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  1. The real question is if the captain of the new Russian sub has a Scottish accent..
  2. Any advice on a good price range and/or caliber for these used? Looking for a range toy to add to my arsenal and I've maxed out on semi's and plastic guns I want to own. Looking for a range toy and not a safe queen. Okay, I've been watching a lot of Western's lately (The Magnificent Seven)...
  3. I second either Marine Corp Museum and the Air & Space Museum Udvar-Hazy annex out next to Dulles airport. Just beware, Northern Virginia rush hour traffic around D.C. can be horrendous especially I-95 south of D.C. towards Marine Corp Museum. Even weekend roads can be crowded. If it's just a quick trip to D.C., then NRA museum and Air and Space Annex is a good combo. If passing through Delaware on the way there, I'll also stop by for some tax-free shopping especially if I need a a big-ticket electronic item.
  4. Talk to any NFA machingun collector and they will tell you the NRA does not care about this segment of the market and would readily sell them out. It's always been about protecting the huge semi-auto black arms, handgun, and Fudd sportsmen industries. If you look historically, the NRA has never done anything in support of NFA other than suppressors (which is another potentially lucrative new market). NJ gun owners have probably gotten more resources and dedication from NRA than the NFA collector community. At worst, there is almost a Fudd-like disdain for machine guns by the NRA. NRA and Wayne LaPierre would sell out bumpstocks and NFA machine guns in a heartbeat.
  5. Ironically, also the anniversary of the Battle of Kamdesh. Two MOH recipients came out of that as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Kamdesh
  6. Won’t be able to make it unfortunately. Hopefully they can get the minimum 5 people. For anyone considering, who knows what the environment will be like next year this time. You will not find a better value in terms of price to quality of instruction and time. Take advantage while you can....
  7. There definitely needs to be a meeting of the Five families. As long as no one tapes up a gun in the toilet stall....
  8. I would throw in a couple packs of IOSAT pills (http://www.anbex.com/) They weigh practically nothing and have a long shelf life. You would hope the chances of having to use them are close to zero, but these are interesting times...
  9. It was a good conference again overall and John did a great job as always. The Libertarian candidate was awkward on the election panel I kind of felt the conference could have been compacted a bit since I got there at 9AM not knowing the agenda so there was a bit of free time. Solid move bringing a cigar vendor in so I got to smoke a few while enjoying the sunshine. But, it would have been nice to get out earlier and enjoy the weather.
  10. I'm no fan of Scott Bach, but his explanation seemed reasonable to me yesterday. I guess we'll find out more when he talks about it on Gun For Hire radio. NJ2AS seemed to own this issue from the get-go when they took up their cause with their attorney's actions/threats and challenges to the council/mayor. Did they try to involve ANJRPC/NRA? How closely was NJ2AS working with the private developer in this? Possession in nine-tenths of the law. If you decide to "own" the issue and initiative, I'm not sure you can really blame someone else when it comes up short. Anyway, the link above comes across as petty and short on facts on the actual who's to blame.
  11. Thinking about it.
  12. Any recommendations on waders or other gear should there be flooding? Hunting waders seem too heavy for the Florida heat. Not planning to swim or anything through flood water but expect places where 1-2 feet may be standing. I'm heading down to help out family and friends.
  13. I'm fascinated by the pandemonium prepping going on now in FL. I mean, I see a pack of bottled water everyday at Lowe's, etc. for $4-$5 now people are fighting over it or getting price gouged. Same with plywood and gas. I guess most people don't keep even minor stores.
  14. Barcode checked out. Whew! Yes, I'm sure Cuban cigars are just a cachet thing nowadays (like Johnny Walker Blue) but cool to have.
  15. Picked these up (Open Eagles) at Dubai airport on way home. I'm thinking a trip to Cuba may be cool for stocking up on rum and cigars.