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  1. https://www.nj.com/hudson/2020/10/68-year-old-jersey-city-man-stabbed-during-argument-police.html
  2. They used to be sold in some hardware stores with no serial numbers...
  3. This is the state. They won't do what's actually do the most modern or efficient thing. You'll get notified by your P.D. to come pick up. At that time, you'll need to pay.
  4. When you get your own parking spot outside the P.D. like @Pizza Bob has, then you're a frequent flyer.
  5. I actually prefer next day chili. I feel that the flavor gets better.
  6. Will that help stop the non-lawful procurement of firearms in Trenton, Newark, etc.?
  7. "Remington Arms, oldest U.S. gunmaker, to lay off 585 employees in New York, union says" https://www.yahoo.com/news/remington-arms-oldest-u-gunmaker-125728528.html ------ I don't get it. Americans have been buying up guns like crazy lately and they're going to shut down a factory?
  8. Good luck finding stuff in stock these days. Hopefully this will clear up come the new year.
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