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  1. Thinking about it.
  2. Any recommendations on waders or other gear should there be flooding? Hunting waders seem too heavy for the Florida heat. Not planning to swim or anything through flood water but expect places where 1-2 feet may be standing. I'm heading down to help out family and friends.
  3. I'm fascinated by the pandemonium prepping going on now in FL. I mean, I see a pack of bottled water everyday at Lowe's, etc. for $4-$5 now people are fighting over it or getting price gouged. Same with plywood and gas. I guess most people don't keep even minor stores.
  4. Barcode checked out. Whew! Yes, I'm sure Cuban cigars are just a cachet thing nowadays (like Johnny Walker Blue) but cool to have.
  5. Picked these up (Open Eagles) at Dubai airport on way home. I'm thinking a trip to Cuba may be cool for stocking up on rum and cigars.
  6. Let's be honest. At some point, it becomes a vanity thing like pimping a car or what not. The roll mark on the lower matters at that point. If you wanted to be practical, you would just get a $400 PSA special. If you want to get envious looks and compliments at the range, you pimp it out with an Aimpoint T-2, DBAL laser, etc. trust me. I know.
  7. Yes. Stock photo lol. Disclaimer: I do not own those rifles.
  8. I would get a Knights stripped lower. One left here: https://www.smallarmsales.com/product-p/22360.htm I'm partial to using a Surefire brake to pin up a 14.5" upper and running a Warden optionally. I will run a SOCOM Suppressor when I leave this state without having to worry about unpinning the brake.
  9. 50 years ago on a hot, humid summer night just like tonight. My ex-FIL was National Guard deployed to put down the riots. He said it was scarier than his tour in Vietnam although the old man has been known to exaggerate. Ecclesiastes 3:15: What is happening now has happened before, and what will happen in the future has happened before, because God makes the same things happen over and over again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Newark_riots The 1967 Newark riots were a major civil disturbance that occurred in the city of Newark, New Jersey between July 12 and July 17, 1967. The four days of rioting, looting, and destruction left 26 dead and hundreds injured. Deaths: 26 Injuries: 727 Arrested: 1,500 By the sixth day, riots, looting, violence, and destruction ultimately left a total of 16 civilians, 8 suspects, a police officer, and a firefighter dead; 353 civilians, 214 suspects, 67 police officers, 55 firefighters, and 38 military personnel injured; and 689 civilians and 811 suspects arrested. Property damage exceeded $10 million. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Plainfield_riots The Plainfield riots were a series of racially charged violent disturbances that occurred in Plainfield, New Jersey during the summer of 1967, which mirrored the 1967 Newark riots in nearby Newark, New Jersey. Middlesex Arms Theft That same night in nearby Middlesex an arms factory was broken into and 46 automatic weapons were stolen. The Plainfield Machine Company was a small manufacturing company owned by William Haas and William Stork that, among other things, produced M1 carbines for the civilian market. The stolen guns were passed out to the men on the streets of Plainfield that very night. The police were anxious because of the large number of guns now on the streets and the Plainfield Fire Department Station was under constant gunfire for five hours. The bullet holes in the brick facade of the building remain to this day. Finally, New Jersey National Guardsmen, in armored personnel carriers relieved the station. Police tried to arrange a truce and have residents turn in the stolen carbines. Black residents felt that having the guns in the community kept the police at bay and that they now had power over the police. When none of the stolen firearms were returned, the area was cordoned off and 300 heavily armed New Jersey State Police and National Guardsmen started a house-to-house search for the stolen weapons. After about an hour and a half, with 66 homes searched, the operation was called off. The police felt that since Governor Hughes had declared a State of Emergency, no search warrants were needed. Officer John Gleason, Death by Shopping Cart Later that evening a white police officer, John Gleason, was manning a checkpoint. Members of the Pagan motorcycle gang entered the area and a confrontation between a large group of young black men and the white members of the Pagan motorcycle gang was brewing. Police Officer John Gleason placed himself between the two groups and the Pagan motorcycle gang left. The remaining crowd refused to disperse and Officer Gleason became surrounded by the crowd which began to threaten him and close in on him. Officer Gleason was in fear of his life and eventually fired a shot at a young man and wounded him. When the officer tried to leave the area to get help, he was overtaken by a mob and was beaten with a steel grocery store cart, stomped and eventually brutally shot and killed with his own service revolver.
  10. TYR Tactical EPIC system is really nice (and pricey). It was developed for the U.S.Army SPS/TEP trials and massively exceeded all performance requirements, but also massively exceeded the government's budget (the lower cost solution was picked). The whole industry is downright scary. Alot of stuff rated to stop such and such but such and such bullets pass straight through the said armor during testing.
  11. Article today about the law in this. Just make sure you ask the intruder to kindly leave beforehand. http://www.burlingtoncountytimes.com/news/local/attorneys-new-jersey-law-on-defending-self-in-your-home/article_9c5afd72-6662-11e7-934e-1f040de5ea24.html?hp=mid-threestories Meanwhile, GoFundMe page for decedent has already exceeded its goal! https://www.gofundme.com/jimmy-ds-funeral-legal-services
  12. Interesting trends on NICS checks. Lull before the storm? I wonder if the market will pick up if Phil Murphy (Corzine Jr.) does what he says he will (mandate gun training, tax gun sales, mandate NICS on all FTF transfers including long guns, require registration on all firearms, require NICS on ammo purchases)
  13. The thing I learned from taking Massad Ayoob's MAG class is that the "good shoot" is a myth. The best part of the class was when he brought in victims of "good shoots". Men who in the end did the right thing but ended up in jail or with huge legal bills anyway. What was eye opening was how they described prosecutorial tactics like using your modifications to your SD gun or your social media posts on FB or NJGF against you to show you're a bad seed with premeditative, murderous thoughts. Ayoob is the expert on this because he has seen so many of these shoots and subsequent trials play out as an expert witness. Many people just assume that it will play out based on what they've seen on TV and haven't really done any research on the topic other than put night sights on their Glock. "Good shoots" don't always involve burglars from the ghetto. They involve escalating feuds with neighbors that come to blows, the drunk teenage kid next door trying to sneak back into the wrong house, etc. That's why I think U.S. Law Shield or Armed Citizens Legal Defense Fund is a wise investment. http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2015/03/3-post-court-myths-dispelled-by-massad-ayoob/#3-post-court-myths-dispelled-by-massad-ayoob-1
  14. Decdent wasn't exactly a choir boy. Will be interesting to see where this goes https://m.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=686250994770121&id=219714781423747