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  1. 1. Application type (FID/permit w/ existing FID).FID w/ 3 P2P (initially only 1) 2. Police Department where you applied. Spotswood 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD. Cheryl (in records department. Never spoke with an officer) 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit. 2 weeks 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form). Walked in with my filled out forms and was asked if I filled out the Juvenile records form. I said I only filled out what was from the state so they handed me a form which I think asked me to state that there were not any juvenile records which had NOT been expunged. Double negative, I know, but I'm pretty sure that's what it asked. 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process (unforeseen difficulties, chief of police calling your home, you hiring an attorney, etc.). I dropped the forms on the 19th and paid $7 at the time. Couldn't schedule fingerprinting till the 26th. I realized I had initially asked for only 1 P2P so I stopped by the PD on the morning of the 26th and they had no problem upping it to 3 permits and taking another $4. One reference said they mailed back their form on the 28th, not sure about the other. Got a call this morning saying my FID and permits were ready.
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