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  1. Never heard this before. Thanks for posting. BTW, what were all those "cracks" and "pops" during the playback? Music doesn't sound like that anymore. LOL. Very nostalgic.
  2. Tyranny? Here in NJ? Are you kidding? Nah never happen. Remember how fairly they dealt with the assembly bill A4182? These people are acting in our best interest. In case anyone doesn't remember, it was memorialized on youtube. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7ZwQf5EZQE I'm obviously being sarcastic with my previous remarks. To be clear, I'm actually sickened by the fact that something like this is allowed to happen with no imposition of sanctions or obvious recourse levied upon these traitors. Government out of control? We all know the answer to that one. Getting back to the federal weapons ban. Even though I'm pretty confident that it won't fly (85%) some of you guys made an excellent point about back room deals and after seeing what happened with this budget spending deal, that is something that can't be completely ruled out (hence my 15% lack of confidence). As for us here in NJ, unless we can get another Republican governor elected, we are most likely to get f***ed hard, and not in a good way. We had our opportunity this past "off" election cycle to change things and we actually lost some seats.....not good at all. Now we're confronted with 2 major elections occurring in "16 and "17 (presidential and gubernatorial) whereas you will have a larger portion of the population voting....hence more democrats (more likely anti gun voters) since they are the majority in this state. When these jokers are finished with us, we will all be wishing that we lived in "conservative" states like California, New York, etc.
  3. If you live in NJ you legally cannot possess a 25 round mag so unless you have someone who can pin it to 15 you wouldn't be able to go to any public ranges with it anyway. They did have another version of that stock package which included a 10 round mag instead of the 25; that was the one that I had originally ordered. Long story short, stock arrived damaged and was sent back. I decided that I didn't like it as much after seeing it in person and ended up getting a mannlicher stock for it instead.
  4. What a frustrating pile of B.S. thanks to the F.U. laws of this state. This poor guy could be the poster child for "collateral damage" as he wasn't principally involved. Glad to see he wasn't criminally charged, but still, he basically had to forfeit his 2A right in this state along with his firearms.
  5. Ammo pricing looks a bit high, but the pricing for a couple of pistols that I'm looking to purchase are pretty decent.(Website prices) Also he had charged a $50 transfer fee on a RPR that I had snagged off of gunbroker about a week and a half ago. I was ok with that considering Just Sports used to charge $65 and the guy in Belleplain was charging $75 for transfers. OUCH!
  6. United Uniform in Rio Grande have their FFL now and are dealing with firearms and ammo. They didn't have any firearms in the store last week (as they were still setting up the firearms section) but they do have a website to purchase. They were also taking "reservations" for a small indoor range that they plan to build in the near future. Owner, John, seems like a nice friendly guy too.
  7. Thank you for that info DeerSlayer. Having never seen one, other than in photo's, I wasn't 100% sure if that was doable. I really appreciate your help.
  8. Gotta love good ole ingenuity. Ban evil looking guns? ok, we'll make the same gun less evil looking. LOL. Its a shame that it has to come to this though. All in all its not a bad looking rifle, and that it will take standard AR mags is a big plus. If I didn't already have a mini 14 I'd seriously consider one. Actually, if this was available at the time, I probably would've gotten it instead of the mini. It would be nice to not need to pack two different style magazines to shoot .223/5.56 ammo when I want to shoot both rifles. Not to mention that Ruger mags are expensive.
  9. Great article, thanks for posting Sgt.T. Finally a reporter who actually looks up and reports the FACTS instead of circulating a bunch of BS.
  10. yeah, it's everywhere I guess. I know several people who primarily hunt and most (not all) feel that "who needs an AR 15 style rifle anyway" and "10 round magazines are more than enough for target shooting" etc. Apparently the "herd" is definitely divided on the perceived importance of our 2A rights......and that's not good.
  11. Hi guys, I'm seriously considering getting one of these kits for my 10/22 since I've found one at a half decent price. Here's a link to what I'm talking about: http://promagindustries.com/ruger/41-archangel-nomad-conversion-stock-for-the-ruger-1022.html I also realize that the "flash suppressor included can't be used with it in our illustrious PRNJ, so that won't be an issue. My real problem will be with it's folding style stock design. At this point,I've found plenty of info about pinning a folding telescopic style stock, but how about a true side folding type stock such as this one? Can anyone offer any general info as to what is the best way to do it? (if it's even feasible) Thanks for any expertise you can offer.
  12. I had only shot bb and pellet rifles since I was 12 up until age 18. It was at that age I had shot my first REAL firearm for the first time....my best friends 12 gauge pump sg with 00 buck. I wasn't fully prepared for the recoil and wacked my nose pretty good with my thumb. At least my buddy got a laugh out of it....t'was memorable to say the least.
