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  1. Nope. Just moved to Florida. Had the can waiting for me. Picked up a Glock 21SF host here (met a guy in a Waffle House parking lot).
  2. Nice. Based on flashlight position, I’m guessing you shoot lefty....
  3. Anyone else thinking about entering for one? On one hand, it would be cool to have a USGI marked Remington Rand 1911. On the other hand, $1K can buy alot of gun. Also, thinking I can't really lose money if they are being lotteried and I decide to sell if I happen to win... CMP 1911 ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL OCTOBER 4TH!! http://thecmp.org/cmp_sales/1911-information/
  4. There should be decent discounts on SIRTs if you’re a certified NRA Instructor
  5. eBay
  6. Garands love grease. AR’s like to run “wet”.
  7. Wow. It’s bad enough they don’t want you to have the right to self defense. Now, they don’t even want you to have insurance and legal protection. https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/08/murphy_investigating_nra-sponsored_firearm_insuran.html Murphy investigating NRA-branded firearm insurance that critics call 'murder' coverage Updated 8:06 PM; Posted 8:03 PM New Jersey is investigating a National Rifle Association-branded firearms insurance product sold in the state, which gun control advocates have derisively called "murder insurance," the state Department of Banking and Insurance announced Tuesday night. Insurance regulators are examining the business practices of Lockton Affinity, LLC of Kansas "for potential violations related to the marketing and sale of NRA-sponsored insurance under the Carry Guard Program, Banking and Insurance Commissioner Marlene Caride said in a statement. The NRA is not licensed to sell insurance in New Jersey, Caride's statement said. A spokesman for Lockton could not be reached for comment. The department is also examining Chicago-based Illinois Union, a member of the Chubb group, "for potential violations in its role as the underwriter of the insurance product," Caride's statement said. In May, New York fined Lockton $7 million for unlawfully selling the liability coverage to 680 gun owners facing criminal charges involving their guns, according to a Bloomberg report. On Aug. 6, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wrote a letter to other governors alerting them to the insurance product and offering assistance on how to investigate the companies involved. https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/08/murphy_investigating_nra-sponsored_firearm_insuran.html
  8. He didn’t want to scuff up the barrel of his $15K Krieghoff or Perazzi shotty...
  9. This is why I black out serial numbers on the photos of my guns
  10. I’m going to comply ... ... by moving to Florida
  11. Kennedy or Crown FTW
  12. I’ve used www.hondaautomotiveparts.com (Majestic Honda of RI) for years. Also cross check with eBay.
  13. I always keep a Honda Accord as a beater. Current one has 238K trouble free miles. Previous one had 225K and lasted 24 years. It helps to be able to do your own maintenance and keep to the same platform (like guns). Also helps that all of the issues and fixes for the car are known, documented and available on YouTube or forums. It’s also peace of mind. Hitting a massive pothole, getting dinged by a shopping cart, scratched from road debris. No problem. Otherwise you can get neurotic on your daily commute in a nice car.