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  1. Do the WMA ranges count as outdoor ranges? Not sure since they state lands...maybe we get a shotgun shoot going??
  2. My township got a whopping $0.00 in aid. And I had the same conversation with neighbor the other day that Ms Peel had. This neighbor was just a ball of happiness when I saw her walking at 1pm (I was getting my mail). She said she’s enjoying her early summer since she’s only required to work from 9-1. I told her that i hope she enjoys me paying for salary and taunting it while my kids struggle to keep up next year. She was shock I said that and then just walk away.
  3. Another for Jim Flynn. Nice shop, on the small side but a great selection. One thing to note, he is a cash or check shop. No credit card processing for firearms.
  4. Anyone here a member to BTSC? Maybe we can set up mini range day?
  5. Bumping this back up in case people have more items to trade
  6. 2nd for the mantis. Had mine for 2 years and no issues also have the G sight LTP. Not a fan
  7. Welcome to the forum. And when in doubt of which gun to get, always remember the answer is a Sig...
  8. There is a reloading swap thread. Post that up. I’m sure people will PM you from there
  9. @eyeinstine i have some 40 brass you can have. I’m not sure of the count but I would guess a few hundred. The brass is once fired thru a Sig that my buddy owns. I don’t shoot 40 so its all yours. PM me your address. I get it sent out this week.
  10. Not sure how to read your post? Are you calling me privileged? I know plenty of people that are not elitest and lost out, my sister being one of them. Divorced mom with 2 kids, who busts her ass to make a decent living For her kids but “earned” too much to qualify.
  11. They need to figure out a way to stimulate the groups that got nothing in the last check....
  12. Look up www.galleryofguns.com. They’re a reputable site that already has several NJ FFLs in their network. If the rifle is there, you can order/pay for part of the rifle and they will ship it the FFL that’s closest to your location. From there you just wait for the FFL to call saying it’s there. Pay the difference in price plus others fees and you’re all set. nice part of the site is they have some exclusive option and promise a lifetime warranty on the firearm...
  13. Ok. Let me get you some pics of something I want to try and make...
  14. How big and how many colors can you make the decals?
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