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  1. Nice looking packs. A few different styles too. Here is a link for anyone who is interested. http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.do?search_query=SOG+Barrage&ic=16_0&Find=Find&search_constraint=0 (Hope the link works!)
  2. I placed an order about a half hour ago. It accepts it, but then they send you a backorder notice.
  3. $5 shipping with Club Visa and code clubfive
  4. got some. thanks. $5 shipping with club visa and code clubfive
  5. they also have 20 round boxes for 8.99 limit 5 http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/search_catalog_command.cmd?form_state=cqoItemSearchForm&item1=Fd-214630&item2=&item3=&item4=&item5=&item6=&item7=&item8=&item9=&item10=&x=46&y=5&WTz_l=CQO&rid=11&WT.mc_id=cj1122587&WT.tsrc=AFF
  6. Cabelas 300, 600 or 1200 rounds. Free dry box. http://www.cabelas.c...587&WT.tsrc=AFF edit:223 OOPS
  7. Ouch. What they lack in price, they make up for in thier lightning fast shipping and award winning customer service.
  8. Glad you guys were able to get a few. I am surprised they have lasted this long.
  9. C Products Defense Magazine AR-15 223 Remington 10-Round with Orange Anti-Tilt Follower Stainless Steel Black Limit 2 In Stock as of 12:33 http://www.midwayusa.com/product/988459/c-products-defense-magazine-ar-15-223-remington-10-round-with-orange-anti-tilt-follower-stainless-steel-black
  10. Good to know for the future and thanks for the offer. I ended up ordering them from Windham Weaponry, so hopefully they will be here soon. I tried calling the company dman2112 recommended but the phone was always busy.
  11. They had Tula 9mm too. Got an error they wouldnt ship handgun ammo to NJ.
  12. Yeah. I should have researched that more. Live and learn I suppose.
  13. Thanks. Will check them out. Haven't been able to find anything locally.
  14. First AR build and took it to Range 14. It would fire but would not cycle to eject and reload. Got it home and realized the gas key was loose (AR-Stoner Bolt Carrier Assembly). Did some research and saw recommendations to stake and others to torque it to 35-40 lbs with red toctite. Decide to torque it. However, when i tried to torque it (starting at only 20lbs) one of the screws sheared off. The scre broke high enough I was able to back it out with a pair of pliers. Anyway, now looking for replacement screws. Anyone know some place close to Jackson, where I can pick up replacement screws? Thanks Mike
  15. Just throwing it out there, If anyone in Central NJ wants to pick up the 1k .223 and do a split, I would be up for it.
  16. I just called Brick. They are out of the 1k packs, no 100 round packs. Still have 20 round boxes for $10 each.
  17. No Worries. Thanks for posting anyway.
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