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  1. I think you're overthinking it, any case should do. Its on a firearm, it is going to get banged around. Unless its some $30 red dot, you shouldn't have to worry
  2. About 2 years ago in Evesham township, they told me it was a 6 month wait just get to an appointment to drop off paperwork for more permits
  3. Stopped in cherry hill, they allow a 2 box limit
  4. xkon

    380 vs 9mm size..

    Feet per minute eh? Didn't know I could outrun a 380 and 9mm lol. I believe you mean FPS (feet per second)
  5. Got it. Thanks again. Just out of curiousity, was this changed recently? I haven't applied for permits in awhile and all the previous times the forms for the background checks were filled out/paid for at the local PD.
  6. Thanks for the reply. When I open up the pdf the two links appear to be broken? They are abbreviated, as shown below, and do not take you to the correct address. Possibly could user error lol, but I will try googling them to get me to the right spot. https://www.njportal...riminalrecords/ http://www.icpsr.umi...RIs/NJoris.html
  7. So I need to change my FID address/apply for more permits and went to my local PD, Gloucester County. They informed me that it is now being run by the NJSP and I need to go to their website and pay them the $18 and then come back to them with one form filled out and meet with the Chief. I tried looking on the NJSP website and cannot find anything regarding this. It is possible I overlooked something on the site, but if anyone can be of assistance I would appreciate it.
  8. Pistol powder has been hard to find so I thought I'd post this. Powder valley currently has Hogdon HS6 powder in stock
  9. xkon

    New build

    Brownell's had it on sale. Looks like it still is http://www.brownells.com/optics-mounting/scopes/rifle-scopes/ar-15-m16-m-223-scopes-prod54670.aspx?avs|Manufacturer_1=NIKON. BDC reticle is OOS though. I also used the coupon code SSS (dont know if its still valid) and got an additional 10% off of it and the mount
  10. xkon

    New build

    Ended up getting a nikon M223 4-16x. It was on sale for a great price so I figured might as well. Here is a pic of it next to my 14.5 lightweight build. The weight difference between the two is huge, but being a dedicated range gun thats not an issue. While I haven't tested the scope out down range yet, just looking through it the clarity is amazing.
  11. xkon

    Glock 20sf

    Yes it does qualify for blue label discount
  12. xkon

    Glock 20sf

    youll love it. 10mm rocks
  13. xkon

    New build

    good enough to see the bullet holes at 300?
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