  13. I agree 100%, that would definitely be a good move to help protect the citizens, both female and male. As for the Allen case, I think, as previously mentioned, that if she isn't acquitted, that Christie is going to "save the day" by pardoning her. It would be a good move as a conservative for his future political career at the national level, IMO. The only caveat to that would be if there is something negative in her background that isn't being told just yet. We'll have to wait and see. High Exposure makes an excellent point with regard to "officer discretion" through the story of his own experience. It really comes down to perspective as to why Ms. Allen was arrested in the first place. Aside from that, I have to wonder if the Atlantic County Prosecutor is just trying to further his career (politically or otherwise) by pushing this or if there is something else about Ms. Allen's background that's not entirely copasetic. Agree or not with our stupid laws, either way, she did put herself in this predicament. Hopefully some good will come out of it and we'll finally get some common sense change to these draconian laws.
  14. BINGO! I've been monitoring Gunbroker very closely and that's exactly what's happening. So many shops are auctioning it in bulk and making big $$ on it (as .22 ammo goes). My guess would be that if you were to go to their shop and try to purchase it outright, you'd be told that you could only buy 1 or 2 boxes (at reasonable rates) to keep local customers happy or that they were sold out. They are basically creating a "perceived" shortage which drives up the supply/demand factor. They are moving cases of this stuff. There's plenty out there it's just that its being controlled from "choke points". From a sales perspective it's pretty shrewd.......As a consumer, I think it outright sucks. But it gets better...... After this ammo is auctioned (for about .10+ a round or so) the new owner then breaks it up into smaller parcels and auctions it again to get another .02 or .03 a round out of it. Couple that with the "hoarding" due to the so called "shortage" and you have a the driving force to keep the prices high. I still can't believe that people will dump the kind of money (per round) that they do for .22 ammo. As long as that keeps happening, the price won't come down.
  15. Thank you azmaveth. Your help is much appreciated.
  16. ROFLMAO Wow, talk about an entertaining thread. Some of these responses are pure gold. 195 makes the most sense if splitting state into N and S. If we consider a central Jersey also, then it should be done by counties.
  17. Hi guys, I was looking at completing my AR build using a Stag Model 3H upper (ban compliant of course ). At any rate, in the specs section it lists the pivot/take down pin size as: small .250". Is this not a standard size or is it a proprietary size to fit only certain/Stag lowers? I want to fit it to a NFA lower and want to make sure I don't have fitment issues with the pin. Here is the link to what I'm talking about https://www.stagarms.com/model-3h/ Sorry for the stupid question but I'm still learning about these things and any insight you can give will be very much appreciated. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  18. All I knew was that 50 BMG is listed in their rule book under "Ranges" for all of their center fire rifle ranges as not being allowed. If I recall correctly, at orientation, they mentioned that it was because it could damage the bullet traps. If they allow special considerations with permission then that's good to know.
  19. So many really good examples and information in this thread by everyone. But I have to say, like several of you had mentioned, I think the answer is as simple as "the vote". Letters, email, calls, ect. are basically useless as a means to fight/argue for our 2A rights. IF we (as gun owners/pro 2A proponents) are truly divided among our ranks by a significant amount then we are pretty much done....stick a fork in us. There is no getting around it; we just would not have the influence to make any significant difference just because of the lack of voting numbers. But I don't believe that. I think there is some division, but I think (hope) its only a small percentage and it can be overcome. So If there are still enough who are willing to stand together and vote for our cause then we stand a chance. Some of these elections each year have extremely small overall voter turnout. This is where we can begin to influence a change for the better. We need to change the tide, and if not soon we, like someone posted previously, are destined to be the proverbial cooked frog. We need to find a way to motivate the voter base in a way that got the fire lit under everyone such as when the president and his cronies wanted to institute a new weapons ban.
  20. Yeah, I agree, it's pretty darn cool and I like how it still can use the 10 round rotary mags also. That being said, with the $300.00 price point that they are asking and looking at the "work" that would be involved just to remove the bolt, It's a bit much for me so I think I'll pass.
  21. This is what is most frustrating. So many people verbalizing their disapproval of these proposed laws and they still ram this crap down our throats anyway. This is not how America was supposed to be. I couldn't agree more with you. These jokers obviously don't respect intelligent and articulate arguments against these crummy laws. Letters, calls, and emails don't seem to have any impact either. If once, just once, if we could pull ourselves all together and vote a jackass like Sweeney out, I'm betting it would catch the attention of the other "elitists" in this state who want to keep their cushy jobs and smack them back to the reality that they work for the people, not the other way around.
  22. No, but because the restraining order has that provision written within and also contains a quicky search warrant for just that reason (if the judge authorizes it) it makes it easier to confiscate any weapons under the authority of that order. You also have to remember that you are dealing with two separate venues.....civil (restraining order itself) and criminal (stalking, harassment, etc). You can have a restraining order issued without any associated criminal charges even though the person requesting said order may claim that they are being harassed, stalked, etc. One other thing, in NJ a civil restraining order is issued under the prevention of domestic violence act. In other words, a nosy neighbor who you "had words with" can't get one of these orders against you unless you had some sort of domestic type of association/relationship with them (currently or in the past), such as being room mates, dated, etc.
  23. Very sorry to hear about your Husky. I have one who just turned 11 and has failing health (arthritic, diabetic, and now starting to lose his eye sight) I'm gonna be in the same boat as you in the very near future.
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