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  1. I'm working , going to miss another one ... This sucks
  2. Pretty easy process , renewed my hunters license Jan 2 all set . And yes I use to go often enough in the past that I have seen them check and have been checked myself. Do your part and pay the fee. Cheapest 22 and clay range around.
  3. Agree I guess I would hope the alarm and dog would provide a level of awareness...
  4. Thanks everyone, always interested to see how we all prepare for HD. I have a tiered approach , alarm, a horny puggle who would hump an intruder to submission and a Remington.
  5. I'm sure the owner would be when they are beat buy a $300 mossberg...(yes I went there), and I doubt they would let everyone finger fondle it...lol....
  6. What can that do a 2k over and under can't do... It's the Indian not the arrow...unless you have a good amount of money to spend at will .
  7. I have the 686 and you cannot go wrong with it. I would save up as you will eventually get a B gun
  8. Wasn't sure if the issue was they couldn't find them or why they were being checked at the range.
  9. https://www.44mag.com/product/736/smith_and_wesson Does this work ?
  10. My card number was stolen twice . First time the individual went to short hills and made a purchase at tiffanys for 4k and then went to apple store and tried to make a purchase for 14k but my credit card will not process any walmart apple target purchases without my approval before hand. This was raised with the police and they are currently investigating the store tapes for a suspect.
  11. I hope I'm not the only one who sat through the whole video
  12. I'm out the weekend of 12/13,12/14... Looks like I'll probably see you next year. Enjoy all.
  13. There Black Friday prices are still above msrp...not sure how they do business. The .22 ammo makes me laugh. Was looking for some AR parts and decided to buy online because the prices are too inflated . You want to help local businesses but when your paying over msrp then I feel like taken advantage of.
  14. Sorry to hear this , I hope all goes well.
  15. I also have a bmc and like it's performance . It's a compensator and shooting at dusk proves it with the flash produced .
  16. Wow looks like a missed a good one ... Hope to catch you all next time.
  17. I have had both and sold the piston as parts are proprietary for each manufacturer. In a shtF situation you will need to find the same maker to swap out broken parts. Also I didn't like the snappy recoil I felt from a piston . But I would try before before making a decision.
  18. Thank you for this guys .. Greatly appreciated
  19. Thanks for the replys... Lalo how you pin yours ?
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