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  1. Good luck. Washington Nationals victory parade is this Saturday now.
  2. WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot


    Probably the finest 5.56 rifle ever made including the M-16 and FNC
  3. New to me Service Grade CMP 1911. Remington Rand slide on an Ithaca frame circa 1944. Note the "Yawman" stamped trigger invented by Ithaca. Markings include Augusta Arsenal (AA), Anniston Army Depot (ANAND), Frank J. Atwood inspector (FJA) and some others I'm still deciphering based on coolgunsite.com. It's like I'm trying to decode the Rosetta Stone to figure out the provenance of the parts. Sent in the paperwork about a year ago, got a 9500 range lottery number, forgot about it and wrote it off, and then my cell phone rang last Thursday at 9AM from Anniston, Alabama. Took her home today (you gotta love Florida and $15 no-hassle transfers). Was it worth the price compared to what I could have bought 1911-wise in today's market? Probably not. But, it pairs nicely with my CMP Garands and it's cool AF!!!
  4. I miss Star Tavern in Orange. Not sure if it’s the best pizza evah but I think about it a lot.
  5. Squadron of C-47 Dakotas are gathering at an airport in Oxford, CT now before flying over to Europe for the 75th anniversary D-Day festivities. They will flyover the Statue of Liberty this Saturday May 18th. Thinking Liberty State Park in JC should be prime viewing for any old warbird fans. http://ddaysquadron.org/d-day-squadron-launch-week/
  6. HE, what’s the word on EAG Tactical nowadays? I see they are running classes in St. Augustine. Just wondering how it would compare with Pat’s old courses. Thanks.
  7. I would expect a revenge attack fairly soon on a church on Sunday morning by a lone wolf who saw what happened in NZ and wants retribution with his own manifesto. Kinda what happened in Dallas with the BLM guy and his SKS targeting police.
  8. Living in Florida, I’ll be the first to admit there are trade offs in terms of food, culture, weather, people, and other “only in NJ/NY”comforts. But, man, you cannot put a price on the freedom and the negative effects of oppression on mental health. To defend otherwise is like Stockholm syndrome.
  9. After my fair share of panic buying during the Obama years and pre-election, buying a gun is like taking another bite out of the same burger. Yeah, it's a great time to be a gun buyer with all the new products and affordability going on. Sig Sauer is like the Ford Motor of gun manufacturers with 15 different auto models and 20 different trim levels of the F-150. Plus, technology is such that it seems anyone can open a machine shop and start producing cool AR or CZ Evo type guns or custom handguns (ZEV, LAV, Langdon, Proctor, etc). That was my take away from past SHOT Shows. So, the novelty has kinda worn off for me. Yeah, the Sig 23423 and the new Glock X, Y, Z are great, but I'll stick with my Sig MK25 and BCM AR. I would buy another game changer gun if another were to come out like an RPR or VP9 (bang-for-the-buck into Precision or H&K smooth striker). Now, if Colt were to start producing the snake guns again, then.....
  10. NFA Act of 1934 set the tax stamp at $200 because that was the going rate of a Tommy Gun back then and legislators thought of it severe enough to freeze machine gun purchases. Still the law of the land. Not sure what legal challenge is available.
  11. Interesting article but a lot of fantasy. If the gubment wants to go after guns they won’t use door kickers. They’ll bring semi’s under NFA and then tax ammo or even bullets. They regulate and tax it to death. Make an example of anyone unlucky enough to be caught like NJ does. NFA and NY/NJ laws provide the blueprint for de facto confiscation.
  12. What color is the boat house at Hereford?
  13. I do remember the friendly fire incident in Long Island a few years back: https://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/mta-shot-fellow-geoffrey-breitkopf-friendly-fire-incident-inconsolable-article-1.123891 IIRC, the mangy neighbor (ex-cop) yelled "Gun! Gun!" when he saw plainclothes officer with an AR-15 slung on his side. Another MTA officer promptly drew his weapon and shot him dead in the side. I guess it boils down to training and discipline (or lack thereof).
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