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  1. Another Bernardi Honda user. Like most things now days, it's cheaper and convenient to order online and have it delivered to my home.
  2. I have an 06 CR-V. Great cars. Changing the trans fluid is easier than changing the oil on these cars. No pan to drop. There's an easy to access drain plug near the front of the vehicle. However I'd strongly advise against using anything but the specified Honda trans fluid.
  3. Well that sucks. Never been that impressed with Bass Pro shops. I've made a lot of online purchases from Cabelas over the years and also have their credit card. Can't wait to see what kind of shit show this turns into.
  4. Yeah the dawson sights seem really popular. Couldn't make up my mind on which ones to go with. Wife asked what I wanted for my birthday. So I told her to get me a set of the warren sevigny competition sights. Anything has to be better than the stock sights.
  5. Before I go and order one... does anyone here know of a shop in NJ that has Glock brand front sight tools in stock? Thanks
  6. I hope that my property will be exempt based on being owner occupied and possibly meet the criteria of having at least two exterior walls unattached to any adjoining building section and where attached, are attached exclusively by fire-resistant rated walls.
  7. Just wondering if anyone here has heard of this.... I just received a letter from the condo board of directors. The State wishes to schedule a reinspection due to the violation received during the first inspection. I'm required to be home on a specific day between the hours of 10:00AM-1:00PM. Guess that means I required to take time off of work for this? Maybe this is some new NJ state law? The reinspection for violations is really strange part. No one from the state has ever requested or performed an inspection in the 15 years I've owned this property.
  8. Please report back if you guys go. I've also been thinking about checking it out.
  9. Ruger P85 MKII? I bought one as a "first semi auto handgun" back when they first came out. Still have it. Maybe not the prettiest gun ever made. Definitely built like a tank. Mine has proven to be very reliable and surprisingly accurate.
  10. Interesting. So I just went through my last batch of permits issued six months ago. If I apply for more within the next eighteen months there's no need to get re-fingerprinted?
  11. Nothing wrong with the G26. If your looking for other options for a CCW you might want to also check out the S&W M&P compact and shield. Here's a video that explains the differences between the two models https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hERsGIcxQMY
  12. Pistol, 9mm, 357mag, 40s&w, Rifle, .22LR, .270win. Shotgun, 12ga.
  13. If your considering something like the Dawson or Warren setup be sure to also check out the plain rear / Fiber optic front combo from Taran Tactical Innovations. http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=44_51
  14. High Velocity

    Glock 19

    Nope. Fixed sights on the G19. The longer barrel / slide models (G34, 35 etc) come with an adjustable rear sight.
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