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  1. Is this event open to spectators? Do you have to be a club member to watch?
  2. Welcome from another hunterdon county brother.
  3. Thanks to both of you. I've past it a hundred times....now I know And sorry to derail the THG thread. Please continue to beat up the "old douche"
  4. So where exactly is Lou's located?
  5. Thanks for the info guys. As for "searches" I just meant in case I'm ever asked to produce the paperwork...for what ever reason.
  6. Same here. I picked up some sig mags from him about a month back. Shipping was prompt and items were as expected.
  7. Ok. team name fixed to match my screen name here....
  8. My first gun was a Browning Hi-Power that I purchased 21 yrs ago. I still have it and love the way it shoots. The weight and feel of the gun is just perfect for me and all the controls are easily within reach. Since then I have purchased a Sig p226 with the plans to add a 1911. For me there are no regrets on either purchase but the browning is still my favorite
  9. I was under the impression we need to keep a copy for insurance and search reasons? Or will the serial numbers be enough?
  10. I hope this is in the right forum... So since I'm home for the next few weeks I decided to do a good clean out of old home office paperwork. After looking thru about 3 boxes marked with my name I realized that I must have lost or accidentally shred the copies I made of my first handgun permit. Is there a way to get a copy of that permit? The gun purchase was made 21 yrs ago and I've moved away from the original township that approved the permit. The gun was purchased legally through a local store that has since gun out of business...
  11. I'm 50/50 on the branchburg store. When I picked up my Sig the older tall guy was nothing but helpful. I forget his name but he was a former cop and took the time answer my questions and review the gun in detail. He even tossed in 3 range cards and discounted a couple boxes of ammo. Now I'm pretty sure the guy everyone is describing is at best a "hit or miss" when it comes to customer service. My first time in the store I spent a good 30 minutes BS'ing with him. The next day when I went back to get some cleaning supplies, he acted like a ruining his day. Now I make it a point to "window shop" the store until the older ex cop is available to work with.
  12. #3 sounds a bit off to me. When I moved from Essex county to Hunterdon County my records where "transferred" in relatively quick order. The process of getting a COA for my FID and a new permit took less than 8 weeks. Have you tried going to the PD in person to speak with the firearms officer?
  13. I'm interested as well. Where do we sign up?
  14. Does anyone have a promotional code for this site.
  15. So what's the max number of permits someone can apply for? I was always under the impression thelimit was 3 but a member above mentioned 6? So which is the correct number?
  16. Welcome To the forum Lou. I'm just up the road from you in pittstown... Give me a shout if you ever want to meet up and shoot at heritage in Easton. I'm by no means a perfect shot but getting better with each visit to the range
  17. Welcome to the forum from hunterdon county.
  18. This was a great Saturday morning read. Looking forward to seeing you finish it. If a newbie wanted to have a custom job similar to this, could the people at Fusion do it all?
  19. Thank you. Please let me know your thoughts on the gun.
  20. I just sent him a txt with my information and desires. Hopefully he'll get back to me soon...
  21. Exactly...there a few nice guns on the site, but I'm surprised in how they jump in price from 1k to 1800...
  22. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  23. Thank youbfor the link. I just spend an hour on the site.
  24. Thank you for the feedback. Maybe I'm looking in the stores but, every STI I saw was in the 1k range or higher... Too many options out there.
  25. In search of my next gun and in need of some guidance. I already own 2 handguns, both 9mm, but have always admired the look and feel of the 1911's. Should I stay in the same caliber, 9mm, and if so, what's the impression on the Springfield 9mm 1911. I read the thread on the board where it was stated it will take additional funds to correct issues. What were the issues? Are they isolated or production issue? Are there any other makes to consider in 9mm aside from the S&W? The S&W looks nice, but at 1300 is above my price point considering I'm also picking up Ruger GP 100 .357 Thanks for the help
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