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  1. My weekend plans: Montecristo Open Eagle and León Jimenes No. 2. I’m partial to León Jimenes cigars nowadays.
  2. Liberal Jedi mind tricks. Change the conversation from the fact he used an illegal mag (and therefore mag bans don’t really work) to he illegally modified a legal gun (therefore so scary, we should just ban guns). Unfortunately, many dummies reading the NY Post will arrive at that “logical” conclusion.
  3. I saw RBG personally from a crowd at an event a month or two ago in D.C. She did not look well. SOTU is not isolated thing. I don’t think it’s particularly advertised either. I don’t wish ill on anyone but when you get to a certain age and physical state as a public figure (i.e. GHW Bush, Fidel Castro, etc), the media and public will invariably put you on a “death watch”. It’s a well known fact that newspapers and media have obituaries pre-written for most figures as they get closer to check out.
  4. She won’t retire. If you seen her recently, she is not at all well. Stooped over, laboring as you would expect someone her age. Sadly, I think they will try to keep her alive as long as possible and hope she can hold out until January 2021. Even Breyer is 80 years old now Imagine a 7-2 court with Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Trump Pick #3, Trump Pick #4 vs Kagan and Sotomayor for the next 10-20 years.
  5. An old interesting read I thought I’d share. Some interesting tidbits and history of M4/M16A2 I didn’t know. Given that this was written just before 9/11, it’s interesting to see how some parts of small arms have developed (and some haven’t) over the past 18-19 odd years. http://www.forcerecon.com/strongmenarmed3.htm
  6. To me, a bike is an emotional thing so get what your heart wants. I love my Honda cars for their reliability (242K miles and going strong). But my weekend ride is a Ducati or BMW. Japanese bikes are well built machines but I like the hint of imperfection in a Duc or older BMW and their aesthetics.
  7. Somebody has a beef. Lol
  8. Tactical seat covers, brah https://www.costco.com/Coverking-1-Row-Tactical-Seat-Cover-Black-%26-Charcoal.product.100142606.html
  9. Haven’t see these in a while... http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/rifle_sales/m1-garand/
  10. BOHICA
  11. Nope. Just moved to Florida. Had the can waiting for me. Picked up a Glock 21SF host here (met a guy in a Waffle House parking lot).
  12. Nice. Based on flashlight position, I’m guessing you shoot lefty....