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  1. You’re waiting on the organization you filed with. There are two FARS links, one for SP and one if you have a local PD. in my case, I use the perryville SP barracks and it’s been well over 2 months waiting on them. My references and crim check cleared in exactly 9 days back in Sept. When I called the barracks, they don’t even answer the line. There is s recording that says it could take several week for processing. When I stopped in there last week, the trooper at the desk didn’t even call the FA trooper or look in the pile. He just said wait for a call and said “ have a nice day”...the polite way of saying...go pound sand.
  2. She’s lovely. Congrats
  3. Congrats!!! and I’ll say it again, I’m open to be ping adopted. Lol
  4. where in somerset county are you located? potentially interested in the 12g and .38 and some 308
  5. Are u willing to travel to close outa sale? Maybe to bridgewater nj?
  6. That’s a fine collection you have there....in such a short time. Good luck with rolling some rounds. BTW what kind of press is that?
  7. I’ll take you up on that offer. I have basic understanding but always want to learn more. Teach me....I can be a good Padawan
  8. @Parker thank you for the info. Guess I need to find more wads for 1 1/8 oz loads or new powder to keep using these 1oz wads. QQ - what is FGM target?
  9. Check out dvor.com. They posted chronic for like 80-90 bucks
  10. Sorry to read/see this, but I’m sure you have weighed all the outcomes before making this decision. Wishing you the best as you regroup.
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