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  1. Hope everyone's ammo stash was high up off the floor
  2. I distinctly remember the long lines and fights (with unreported stabbings) during the gas shortages of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Good times. Hard to believe that was almost 10 years ago. Time flies.
  3. Got this previously owned AK a number of years ago while I was in NJ but am now living in Free America. I'm not really an AK guy, so I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how this AK left-side folding stock was "permanently" fixed on this Arsenal SLR-107CR. I believe the rifle was bought at Heritage Guild and the compliance work was done there. Anybody have any ideas how these rifles were brought into compliance by the gunsmith on the folding stock? I'm comparing my rifle versus the pics on the Arsenal website and it seems the the rifle should have a button on the receiver but mine doesn't. Was there a NY/NJ compliant version of this rifle produced and/or is this a fixed stock, non-folder version? My rifle does have the 4.5mm hinge pin. Maybe I'm just being dense... Thanks in advance. https://www.arsenalinc.com/usa/slr-107cr-series.html
  4. The H&K MP5 was the STAR of this movie...
  5. The old Kimber's definitely had documented issues with their OEM mags scratching/denting the aluminum feed ramps with the follower design so I can easily see FTF issues. I got Wilson Combat 47D mags and never looked back.
  6. My suggestion is to just go through the process of getting an FID and purchasing a plain vanilla Ruger 10/22 from a local dealer and go from there. Also, talk with the guys at the class for their opinion. Good luck.
  7. I’m not really a blade guy but I’ve always wanted one of these. Plus, recent events got me upping my GHS/BOB game. $101 bones delivered from Chicago Knife Works. There are better options and values out there but it’s tacticool.
  8. Yes, you can buy the BX22 trigger. The only part you cannot buy is the receiver (the metal part with a stamped serial number) without an FID Unfortunately, the BX22 trigger group attaches to the 10/22 receiver (through pins like below) and installs onto the 10/22 stock. Not sure if the Trigger group will hold into place by itself on a stock. Good luck.
  9. By all means son, go for it. Go get it. Get yo FID. Word of advice. Gun ownership can end up being largely about the accumulation of things and spending $$. I used to say “$XX for a piece of plastic/metal?” all the time (especially anything sight/optics/H&K related). Sky is the limit for tricking out a 10/22. Tech Sights, Auto Bolt Release, buffer, Volquartsen/Kidd, sling hardware, etc.
  10. I have a 10/22 stock I used to dry fire practice with for Appleseed. You can buy a practice/demo trigger for it and lay an inexpensive laser pointer along where the barrel is supposed to go to practice your NPOA and trigger control against a scaled down target square. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143357126291
  11. Hope that is NJ Legal and you have the necessary FID and permits.
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