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  1. Penthouse Forum
  2. Why isn’t someone else doing something about this!?!?!
  3. But couldn’t the Court just say they can still get shotguns or bolt action rifles to satisfy their 2A rights?
  4. If handguns are already forbidden for under 21, why wouldn’t forbidding semi rifles also pass constitutional muster?
  5. Playing with what's in the safe on a snow day and realizing my the slides of my pistols are on the "dry" side. What do you guys recommend for long-term storage coating/lube? I've been using Rem Oil / CLP. Looking for something that provides a dry protective coat versus something oily and prone to smudging or drying out, especially for guns that sit long-term. Thanks.
  6. FNP-45 Tactical H&K 45CT I think you’re at that point in your collection where I would go quality over quantity. If you want to stick sub $400 then an FEG Hi Power Clone or Beretta PX4 Compact or RIA 9mm 1911
  7. Perhaps contact one of the organizations below? I'm sure they are great resources and ambassadors for such things. http://sawshootingclub.com/ http://diversityshoot.com/
  8. Hi, Anyone have any reviews/opinions on the Safariland QLS system? Looking to make life easier on my range trips, tactical training classes and competing in the occasional USPSA/IDPA or steel match. Also just want to rationalize my gear onto one common platform (Safariland ALS) instead of holsters from various vendors. I'm not a hardcore competitor or CCW guy being in NJ currently so looking for something good all-around. Thinking with QLS system, I can just swap out pistols/holsters easily on a UBL shank or paddle mount assuming I stick with Safariland holsters (ALS) on all my sidearms. Would need to get a 2" like a Ares LE Belt but would listen to other recommendations. Thanks.
  9. Tilt your head or cant the gun?
  10. Take that California! Race to the bottom only getting worse. Wait until you do your 2018 tax filings and realize you can only deduct $10K of state and local taxes off your federal.... https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/rankings
  11. Pretty sure the Parkland scumbag bought his AR at Sunrise Tactical and not Dick's. Hey may have bought other stuff at Dick's, but it's neither here nor there. Dick's sucks. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/owners-business-sold-gun-nikolas-cruz-shutter-shop-article-1.3825134
  12. Worse than that. Dick’s stopped selling AR’s after Sandy Hook. They’re just getting in for free publicity.
  13. Yup. Too many Benny’s from NJ/NY moved down to South Florida and infected the state with their attitudes all the while complaining about how things in FL aren’t like they are “up nawth”....
  14. Nice with a visit to Pop’s for a burger and craft beer or even Weyerbacher.
  15. No response to my inquiry? Spare me your righteous faux indignation....