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  1. Because people are incompetent. I just recently had a mental health record pop up on my record for no Damm good reason,took me a month and a half to get it sorted out. Good luck hope you get your gun tomorrow
  2. All this shit is simply a political tactic. And alot of people are falling for it. And some will say atleast it's something we need to take baby steps. Bullshit,we need to be able to carry like 90% of the rest of the country. And guess what if Sweeney the swine makes it into office(which he has a shot in this democratic republic ) Things will get very bad
  3. Well I went yesterday to pick up my gun and NICS was back up over an hour my NICS came back no problem and got my gun, I'm a happy camper but yes I will most definitely be keeping multiple copies of the letter they send me
  4. Well I got amazing news today guys. I called the number the State Police provided to inquire about this so called record of involuntary commitment and I called on 12/8 and gave them all the info they needed and said they will investigate it and call me within 10-12 days. Well i got the call today and they woman told me that Middlesex County Adjusters office had erroneously entered information and she told me everything was fixed and removed and I should have no more issues and they will also be sending me a letter confirming the removal of the record. I am so releived this was sorted out in a fairly short amount of time and I didnt have to hire a lawyer
  5. I used my social security # . And yes I just changed my address and got 2 permits about 2 months ago
  6. I just feel that i am in a cash business that if someone is going to try and rob me they might come in to scope me out and just maybe they will see it and discourage them. i also have my front door locked and anyone coming in must be buzzed in. just whatever precautions i can take i do.
  7. I own a Store where i buy gold,silver,electronic items etc.... been carrying my pistol on my hip(open carry) for 3 yrs now and deal with police fairly regularly and never had a problem. Ive had a few ask what kind of gun it is or most of the time nothing is said.
  8. So after them screwing up my address and getting the letter back and never calling me. A month after i first sent the request I finally get this bullshit back. Let me make this clear I have NEVER been involuntarily commited to a mental institution nor voluntary. I'm pissed to say the least.Mind you this is literally right after I changed my address on my FID and got 2 more permits
  9. No if you ask me someone over there made a mistake when sending it out should have been S Union they put D Union look whats next to a D on the keyboard..
  10. I got no NICS Denial letter. But I decided to call the State Police today and they indeed did respond within 5 days of me mailing it 3 weeks ago but the street i live on is South Union usually abbreviated S Union and they addressed it to D Union and it got sent back to them 2 weeks ago and never bothered to call me even though they have my number so she said she will mail it back to me now
  11. So I still have gotten no response from the State Police as to why I was denied. Wondering what my next step should be or how long should I wait. Any suggestions
  12. Well the shop I bought the gun gave me a paper that needed the transaction number I guess of the NICS check so I guess I would have to go back to them and ask for it again
  13. Still no response from State Police. Weird thing is said it was delivered on the 9th but I never got back my return receipt from the letter. Starting to get a little annoyed. But I would just like a response , I feel my rights are being violated as there is no reason i should be denied
  14. Just a little update I mailed them the request via certified mail on the 7th it got delivered on the 9th and have yet to get a response as to why I was denied.
  15. Yes I submitted my change of address before I actually changed my address with the DMV but I think i did show them my lease. SO its a mystery for now as to what made me get denied but Ill find out this week sometime
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