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  1. Yes, the FID and premits will still come in handy. I will be buying myself a new Christmas present.
  2. Thanks Lorenzo. The FAQ answered some of the remaining questions I had. The transportation laws are similiar to non-CCW holders in Michigan. The good news is all the hand guns I have I can bring. I can live with the 15 round mag limit but oh how fun a Glock 17 can be with the 33 rounders!
  3. Thanks (from one car guy to another)
  4. I've shot IDPA with both G17 and G19. I fould the G19 a little quicker/easier to draw. Not that the G17 is bad but I think the slightly lighter G19 has it's advantage for me.
  5. I have a G17, G19, and G26 gen 3 models. I don't like the G26 too much without the pinky extension for the floorplate on the magazine. I would recommend the G19 as I think it's a better all-around size. It fully fits in my hand and has a better sight radius.
  6. Hey All, Glad to have found this forum. Thanks to all who have already answered my questions about handguns in NJ. If anyone has suggestions for gun shops and ranges in Morris county I'm interested in hearing what's around.
  7. Haha. No, but I did get a pretty good job out here. Other than the "may issue" status of New Jersey making it impossible to transfer my CCW licence, everything I own (with the exception of the 15+ round mags) is legit to have here. It isn't as bad as I thought.
  8. Thanks for the quick answers guys! I guess I was expecting some hoops to jump through regarding bringing the handdguns. Just to be clear, there isn't any kind of NJ state issued paperwork I would need to prove the handguns are "mine" and legally obtained (e.g. driving to a shooting range and gettting pulled over)? The reason I ask is because in Michigan you get a "Safety Inspection" certificate with each handgun (almost like having a car title for each car you own). Well, I guess if I have some premits coming it will give me an excuse to buy something new in New Jersey! Any gun shop recommendations in or around Morris County?
  9. Hi All- Moved from MI to Parsippany, NJ. I've recienty submitted my paperwork for my NJ Firearms Purcharser ID and Handgun permits. I have some questions about the whole process, mostly to do with bringing handguns already owned: 1) I applied to get the handgun permits, however, I am not buying any handguns but only bringing handguns I already own from MI. Do I need one handgun premit for every handgun? Does the 1 handgun every 30 days rule apply to handguns I already own? Are you required to take handguns purchased as a resident of another state into the PD for regresration? 2) I'm aware of the 15 shot magazine rule in New Jersey. I have a Glock 17 that takes 17 round magazines. Could I bring the Glock 17 if I only brought into NJ 10 round magazines for it? Any guidance from people who have previously lived in other states and brought handguns in is very appreciated!
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