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  1. New Jersey - BOHICA! Bend Over, Here It Comes Again!
  2. Inexpensive Wranglers are either high-mileage daily-drivers or beat-to-hell heaps. If you buy a better Jeep, even if it costs you more, It will pay you back with longevity. Even the base model wranglers are surprisingly good (fun) in the dirt. Tires and lifts are common upgrades. Wranglers are like AR's and Lego's, you can build them a million different ways. If you are towing, than check the gear ratio. A numerically higher gear ratio will tow much better than the standard gearing will. 4-DOOR WRANGLERS ROCK!
  3. If you like it now, just wait till football season! I also have a Panasonic Viera 42. Plasmas actually track fast action better than a lot of lcd TV's do. The only negative is they can throw off a lot of heat. Mine's in our bedroom and in the summer it warms the room noticeably.
  4. In Jackson, Capt. Wagner is the man to speak to regarding your FPID paperwork. Nice Guy, But from what I understand, it's Chief Kunz whose the bottleneck in the process. He only signs a handful of documents a week. I got permits last year and waited almost 6 months and when I applied for more P2P in Jan. I waited another 4 months. And this being a township resident for over 20 years. They will NEVER get rid of their backlog while Kunz is in charge. He doesn't give a damn about us.
  5. It took more than 20 years to get my wife to pick up a gun. Now she owns two! Half your stuff or half your gun budget!
  6. Last time I was in Cheyenne Mtn. they had a few Rossi 92's, A 20" 357 with an octagonal barrel and 3 16" carbine's in 357,44 mag., and 45LC. They looked sweet.
  7. I've seen one. The only comment I have is the folding stock needs to be fixed for it to be NJ legal, but the bolt carrier is removed through the rear of the receiver so you cant break it down for cleaning and have it be NJ compliant at the same time.
  8. I got my AR as a big " F.U." to Attorney General Eric Holder. He smuggles guns to Mexican drug cartels but says We " 'Mericans " can't be trusted with them. " and the horse you rode in on! "
  9. Don't forget the N frame magnums! I have both a 6" 66 and a 4" 28 ( Highway Patrolman). Love the 28! You will NEVER shoot an N frame loose. It's a tank! The extra weight tames more recoil.
  10. Looks just like my S&W SW1911SC ( which I LOVE!) A real step up from the entry level 1911's. Also, look at the STI Ranger IV.
  11. Rock Island even makes a 1911 kit with slides for both 45 and 22 for under $700.
  12. I scored the last box of federal 22. @ 6:10pm
  13. I call B.S.- Christie just had lap band surgery. He can't "gorge" on anything.
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