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  1. I picked up a brand new KS7 locally for $515 and also passed on a like new KSG for $600 in February. The rail on the KSG seemed a bit frail compared to the beefier carry handle/sight rail on my KS7. Call around and get on "the list" if that's what it takes.
  2. CB shorts are a blast - and really quiet when shot from a rifle.
  3. Only $12.95 https://www.opticsplanet.com/radical-firearms-zero-impulse-muzzle-brake.html
  4. I had a C&R. Legally worthless in NJ. except possible discounts from a few vendors like posted before. If anything worth while changes in the future I will re-apply. The last thing you want to do is get one and abuse it with illegal transfers with unknowing buyers or sellers.
  5. Looks like a Belgian gun to me too. No name stamped in the rib? I have one labeled "Coleman" that's really hard to see.
  6. SJ ED

    Why an AR?

    Great topic - After owning and shooting pumps, levers, semi's and single shots all my life I bought a slightly used AR 5 years ago and "built" another a couple years ago. Just an extension of my shooting and tinkering interests for me plus they're just plain fun to shoot! And, because of its inherent reliability, lightness, compactness and acceptable accuracy and ballistics, It's a great run and gun rig if you ever need one.
  7. Sorry. Brain fart. I was thinking LOWERS!
  8. Only $7.96 shipping to my zip. But the transfer will bring it right up to what I paid for my last Anderson over the counter a few months ago - $75+NICS+tax was $100 even. Unless you can get a deal on the transfer.
  9. I just put a 10 inch ALG slim M lok on my AR and it was only $100 shipped. Quality piece and easy install too! http://algdefense.com/ergonomic-modular-rail-v1-m-lok.html
  10. I haven't tried one from BK yet but I got my fill of 2 for 59 cents Nate's hot dogs on the Wildwood boardwalk when I was a kid!
  11. I used anti-seize today when I swapped my quad rail for a slim hand guard..
  12. My SR22 is a nice reliable little gun but the trigger is pretty awful. I put a Laserlyte on mine and it's a fun shooter.
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