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  1. Just wanted to pop back in and say hi. Been getting back into firearms more recently and backing away from Jeep Life a little more. Happy to be back and catch up with all the new laws and fun firearms that have came out. Been about 6 years since I’ve last bought anything but just did the change of address and updated my firearms ID card after moving. Washington Twp (Gloucester County) was amazing with communication and getting the permits. Literally a week.
  2. No love for the kahr pm9..... Wow. Also if you aren't dead set on a semi try the Ruger LCR. Thats how a trigger should feel. Btw voted for the xds. Changed to pm9
  3. That's cool. Thanks for the heads up. Might try and get the little ones there
  4. Want a glock 26 but afraid it's too thick for carry? Boy do I have a solution for you!!! Introducing the Kahr PM9. Check your local market place listings for further details. Yeah, yeah cheap plug. But it's pretty damn close to a glock
  5. Picked up 10 boxes, thanks. I was pissed I missed this last time.
  6. class of 01 here. Congrats on the ticket out
  7. Welcome from Williamstown and a formerly Deptford.
  8. Thanks..... For driving me broke. Just bought 100 yesterday and 200 rounds locally today because I thought I missed this deal and now you say the deal is back so I had to jump on it.
  9. i actually had this happen to me at sportsman rendezvous last week. I almost said f it and walked out but I was in a good mood and wanted what he had. I don't think I will go back even if I'm in the area again. The guy wasn't too bad but definitely not friendly.
  10. Haha... Pickle. Who cares as long as you're having fun? Would you honestly lose sleep over some ball busting?
  11. I noticed that with the 2 colors they are not mil-spec. I just have a question and I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything but why can I only find the deals through the links but when I search magpul stocks none of these come up? Is that typical with that website?
  12. this makes sense to me. If the guys up north go by the anything south of the Driscoll bridge being south jersey then the guy in Cape May can say anything 40 miles north of him would be North Jersey. That's right above AC for you northern fellas.... 195 splits jersey along with pork roll, eagles and hoagies. And nobody wants Trenton.
  13. probably the best answer. I'm waiting for the next question.... Is that legal? Won't I go to jail? Won't they take my first born?
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