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  1. Gents, please help: Took my new to me Saiga to the range for the first time this week. Got it used sometime ago but hadn't had a chance to shoot it yet. As with any firearm I shoot for the first time, I loaded on round in the magazine, ...pulled the trigger, went bang and I was happy. Next I loaded 4 rounds: 1st round--bang 2nd round--click. Counted to 30, Ejected it. 3rd round--bank 4th round--click. Counted to 30, Ejected it. Next loaded 5 round in the magazine 1st round--bang 2nd round--click. Counted to 30, Ejected it. 3rd round--bank 4th round--click. Counted to 30, Ejected it. 5th round--click. Counted to 30, Ejected it. So, out of 20 rounds, 5 failed to fire. They all had a tiny indentation in the primer, which leads me to think that it's a light strike issue. However I loaded all those rounds one at a time in the magazine and all went off. The ammo used was herter's 122 grain, FMJ, steel case. I did not try any other ammo. Any ideas? Know of any gunsmith in Morris county that can take a look at it? Thanks
  2. Are you serious? What law did the guy vidotaping brake? Yes, very soon videotaping the officers in public will be considered harassment and illegal but yet.
  3. Let me put it in another way. It's not cops like you that own guns, collect them, enjoy them, are aware of the plight of NJ gun owners and know what it takes to legally own guns that I'm concerned about. It's all the others that don't have the same frame of mind as you or are outright hostile to private gun ownship that may be a problem. Granted that I don't know how many of those cops are out there so I may be getting concerned over nothing. However, all things goverment tend to suffer from mission creep over time. If this bill gets signed into law, I won't be surprised if eventually getting asked if one is transporting guns and be compelled to have the officer inspecting them at a traffic stop will become routine. It's just a question of time for that to happen in name of safety.
  4. Wrong. We all should have the same whish list. Should be all encompassing covered under the " the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" How one choooses to exercise his "whish list" is a personal choice.
  5. I don't know the going cost for it since I never bought it. For all I know .36/round may not be to bad of a price price. Again it depends what you plan to do with it. If you are looking for something to plink with, anything well under .10/round will do. It's kind of hard to find it for that but Midway sometimes has Aguilla on the cheap even with shipping. Cabella's also often has Remington gold bullet bricks for 24.00+5.00 shipping with their CC. Yes, it's dirty and some people complain about their high rate of failures. That has not been my experience. Besides, my life doesn't depend on it , so I really don't care. A little higher than the .10/round but seems to be stock. I don't know for how long, though. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/271232/aguila-high-velocity-ammunition-22-short-29-grain-plated-lead-round-nose-box-of-500-10-boxes-of-50?cm_cat=CheckoutConfirm&cm_pla=ProductDescrip http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/500rd-eley-22lr-40gr-lrn-trgt.aspx?a=1326036&cjaffsite=adrian+laza&utm_medium=CJ&CJ=1&cjaffilid=4084797&utm_campaign=SPG+Product+Catalog+-+SportsmansGuide.com&utm_source=adrian+laza&cjadvid=1522857&cjadv=CJTSGUSA ETA- I have not shot any of that ammo. Hopefully somebody that did will chime in.
  6. Please don't pay .36/round for .22lr unless you're looking for something very specific. Still that would be nuts. Take loco's offer or post a WTB and somebody close to you will help you out.
  7. I think Dirty was just describing the item so people could easily find it. BTW, thanks. Got a case myself.
  8. http://www.ammo2u.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&product_id=336&category_id=86&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1
  9. Rimind me not to tell you about that bluefish fishing trip...
  10. No. You meet, exchange the goods and cash, fill out the paper work, mail it and live happy ever after. Remember you already went through a background check when you got your P2P. ETA-- this transaction can happen at any of the exempt places (home, range, ....). It does not have to be at a gun store or FFL.
  11. Earlier this month Cabella's had Herters 115GR FMJ for $13.99. Midway also had Aguilla for similar price. Could have been cheaper. But around 15.00 seems to be the norm right now. I won't pay more than that.
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