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  1. Commando with Ahnuld... You know, the movie where everyone is firing at him full automatic but no one is hitting him?
  2. Star Tavern, Orange, NJ FTW
  3. Pro-tip: Union Pork Store. NJ institution. Weisswurst with Bavarian mustard FTW. And of course Satriale's...
  4. Not a bad price if you're looking for a drag bag for your boom stick. Only certain colors/sizes. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939171584/midwayusa-sniper-drag-bag-tactical-rifle-case Also, cool Purple Tactical Pistol Case: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/239989/midwayusa-tactical-pistol-case
  5. I'll suggest IOR Valdada First off, IOR-Valdada glass is procured from the same source as Swarovski, Khales, and Schmidt-Bender. That source (Schott) happens to be in the Zeiss family of companies. IOR-Valdada does their own grinding and polishing of the lenses, and has their own proprietary formulas for coating the lenses. Toward this end, however, the IOR lineage of the IOR-Valdada company has had longstanding, prior, technical partnership with Leitz on optical engineering and lens manufacturing. This means that they've acquired their technology and practices for lens making from one of the foremost "fathers" of the industry. The edge-to-edge clarity, light transmission, color fidelity, and overall resolution of IOR-Valdata lenses and lens systems (in weapons scopes produced within the last 10 years), are surprisingly close to the analogous products for mid-range [distance] imaging by Swarovski, Khales, and Schmidt-Bender, from the same periods of production. Where the top-end Swarovski, Schmidt-Bender and Zeiss rifle scopes clearly pull ahead and put distance between themselves and the IOR-Valdata offerings on the image quality attributes (edge-to-edge clarity, light transmission, color fidelity, and overall resolution) is at the higher levels of magnification (beyond 10x). The only major downside to the IOR-Valdada scope architecture is their heavy use of steel alloys vs. aluminum alloys in the scope bodies. This makes the IOR-Valdada scopes considerably more heavy in weight than most scopes in the same magnification class.
  6. Looking for an AR 5.56 bolt. I have the bolt carrier. I'm not particular on make. Just looking for bolt only and not the entire BCG Also, looking for magazines for an Hi Power Let me know what you have and price. I'm in NNJ near Summit.
  7. Good luck. I did a Light but need to work my way up to a Tough. Great event either way. Let us know the AAR.
  8. Also, take a look at IOR Valdada scopes if you can. Under the radar but considered by many in the know to be the best bang for the buck.
  9. I've never seen so many haters and keyboard commandos in one place. I don't begrudge people for their commercial success or ability to obtain a CCW. Or, blame any pro-2A person or group for not having CCW in this state. But, I've seen that behavior here. It must be a NJ thing...
  10. I have a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP and the eye box is a bit picky. I would probably go with a Nightforce or Razr if I had to do it all over again and go lower on magnification. When shooting precision out to 1,050 yards, I usually only go up to 16-17x max for wider field of view to call the shot and at max magnification the reticle bounces all over the place. I've heard mixed reviews about Steiner. Some people love them and some don't care for them. I've generally only heard good things about Nightforce and S&B other than their price.
  11. Floridian here since 1998. I disagree 110% of this carpetbagger opinion. So much disinformation in this posting. Florida is and will remain a great state for gun culture and laws. Are there pockets of deep blue in the state like in South Florida or Hillsborough? Yes, but that never prevented anyone from getting a CCW or a approved Form 4 for a machine gun or suppressor. I look at the totality of gun laws, culture, and NFA friendliness. Not just one issue like "open carry" in airports. To be honest, I never understood why anyone would open carry. It makes you the first target...
  12. Here's my template: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vh8kqmvzhwp88fp/AABV5z3tmm0V7EkW5MAL4vvYa?dl=0 Dropbox is the way to go. Can encrypt and password protect the Excel file for extra protection.
  13. Already making plans to move out of state in 2018 if Murphy wins. Not worth it anymore.
  14. At least according to USSOCOM.... P.S. I'm looking for a KeyMod rail cheap PM me http://soldiersystems.net/2017/05/05/details-on-the-ussocom-sponsored-keymod-vs-m-lok-test-conducted-at-nswc-crane/