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  1. Very true. You have to go to a real distributer to get the good stuff. The stuff from the box stores are just rebranded knock-offs with licensed names. For occasional use, however, they'll probably work fine.
  2. The OP gave two choices, AR or Lever. Leave your other guns home and answer the question.
  3. As far as reliability, the last time I was at the range three weeks ago my Marlin jammed twice, not typical but they're not jam proof.
  4. AR, no contest. And I love levers. But c'mon. You can easily use an AR at 300 yards even with iron sights. At extended ranges, you'll pick off your lever action buddy before he even figures out his hold over.
  5. There's no law that says you "can't" examine the paper bag that a wino is drinking from either. It because of probable cause that it's not done.
  6. The thing is I don't think that's legal. You have to let people know they're being watched, hence the signs about radar from planes. I don't think those signs are a courtesy. Without them tickets wouldn't hold up in court.
  7. I thought speed traps were a form of entrapment? Isn't that why they put up signs saying speed enforced by radar/aircraft and such. You're not allowed to park a cruiser behind an obstruction to catch speeders but they have to be visible? I believe my mom used this argument in court to get out of a ticket on rt. 17. It came down to her and the officer debating how far down the road he could be seen.
  8. A Marlin 30-30 with Ballard rifling? You could sell it for $350 tomorrow.
  9. Both Dunklebergers and Adams hardware in PA
  10. I don't see the point in getting a 22 if you want a centerfire. Buy what you want first. .308 is a popular size to start with. .270 is a good caliber which really responds to hand loading. But for a beginner centerfire shooter who would like to use the gun for target/hunting, I'd recommend the 308. It's hard to beat the product that Savage is putting out in centerfire, nowadays. Very accurate right out of the box with the accustock and accutrigger. Something like the Savage16/116FCSS or the 10FCM Scout which is sold as an LE model but you can shoot as soon as you get it because it comes with ghost rings. http://www.savagearms.com/firearms/models/
  11. The Japan made Winchesters are the bees knees when it comes to pistol caliber lever guns. Pick one up and you'll see why. The Ubertis are nice. The Rossis are good after you sand down all the rough edges. Seriously, they're like an unfinished product. I wouldn't buy one. Remlins are okay now. The ones produced just after the takeover are hit or miss, mostly miss. If you find one, check it for function. If it works, it works. A lot of people shoot them everyday.
  12. Before you commit to the Remington, check out the offerings from Savage. They're selling an amazing product at good prices. The Accutrigger is great. I have an old Rem 700 which I love but the modern Savages can't be beat for value.
  13. A good reason to split lanes is because most bikes are air-cooled. When I had my Harley, if I got stuck in traffic too long, I couldn't shift the thing. The heat makes the parts expand and go out of alignment. Why people get po'ed because I'm trying to keep moving between lanes is beyond me. Plus, I don't have AC on a bike. I'm sitting there in protective gear on top of a hot engine sweating my cajones off while you're sitting in your car with the AC on listening to Rudy Vallee and you get mad at me because I'm trying to move along. What the kid said.
  14. Part number 2018T2 at McMaster Carr. Lacquer based paint markers. I've used them.
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