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  1. No3, and 4 are not correct for a no5. However they might fit.
  2. what do you mean it will not spin. can you go further into detail?
  3. Love the stock. Very nice markings and color.
  4. Silly question, but did you disassemble the bolt and inspect the parts?
  5. Check out Standard Manufacturing SAA. Not a colt but US made. I want one.
  6. I hope you don't catch Garanditis. Its a terrible ailment that will cost you lots of money, and closet space.
  7. good info. keep it coming please.
  8. It jumped the shark 2 seasons ago. The first season was so good that it hooked me for two follow up crap seasons b4 I quit watching, the shootout at the prison was it for me. It is nothing but a soap opera w/ zombies. just my 2 cents.
  9. Sweet rifles. Hilarious exchange between the two forum members. Thanks for the laughs boys.
  10. Gunnz, Have you seen the Kimber K6? They are very nice, killer old school quality. I was in the same boat as you, waiting for it to become available. I gave up and bought another Glock, but some day...
  11. Eds' Red = its a home made brew that works for me. Very cheap just like me
  12. I've had a Uncle Mikes range bag for the past ten years. It has held up well and cost about 50 bucks when I bought it.
  13. Its easy enough to do yourself. The CMP forum will have tons of info on how to restore the stock. But basically you need to get all the metal off the stock. Then strip the varnish off (if it is varnish denatured alcohol will work, if it is poly based you will need a different product). Once it is stripped down to the wood just treat the wood with Linseed or Tung oil. I do not recommend paying someone, half the fun is finding out how to, then doing it yourself. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.
  14. Yes they will. I bought the cans, I wish I went with the bullseye.
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