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  1. Saw this on another website for anyone who wants to up their Bullseye game. Not sure what range there is in Cedar Grove...
  2. Well, if you need an HD weapon, go big or go home...
  3. Not sure what the security is but from what I can recall, it’s a glass door and glass cases there. Smash and grab perhaps. Years ago, some guys did that at a Costco to the jewelry case in broad daylight while they were open. Brazen stuff happens. Who knows.
  4. From what I heard, the instructors took the BHT course and basically copied the course verbatim. Both outfits rent out the Mifflin County Sportsman Assoc private range there.
  5. As I see it, the options are: 1) I-80 Stroudsburg/Poconos 2) I-78 Easton/LHV 3) I-276 Trenton / Yardley The sky is the limit in terms of how far into PA you want to go, but it seems to get cheaper the farther you are from New Jermany. None is particularly appetizing commuter-wise. I-78 rush hour traffic is no joke and Trenton/NEC into NYC is helluva long ride. I'm looking at Montgomery County area since I can work from home now. I'm researching on PAFOA. As others have said, 1) Save about 3-4% on income tax (that is NOT insignificant) 2) Car insurance rates cheaper= 3) Gun club memberships seem to average $100 per year. I reluctantly just paid ~$400+ for OBRPC because I couldn't get my work hours in. I'm looking at Lower Providence Rod and Gun. New Holland RPC is close by. Also, puts me closer to Mifflin County Sportsman for a 1,000 yarder for the Ruger Precision. 4) Not sure about property taxes, but I assume they can't be worse As my accountant told me this weekend, it's not how much money you make, it's how much you take home.
  6. Why not 0-rd mags?
  7. I have all the tools/jigs that I bought used but haven’t gotten around to using yet. Let me know if interested and we can maybe work something out.
  8. I’ve heard good things about alarm.com and alarmrelay.com. SMS Security is a local guy in North Jersey I’ve heard good things about as well.
  9. I would try to price on uship
  10. I have a V1 Lite LEM BC code
  11. I had the pleasure of visiting a BA fulfillment center for work. After watching the meal kits being assembled, I think I’ll stick with ShopRite.
  12. One of the more practical intro to prepping reads I’ve seen. It’s a long read but good food for thought. http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/prep/
  13. This guy is pretty good. He's like the Asian Yeager...
  14. Don’t ask, don’t tell...
  15. For some reason I’m reminded of this scene...