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  1. finger crossed this one rides like GME. I bought 100 shares of AMC, NOK and GPRO back in January when the Redditors blew up GME. toyed with selling them since they were either flatline or underwater, glad I didn't. If they ride I'll have a healthy fun gun money pot for 2022!!
  2. Very cool. What did you use for the Ammo tray?
  3. Had my Sig CW FCU come in today. Went to heritage in Branchburg and did my NICS and asked about ammo...no common calibers in stock unless you wanted to pay $1/rd for .223. older guy, been there for years told me that federal just hit them with a15% increase effective today and they stated another increase could come as early as June. They cited Deman is just outpacing supply...
  4. Damn...looks amazing. Now I’m hungry....
  5. stopped watching since it was giving fits for how much its was changing. pulled out of several holdings, some at a loss to get more AA, XOM and MRO...
  6. @Displaced Texan what are you using to scrub the skillet? I’ve seen people use tiny chain mail pads to loosen food bits. Do those remove the seasoning??
  7. WTF....still nothing from my side...and doubtful i will qualify
  8. This..you need to make sure the school has a transfer agreement with the CC you are attending. If they do, they accept all credits and apply them towards a degree. SHU was like that. I took summer classes at RVCC since I needed 130 credits to graduate. As long as they weren’t my last 30 credits they accepted them and applied towards my business degree.
  9. So true... The community college route is probably your best bet to save a significant amount of $ off a four year degree. Having been in staffing for the better part of 20years, I can confirm that it’s not where you start the degree, it’s where you finish. another option, is to speak with college prep counselors, they’re often a paid service but may help with initial plans and possible leads on grants. lastly, get to know the bursar at the school. I worked in the bursar office while at SHU, and that saved me 1000s. I got to learn about various grants like the pell grant and other nj based ones. Secondly, they are often very good friends with the FA office and can recommend you for school based grants. Again, they might be small amounts, but they do add up.
  10. i may sell my ZOM and LMND holdings and go deeper on XOM
  11. ZOM, POWW and MVIS under pressure the past days/weeks. most of the gains seemed to have been lost. anyone holding long?
  12. With the weather warming up, is anyone getting the itch to play yet? I took my oldest for a lesson at Neshanic Learning Academy this past Sunday and now I have the bug to play. Since its becoming costly to shoot as frequently as I'd like, I've started surfing golf sites looking at new irons and bags. Crazy how a set of high end clubs is now the same price as 2 cases of 9mm...
  13. i use motley...did the $99 subscription to test out before thinking about the premium stuff they offer. so far the site is meh, at best. their recommendations made me money the 1st week i owned the stock, but 3 of the 5 i bought are down outright since i bought.
  14. another roller coaster ride in the market today. i went from being up $350 for the day to down $170. haha how is everyone else doing?
  15. how's everyone doing these past few days? I made a decent bit on POWW, but ZOM is struggling. Also picked up a few more shares of XOM, LMND and SWBI. what's everyone else following or looking at?
  16. I don’t mind it. More snow means longer snowboarding season
  17. Speaking from personal experience, the reloads from Jim Flynn’s is are fine. The guy who makes them is a local guy. I’ve shot probably a 1k rounds of them and a buddy probably 2k. Never an issue cause by the ammo. Rounds fired from M&P, p320, p226, SA and glock. Close family friend has shopped at Jim’s for prob 30 years exclusively shooting factory and these reloads. I would buy them with no hesitation. last batch I bough was just after the COVID lock downs hit, paid .17 a round and were packaged in a nice box labels Keystone.
  18. I got into one a few weeks ago, nothing major just 200 shares. Doing okay. anyone into precious metals? Or has that shipped sailed?
  19. anyone use investing service guides like the motley fool?
  20. Yeah, I haven’t played there yet. Stick to beaver brook, high bridge, copper mine and heron glenn
  21. Well...I attempt to okay golf. When I first got engaged I would play with my soon to be father in law. That lasted for a few years until kids came and getting away for 5-6 hours on a weekend day would have have a very costly decision. I put the game down for about a decade. Two years ago I picked it back up. Updated my irons and this past year played about 15 times and got fitted for a new driver and had my irons tweaked. Whoever says playing with fitted clubs is a waste of money has never tried playing with the right equipment. My scores dropped 15 strokes almost immediately and now hover in the mid 80s. already bought a club membership for this year that includes range balls, so I’m hoping to get my game into the high 70s before the end of the dog the year. so what’s everyone playing equipment wise? mine are Cleveland irons, vokey sm7 wedges, anser putter, TSi3 driver and m6 3W. Ball is still up for debate but I crap ton of calls away super soft for this year...
  22. Alert on weather.com says 7pm, but radar shows it clear by 4pm. Right now we are sitting at about 4 inches in Clinton area
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