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  1. Hey ya'll......I've had my .38 Super for a few years now (as you can see in my avatar), actually it was my first (and so far only) 1911 purchase. I just loved everything about that caliber since I first started my research on 1911's and found out about them when I was a newbie at this (still am pretty much). I'm just curious, I'm seeing alot of it seems, resurgence in interest in the .38 Super Auto Cartridge.....is it just me or is this cartridge experiencing some kind of renaissance?
  2. Well I'm having trouble getting Brian (Dinzags) FCG to fit tightly, I can't get the BHO device to set properly without keeping loosing the spring/retainer, and I completrely butchered the Safety Selector, Brian says it can be fixed but I bought a new Bulgarian MilSurp Selector, which Brian says will leave another set of selector slash marks, but I don't care about that so much because I can always repain or Duracoat.....I've got the PG and Buttstock on, and the Hammer and FCG installed (I also bought a new Hammer Spring because I think the original lost a litttle "punch" in the reinstall) so basically, I need someone who can take out the incorrectly/stuck Selector, the FCG ansd the Hammer and reinstall them correctly with the new hammer spring, either the new selector, or by repairing the original selector, and basically just finish up what I somehow managed to butcher, eventhough I've converted 3 other Saigas before....I have no idea how this one got so far off track! Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Is there ANYONE out there that has a fair amount of experience in converting the 308 Saiga? I've got it broken down and converted over to PG, and I bought and installed the Dinzag FCG, but I Futzed up the Safety Selector (I think, Brian says its fixable) so I went out and bought another standard AK Safety selector just in case, but I've been working on this rifle for over 6 months and I've absolutely had my fill. I just need someone who has experience with installing and reassembling the Saiga-308 Fire Control Group and Safety Selector......After that the rifle will be completed, but at this point I'm ready to take a sledge to it, and could really use the assistance of someone with more patience, more technical/mechanical experience, and someone who has hopefully dealt with converting the Saiga-308 before. At this point I don't even care if the BHO device comes out or not, I just want the rifle to function (safely) like a standard PG AK-308 rifle. I'd be more than willing to compensate or trade smithwork on an AR-15 or Any milsurp rifles, ass that is my main forte. If ANYONE can help, I'm located in Central/South Jersey, not far from Trenton, right on the Burlington/Mercer County Border, and I also work 5 days a week in Ocean County, so I can bring the rifle to you if you prefer to work on it at your place at your leisure. I have no real timeframe on this, as long as someone can get it reassembled correctly in a reasonable period for a reasonable fee. I also asked Brian Smithwick for assistance, but I highly doubt he'll have the time, as helpful and kind as he is, he's already slammed with work. So, If anyone can help, please either e-mail me at NJDevil1044@comcast.net or Text/Call my cell @ 732-610-8546
  4. Go to CNCWarrior.com......they have all the barrel threading tools in one kit for about 50.00........they come with pilots so the threads are square and everything......Their kits, plus the vids they have on YouTube make it easy as pie....I've done 2 myself already, its easy.
  5. I'm located in Bordentown....Central NJ not far from Trenton, Right off the NJTP, I-295, Rt.130, and rt.206......Anyway.....I ordered and installed the deluxe Pistol Grip Mod Kit from Dinzag, and (I think) installed it correctly WITH the BHO device and all....the problem I'm having is with the Safety selector....I tried to grind the Original Saiga selector to fit the new FCG but total Fed it up....so now I ordered a new Bulgarian Straight up AK47 Safety Selector, which looks like it will clear the BHO better and be a better fit, but I think it still need some grinding, and I don't want to screw this one up to, so if anyone has converted the Saiga .308 before and could take a look, I'd be greatly appreciative. I am a gunsmith in training with the AGI courses and if theirs anything I can help with in return I'll gladly do my best. Or if you require payment, we can work something out, or work a barter out. Its not much, probably take someone whose done it and knows what their doing 20 minutes, I just don't want to screw up another safety lever and set myself back another few weeks and another 20 dollars. My cell if anyone can help and can text me, is 732-610-8546, if you wanna call, that fine, just text me first so I know whos calling when I call screen. Thanks alot guys....(and girls) -Clif If you think you can help but need to see what I'm talking about I have pics of the original selector that I screwed up the grinding on, as well as the new selector that needs minor reshaping, just ask and I can email them.....the post won't let me upload them.
  6. I just picked up a new project gun and could use a little help if anyone could lend a hand, or even some advice. The Beer/hard Cider will be on me. OR if you know how to do it really well and prefer to work alone and could do it for a fair price, I have/will be acquiring all the necessary parts, but I just acquired a Saiga .308 caliber and would like to do the full AK conversion on it, which on this rifle, main just consists of moving forward the trigger group. I have the pistol Grip and Stock I want to put on it, I'll be getting a Tapco G2 Trigger group, and eventually actual wooden AK furniture and a real AK Gas tube to do the forearm, but now, I mainly need help with moving the trigger group forward so I can put on my pistol grip and new stock. If anyone know how to do this USING THE EXISTING TRIGGER GROUP AND JUST RELOCATING IT, even better......but If anyone would care to either make a few dollars doing it for me, or hang out and show me how to do it, like I said, the Beers on me. Please email me here or at NJDevil1044@verizon.net or call me at 732-610-8546. Thanks all......Its not that I couldn't do this myself with the help of Youtube, but I just thought it's be cool to meet someone else who enjoys tinkering with guns and making projects out of them like I do. I just moved to the Cental/South Jersey Area from the Coast and would like to meet some like minded people to hang out with. Thanks all.
