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  1. I didn't say I would let someone go. I would refuse to enforce an unconstitutional order. Possibly illegal orders have been questioned and refused in the past. It happens more than you would know. If you've never taken the oath, then you may not realize how much it actually means to many of us. Much more than a job or a pension. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Well, if it makes you feel better, I'm a fed LEO and I run in a very, very large circle of others around the country, as well as state and locals. We've discussed this subject at length and I haven't spoken to a single one who would carry out a confiscation order. Of course this is anecdotal, so take it for what it's worth. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Even though he ended up not purchasing himself, he went out of his way to set up and negotiate the deal for me with another buyer. Friendly, fast communication. Thanks Dan!
  4. That sucks. Glad the $#!+bag didn't hurt anyone. Maybe he should sue Bloomberg, claiming that if he could have legally smoked inside he wouldn't have been robbed.
  5. .40 Federal 180 gr HST, .38 Gold Dot 135 gr +P
  6. Shawn, What I don't get is that you have a NJ SBI # linked to your 10 prints. Evil Shawn obviously has an FBI #, NJ SBI #, and maybe even state ID #s from other states, which should all be linked together. Were you ever printed electronically and mistakenly confirmed as a match to something more serious than a local warrant? If so, you may be popping under Evil Shawn's record. It's a little complicated, but I've seen it happen before. You might want to file a FOIA request with SBI and FBI just to make sure. Did you ever show the Po-Po your FID when they were locking you up as Evil Shawn and have them run your SBI #? Just a thought for the inevitable next time. And on a completely not serious note, does Evil Shawn look like you but with a triangular soul patch?
  7. Great story. Too bad national media ignores stuff like this. FnF8guy: You obviously put your life on the line every day to protect others, pray every morning that you will come home to your family with as many holes as you left with, and have dealt with split-second deadly force encounters on a regular basis. I would like to thank you for your service.
  8. Experiences seem pretty random. I've ordered three times from PSA. Stripped lower and MOE lower build kit were perfect and shipped within a week. After 14 business days without a shipping notice on an upper, I emailed them for an update. Received an email back the same day along with a shipping notice. product was exactly as ordered and has run without issues for close to 1000 rounds.
  9. Great buyer, nice guy, easy to set up deal, and a smooth transaction. Thanks, Pete!
  10. Sold a long gun to jsmit. Great guy, on time, very easy setup and deal. Thanks!
  11. Sold a Mossy 590 Mariner before I even listed it. Still have a Ruger PC9 for sale.
  12. johnp, it's the Grand Union flag. It was one of the flags of the Revolution flown by George Washington. Was the unofficial flag of the new United States on July 4th, 1776 and remained our flag until the Stars & Stripes was adopted in 1777.
  13. If I recall correctly, the Milford Plaza was known not only for its Hip-Hooray, but also for its Ballyhoo. I always preferred its Ballyhoo. To the OP: If you're up for a drive and you're talking a Friday night through Sunday night adventure, stay near Harpers Ferry, WV and hit Shenandoah NP while you're down there. Lots of horseback riding, whitewater rafting, canoeing, and eclectic shopping. If you're not on a budget, take a quick flight to Casablanca, Morocco.
  14. Hello all. This site was recommended by my local shop for private sales. Lurked around for a while though and found lots of good info and discussions. I think I'll stay! Been shooting for 25+ years and my safes are getting too small for my collection...
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