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  1. my first EDC knife was a HK Soldat (cheapest Benchmade HK made in the USA), and it has never failed me. I do have an ESEE-5 for camping, and now several EDC knives, ranging from a Kershaw Shuffle, to my current Emerson/PDW Specwar. Like was stated before, you get what you pay for, but to answer your question, yes, US made Benchmades, in my experience, are solid.
  2. Welcome from a fellow Scotch Plains native
  3. It's the opposite, factory 30 round blocked to accept 15 rounds. Personally, I like the 15/20's better, so the mag doesn't get in the way when I shoot from a bench. Some guys like the 15/30 better if they're running a vest in a carbine class...more surface area to pull the mag out of a pouch, not to mention more pouch options. As far as I know, until MidwestPX released his 15 round cut PMAG's, there weren't 15 round AR mags, i could be wrong about the, I've never done much looking for a 15 round mag, when 15/20s and 15/30s are readily available. Also, I've never had anyone question me when I use 15/20 or 15/30 at Cherry Ridge, Gun For Hire, and RTSP.
  4. spanky

    salient arms mk25

    Serrations=better grip
  5. Have had my MK25 for about 1.5 years, about 2K rounds down the pipe. I love it, but I can't see it with the SRT. I love shooting outside in the cold, and the M11 with SRT is just too "jumpy" with gloves, so I can't imagine it's any better in the MK25. To each their own.
  6. Never ordered something online, always in person, but they've always gone above and beyond.
  7. spanky


    I have, that's how I know mine work, in theory.
  8. spanky


    Faraday cages aren't as hard to build as people think. Lined metal trash can, lined ammo can, heavy duty tin foil and conductive tape around a shoe box, etc... I have a few electronics in small containers, because how could it hurt if SHTF.
  9. Cool idea, much like the reactive trigger in Tippman paintball markers, but I'm not sure it's $500 cool.
  10. Other than gardening and training, the only self sufficiency around my area is stocking up. We have a small water source nearby, but rather be safe than sorry. A good friend of mine just bought land in a free state, and granted me access to it whenever I want, so I'll definitely be taking advantage of that.
  11. Simple enough, what do you hope to accomplish this year? I tried to keep mine realistic for my budget and lifestyle. Quit smoking (11 days nicotine free so far) Work out more (6 days in, sore as hell, but feeling good. Sunday is rest day) Increase food stores to at least 3 months 55 gal water drum for rain water Camp at least 6 times, including 1 mock bug out with my BOB Hike more Re-organize GHB, BOB, & INCH bag Larger garden harvest Firearm related: Get to the range more Get a dedicated BOB/INCH pistol Get another 223 upper
  12. I have the hand guard on my POF done. The only spot it shows any signs of wear are the single rail section where I would mount/unmount my old Surefire foregrip.
  13. spanky

    Other Gear

    Some paracord, zip ties, duct/gorilla tape, multi tool, lit source, and small FAK are also good to have (I'm sure that was part of the "etc").
  14. I have a buddy, a Marine, that keeps a small teddy bear in his pack. Whatever keeps you from losing it.
  15. spanky

    Cheap preps

    I know quite a few people, whether they're new to prepping, younger and can't afford much yet, or just going through some hard times, that want to prep, but have this notion that you have to be an eclectic millionaire, or have your own farm to prep. It's not all about 5.11 packs, plate carriers, aquaponics, and decommissioned cylo's. I know I'm mostly preaching to the choir here, and this can go against the "buy once, cry once" mindset that most of us have, but here are a few things I picked up when I was new to prepping. LA Police Gear have a good "bang for the buck" house brand. I have 3 of their bags, and 3 pairs of their pants. The bags now serve camping, range, and GHB(get home bag) duty, and 2 of the 3 pairs of pants have kept up with a pair of 5.11 pants I got around the same time. 1 pair arrived "off", and I should have returned them, but I didn't. My fault. Harbor Freight have cheap tools, including tarps, knives, rope, etc... Of course deals can be found at Target, Costco, Walmart, and any number of stores that one may not associate with prepping. Most importantly, practice with your new toys. Scoring a $250 tent from REI for $150 is only great if you know how to set it up. Again, 99% of you will know this, this is for the other guys. Please add any tips, tricks, or even cheap alternative items (ie-home made MRE's instead of store bought).
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