccer game for 9am in ringoes Ugh
  8. What are the thoughts on the Sig Romeo1?
  9. Man, timing is everything. I’d love to join you, but I’ll be driving kids to soccer all day...
  10. Does anyone know of a shop or person in central NJ who will take a used mower? I have a 10 year old ride on cub cadet that stopped running this weekend and the local shop wants 250 just to pick it up and “look it over”. I’m guessing the age plus needed repair costs makes getting this one fixed a lost cause. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Ima solid maybe for the 18th. Lol. 25 would be tough
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