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  1. So where exactly does one find a brand new Crown Victoria these days? LOL
  2. I have an FOP shield in my front window, a metal "property of the bearer" family member PBA card from my father, a stack of various PBA, FOP and NJSOA cards from family and friends both employed and retired from a number of different agencies here in NJ. I got pulled over once in the last five years and got a ticket, so I'm going to say donating gets you nothing more than a receipt that says you donated. LOL
  3. I was originally thinking more like it's about time they noticed!
  4. It has been posted here before. Now someone needs to make a video of the minutemen at Lexington and Concord standing with their muskets fighting a full frontal assault from modern British infantry armed with modern arms like SA80s and Mininis to put this in its proper perspective.
  5. Finally someone gets what I'm saying, only took what 12 posts! LOL
  6. And they were not always obsessed with undermining the true intent of the Second Amendment.
  7. This has been around for a very long time. A new hat and new underwear are in order. This could have been very bad and shows why experienced people tell you to leave your gun pointed down range on a misfire.
  8. He said "sorry, I'm just going to go now" and she threatened to blow his head off if he moved before the police got there. Personally I'm fine with that, play stupid games, win stupid prizes, but I'll bet she'd have a problem if she did this in NJ.
  9. So what do you think? If she resided in this backward ass gun-free utopia, what would she have been charged with? Brandishing, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint? Then I guess they could start lumping all the add-ons like hollow points, crime with a firearm and terroristic threats. Further proof this state is broken beyond repair, she'd be in jail and her kids would be wards of the state. Homeowner Tells Burglar: ‘If You Move, You’re Gonna Go to the Morgue’
  10. LOL don't feel bad, I got my "demerit" for responding to some assclown's condescending remark to me... Go figure?
  11. And that is exactly the problem. Want to talk about any stupid issue unrelated to guns? Sure, no problem, pick your topic: So what do you drive? Your favorite Underwear Brands Don't pee behind this shop 1/16 Scale RC Tanks? What kind of powder do you use in this weather? The Cicadas Are Coming! Live in district 33 and want to do something about the problem? Sorry, we couldn't find that! District 33 - This topic has been moved!
  12. So there are some problems with this. I know you think we should all be singing kum ba yah in one big diverse gun owning cabal but there is one glaring problem. Just about everyone living in NJ that owns a gun agrees; the laws are over bearing and don't just simply infringe upon our rights, they blatantly impede, prevent and penalize the free exercise of this right. The current state of our rights to own weapons for self-protection and the very concept of the right to defend life, liberty and property here in NJ have been eroded by generations of an ignorant electorate that has empowered subsequent generations of ignorant politicians and judges to trample those rights. I don't care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, in this state you are either hard left or moderately left, there is no right to speak of here any longer. The common problems we experience here with gun laws do not exist in a microcosm, they are not an anomaly in an otherwise free society, they are indicative of an authoritarian mindset that has manifested itself in the soft tyranny we find ourselves living with today. So the lack of interest to discuss politics here for fear of insulting someone leaves us nothing more than a venue to simply piss, **** and moan about the problems inherent with living in a leftist, statist, totalitarian oligarchy without a forum to address the underlying root causes and mind-sets that got us and keep us here. SO when you say: this is NOT a place to air your hatred for liberals... this is NOT a place to spew vial comments about law enforcement.... this is NOT a place to insult others with vast negative generalizations... It is about the manifestations of liberal, progressive and socialist policies. It is about the enforcement arm of the government complicit in preventing you from the free exercise of you rights. It is about trying to explain the root causes of the totalitarian system of government we are struggling to deal with today and if you somehow feel all butt-hurt over what someone says you might just be part of the problem. So in short, I will reiterate, we are where we are because of the politics that got us here, the inability to address the politics that got us here leaves us with our collective thumbs up our asses with nothing more than a forum to whine about our current situation. And just for the record, I am more of a Constitutionalist/Libertarian than a Republican, I tend to hold my nose with one hand while I vote Republican with the other.
  13. I kind of hope this turns out to be a full-on frontal assault on the NJ AWB. This guy was in his home minding his own business when the police entered his house unannounced and without a warrant. According to Heller, McDonald and Miller, if one can prove the weapons and magazines are "in common use" it should put all these types of BS feel-good, do-nothing laws to bed once and for all. I'll be praying for you guys...
  14. I thought about this, has anyone filed for a OGAM exemption predicated upon the fact that the NICs is so screwed and their permit expiration times are running past the NICs approvals? I know several people now that have been burnt by expiring permits while waiting for their NICs approvals.
  15. Should have shot him through the door with a double barrel shotgun like Ol' Joe Biden told us to.
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