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  1. tinman22

    Ham radio

    There are several repeaters that are active between nwnj and NYC area. Wa3mdp in Bangor PA,k2gg in Mount Olive,w2li I think is union area are all active. W2lv in Branchville doesn't quite cover rte 80 since it it up near the Sussex fair grounds.
  2. tinman22

    Ham radio

    haha. not likely.
  3. tinman22

    Ham radio

    Lol Sid is the head VE for the license testing
  4. tinman22

    Ham radio

    I was operating split rock k2gg between 11 and 3 am. I contacted an operator at w2lv around 12 or 1. Don't think it was you though since they said to tell Sid hi
  5. tinman22

    Ham radio

    hey Angelo, I got a little busy and didn't get to check forums . I was at split rock station for set up Saturday then came back to operate from 11 30 pm till about 3 30 am. WTF is a little south i'm guessing for us, but Cecil would have been able to hit up Matamoris, Sussex, or split rock.maybe next year we can plan a little better for newer guys looking to participate and find a location where some can meet and not feel like a total stranger. hope those that participated had fun
  6. tinman22

    Ham radio

    I have a couple but dont really use them. also have a meter. i'm in nw nj if your anywhere close i'd be willing to help tune up the antenna
  7. tinman22

    Ham radio

    Excellent w2mc. I appreciate the info. So far it seems to work. Got a 40m wire up and caught my trans.issio. On sender last night but the band went long shortly after that. tuned swr this morning. Hope to test it again later today or tonight. Now to hunt down a tuner and some accessories to expand my band options
  8. The few shops out my way aren't huge but have some things are red dot firearms in Stanhope,andover hunt and fish ( formerly yoj) in Andover, Simon Peter in Andover, and skylands sport shop in Augusta. I haven't been in red dot in a long time. But the others do have some accessories
  9. tinman22

    Ham radio

    I appreciate the confidence. Looks like it needs a little TLC and I'll ha e to in modify it since someone put 11m in it. Other than that it looks to be functioning. Maybe I'll get to catch some of you southern operators when I get up and running. Got some wire In The garage maybe I can toss together an inverted V this weekend and get operating
  10. tinman22

    Ham radio

    Well file is too big. So angway it's. Kenwood ts-430s and powersupply
  11. tinman22

    Ham radio

    Well it's been a while since this thread saw some action so I'll fire it up. Took my general exam 2 weeks ago while vacationing in Colorado and passed. This morning I received my email for my official license upgrade. did an equipment swap with a gent In Michigan and this afternoon. This showed up. Now it should get interesting, time to build an antenna or 2
  12. If your into hiking there's a park in Loveland I think it's called devils back bone. Some nice views out there. For horseback riding there's sombrero stables in Estes park and in Loveland there's a place right on 34 before you get up by the big Thompson river heading to Estes park. I'll be out that way first week of September visiting with the girlfriends parents in Estes park
  13. Well you could make the 206 north run. Start with red dot in Stanhope. Then Andover hunt and fish then Simon Peter and last is Skylands up in Augusta by the police barracks.
  14. i'm not a ford guy but I know those 6.0s have had issues with injector " stickshon" and ficm and hpop issues. my thoughts would be check and make sure the injectors and associated parts are working electrically. then go for mechanical issues. not sure if you can check flow rates on the 6.0 injectors while in the truck but if you can that may help lead to an answer. if it was a duramax I could help better, but i'm just not up on the power strokes
  15. I think he could program that frequency if he sets the radio for 2.5hz step. Then enter the 6 digit frequency 2.5 lower and then use the channel up button once and it should put him. On target. Not sure I'm explaining it right but I'm pretty sure it could be done. It just won't show the 50 on the screen
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