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  1. Paltik

    New Member from Bergen County

  2. There is an app.. just search "CCW" in the app store.
  3. Paltik

    Tell me about the GSG-522

    I have one, the 1st anniversary edition. Its a pain in the butt cleaning it.
  4. Paltik

    Custom Kydex Holsters

    Try www.planbholsters.com or you can check him on facebook or instagram #planbholsters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Paltik

    Custom Kydex Holsters

    Check www.planbholsters.com. Veteran owned and they also offer discount for LEOs, Military and EMS
  6. Try PlanBholsters.com its a new company from Florida. (It's actually my brothers) He's running a sale right now. Thanks!
  7. Who is going to win?
  8. Paltik

    Choosing where to buy..

    Lucianos in Lodi... Good people.
  9. How much is the fair price for a Trijicon HD Night sight installed on a Glock19 or an M&P 9c from a local Gun shop? (Bergen County) Thanks!
  10. I mailed it on 7/29 got it in the mail on 9/26... A total of 59 days. Not bad at all.
  11. Whats the turnaround time for Florida CCW lately?

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