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  1. maybe she doesn't have any need for her left hand....
  2. I used to work in a gun store, okay? now stop the non-sense. go measure the cylinders yourself. if you never seen a 686 and a 686+ side by side, don't say anything. Guys with molded plastic holsters would complain the 686+ are much tighter since the holsters they brought are designed for a 686. No offense. Just trying the get the truth out there. Thanks
  3. Pizza Bob, you are wrong on the cylinder width cause I shot multiple 686s. After shooting hundreds of rounds I can tell you the trigger is better on the SSR
  4. Even if you don't break any NJ laws or federal laws, you'll never be able to step foot in that other state cause there may be a warrant out for you. You are probably not worth extraditing.\ It's a lot to think about for doing something dumb
  5. wouldn't it be funny as hell if greedy liberals who don't shoot, brought up all the ammo to resell back to us for twice the price? isn't that nice?
  6. sure, just like those crazy housewives who empty out supermarkets with tons of coupons & only shelling out $10 for everything.
  7. Just get a used Sig P229 or P226 .40 then in alloy or stainless. you can probably get a new one for around $800. once you hold one, there's no going back. SRT is nice. decocker is nice. g10 grips are nice.
  8. speculators buy everything up & sell them at twice the price on auction sites just wait it out
  9. it's like checking off the box that you are not a fugitive on the run...
  10. I love this revolver. I have the Pachmayr Gripper on my 686. Wheelgunners rock.
  11. you have to handle one yourself before buying. you'll find the 4" barrel is better than a 3" when it comes to range marksmanship. the trigger is a bit better on the ssr than a standard smith revolver. most people don't know this but the cylinder on the + is wider since it holds 7
  12. northern firearms on gunbroker is nice. I think they ship free and there's no credit charge additional charges.....(you need to confirm yourself) http://www.gunbroker...?Item=333344831 Model: 1911 Loaded / PI9132LP http://www.gunbroker...?Item=333344836 Model: 1911 Loaded / PI9132LP heck they even have the loaded in blue or 9mm if you want btw, it's stainless
  13. why does it take so long? is it a custom order or something?
  14. Wheelgunners have more fun at the range. ssr is nice but if you can find one, google "686 the american" discontinued but awesome http://www.gunsamerica.com/919614721/Smith_Wesson_Model_686_The_American_Series_357_Mag_NE.htm
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