  7. New andUsed Polymer CAA and B-Mags (Aluminum) were all over and priced fair.....AK mags were way overpriced though, except one guy had them 2 for 25, but only one small used box of em....otherwise, just picked up a few mags and left, was a nice reason to leave the house though......Considering going to the Philly Armory show, it's today also. Anyone been there?
  8. I have a few Tap & Die sets, but I can't seem to find a 1/2 x 28 tpi threader in any of the sets. I was wondering if anyone out there had one and would be willing to just assist me in threading the end of my new Mossberg MVP to add a Yankee Hill Phantom break on it. In addition to not having the correct die, I also don't have much, or any really, experience in threading, and I'd hate to learn on my new MVP, through I understand its not at all difficult, I'm just sure the nerves would kick in. If you need it I would be more than willing to comensate you for you assistance, throw you some rounds or a few dollars if you needed/wanted, or help you out if you have any electronics/computer issues that need looking into, I just really want to get this break on there, I think it would really complete the rifle. I appreciate anyone who has the tools, skills, and could offer me the assistance. I live in Burlington County / Central Jersey not far from Trenton but willing to travel. Thanks so much to all who read this and anyone who could possibly assist me.
  9. Welcome.....everyone was a noob at some point......and I know eventhough I've been at this a few years, I still don't know 1/10th of what I want to learn, let alone 1/1000th of ALL there is to learn. So, welcome.
  10. I don't think anyone here would think you to be price gouging if you asked 650.00 for it.....no matter what YOU paid, its still a Mini and bet even set up as it is, it'd sell in a heartbeat.
  11. Well I've already got my bases covered with the .308 platform, both in tactical Bolt Action and in battle rifle......PTR-91....(yes, NJ Legal version) which is much mess finicky (in my experience) on the .308 than the AR platform......this is why I wanted the "Thumper" in .450/.458/.50...........Ah...decisions, decisions....
  12. But of course.......I'm always happy to share my toys with fellow members. I wish I knew someone with ANY ONE of these so I could personally field test them myself. AS far as having a tool, I'm pretty happy with my "completeness" (is that a word) in my ability to outfit all my ar's in 5.56 for whatever be the tactical/hunting need. If I had 20K to spare, I most DEFINATELY would be shouldering a Macmillan Tac-50 or a Barrett, but, I also like the idea of having the heavy hitting caliber of the Fifty (or .450/458) in a platform that doesn't weigh 30 lbs and can utilize standard AR mags (even if I just have to replace the follower as with the 450 Bushmaster).......Man it is a TOUGH decision!
  13. I found this in a lot of old firearms pieces / collectibles that my grandfather had and I was wondering if ANYONE KNEW ANYTING about what this would be / was used on / for??? Would it be collectible or of value to anyone, perhaps someone who does restorations (of what I have no idea!).....Here's the pic: http://s1053.photobucket.com/user/njdevil1044/media/OldScope1.jpg.html Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.
  14. Hello all. I'm thinking of putting together as my next project, a heavy caliber or "Thumper" (to borrow Col. Jeff Coopers Terminology) AR-15 Variant rifle. In doing so, I am debating / weighing the pros and cons of the 3 heaviest calibers available for the AR platform, those being the .50 Beowulf by Alexander Arms, the .450 Bushmaster (by Bushmaster, obviously) and, the .458 SOCOM. I would like for any/all of you to share both your thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. on these three calibers, both the pros and cons of both. Also, any experiences / opinions / knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of each options in as far as concerns: 1. cost of upper 2. cost and availability of ammo 3. ballistic performance 4.special mag needed or standard AR, and anything else that may be pertinent when considering between the three. I would like to put out there that, while by NO MEANS would I consider myself a skilled handloader, I am set-up to handload, I have all the basic equipment, only I have not found the space or time required, as of yet, to begin actually handloading my own ammunition, as I am still reading books, watching instructional videos, and building as much of a knowledge base as possible, before I actually, physically begin to process and produce live ammunition. But I do know that when dealing with calibers such as these, having the ability to handload would be a major consideration, and I do have / will have that ability (soon). So, there it is.....the .50 Beowulf vs. the .450 Bushmaster vs. the .458 SOCOM......what would you choose and why? What are your experiences and impressions if you have any, and, what advice as far as which direction to proceed would you offer? Thanks to everyone in advance for any help, information, stories, experiences, and knowledge they can share in helping me make my decision.
  15. Looking for someone who knows how to asssemble and AMD65 Rifle from a parts kit I acquired. I know its pretty much the same as with an AKM, so if anyone could help me with this, I'd be happy to give a reasonable fee. Please let me know if anyone has experience with this. Thanks.
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