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  1. If you have a decent immune system and constitution, Golden Corral in Freehold.
  2. The older 96'er... +1 for Peter Luger for being the best. Also a fan of Quality Meats and Old Homestead. Wolfgang's is also good. I'm sad to say I haven't found a steakhouse in NJ as good as the NYC places. Sammy's in Mendham - Steaks are okay, love the shrimp scampi, the kitschy way of ordering, getting drinks and family style eating is cool. Steve's Sizzling Steaks - Steaks are okay. Food, wine and alcohol are decently priced. A great local joint to get a steak without the upscale stuffiness. Root's and Rod's Steakhouse (Summit/Madison/Morristown) - Approaching NYC prices, but not as good. Library II and River Palm Terrace - Pretty good. Can't rule out the Brazilian Rodizio (i.e. Fernandes) in Ironbound or surrounding area for a beef fix (Picanha FTW) As others said, Porterhouse for two at Luger's. Ribeye, medium rare otherwise (marbling = flavor). Creamed spinach, a potato of some sort, and mushrooms. Also, a nice Red wine. Done...
  3. They’ll ship firearms for $20 to local FFL
  4. Some good daily deals going of over at Tanner’s Facebook page now. Looks like they acquired some inventory from another distributor going out of business and are blowing it out. Springfield 1911 Loaded $649 (now sold out) An interesting looking Desert Eagle too https://m.facebook.com/TannersSportCenter/
  5. My humble $0.02... Think about your stopover on your way to FL. Some (or most) of the waypoint towns along I-95 can be kinda shady (i.e. Lumberton, Florence, etc.). If you have huskies and your firearms collection with you, think about how you're going to unload and load your car and get that stuff into your hotel room for the night (discreetly or not). Pack your ride accordingly. If you have CC reciprocity, then not a bad idea to strap up. There's a difference between Duval and St. John's County (kinda like between Sussex and Essex or Hudson). Know and appreciate it. St. John's FOP is my favorite range in the area. Find a way to join if you can. I think it's the best value. I've heard good things about Gateway as well. Get rid of your pinned mags, pinned stocks, or anything else NJ neutered. You won't need them or want them. Hold back the urge to go on a NFA buying binge. Do your homework on what your ideal collection would be and how much money you want to spend. Be judicious. I see guys spend a ton of money on SBR's and suppressors (which don't have any resale value) while they could buy a full auto M11/9 with Lage upper for the same amount of money and have an investment that appreciates over time and is uber fun that sets you apart at the range. Be cool. Don't try to live up to the Yankee transplant stereotype droning on about how things are different between here and up Nawth. Everyone knows gun laws are bad in NJ...they just don't need to keep hearing about it. Purge and declutter now. With no basements here and zero lot construction, you might not have as much space as you would think. On the plus side, renting a commercial warehouse bay can be quite reasonable if you need a hobby space. Get your CCW at the local government-run office. I believe it's run by the Dept. of Agriculture. I had a completion certificate from an NRA Basic Pistol course in the application process so have something like that handy to avoid taking any courses. Krystal is a reasonable substitute for White Castle. Zaxby's is a chain I wish they had in NJ. Best of luck!
  6. I think Corey Booker has more of a chance than Murphy. Obama Part Dieux.
  7. The $10K federal deduction limit on state and local taxes (6% NJ income tax plus your property taxes) is no joke. And, Murphy wants to raise taxes even more. Crazy...
  8. Kudos on a fair and balanced article. There’s always going to be errata (even we don’t get all the facts right amongst ourselves). I’m glad she hooked up with Rosie and Ant. People need to hold their fire the next time a reporter comes around trying to do research and asking in a humble manner. Some of y’all act like sexually frustrated guys at the bar who unload their neuroses on any girl that is willing to listen to them.
  9. Lock N Load and Mail Call were great TV shows. You could tell he was a true gun guy.
  10. Don’t stop...
  11. The view a block from my new digs in FL
  12. +1 for PRO or other Aimpoint. Look at YouTube for Miculek, Vickers or Hickok45 running Tavors to get ideas for sights and mount set ups.
  13. Steel City Gun Club is about a mile from EFGA. I’ve read you can join once a year at the annual meeting but they do no advertising or communication so I haven’t had luck joining although I’ve done training there.