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  1. A-3676 Requires psychological evaluation and in-home inspection as prerequisite to purchase firearm. Is that every firearm you buy or just to get your firearms id card?
  2. www.blackthorneproducts.com... Hopefully this will help someone out.
  3. photo my friend took during a local parade...
  4. I would say give john a call and he could order what you want and ship it to you.
  5. Johns ordering me a tac vest next week! Cant wait!
  6. The one thing i got from john was a round plastic mil spec container that has strike anwhere matches in it, he has some cool stuff!
  7. A couple days ago I had a customer named John come into my auto parts store. We talked for a few and told me about his Military Surplus Store in Sussex NJ. Its called Platoon Army Surplus, (973-209-4750) John doesn't deal with firearms but he has everything else you can think of. Med kits, gas masks, pants, shirts, manuals, helmets, boots, etc...He also buys surplus as well. I will definitely be going back up to get some more things for my bug out bag. Here's his address go check it out! 1214 Rt. 23 Sussex NJ 07461. Just wanted to give a heads up about this place!!
  8. great! When i come in wednesday to pick up my type 53 mosin i will buy one thanks
  9. the pmag that i purchased was not from midwest i will have to check them out
  10. they have a store in nj, im not sure if they sell firearms there. Was thinking of going down next week to look around.
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