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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to check this shop out some day!
  2. I just paid $698 OTD for a NJ Compliant one and felt like I overpaid
  3. I hope you're not running around your house in a HD situation with a 28" barrel
  4. They've lost my business, simply by calling you guys "shady" on a social networking website, instead of being professional.
  5. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) introduced legislation Tuesday that would make it illegal to manufacture or sell a magazine that contains more than 10 rounds. Limits on high-capacity magazines have been frequently discussed in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., shooting, and limits on magazines was one of the proposals that President Barack Obama made last week. The limit on magazines would renew an element of the assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. Since then, it has become legal to produce and sell high-capacity magazines. Support for renewing the assault weapons ban has received tepid response, even in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Lautenberg’s bill has sixteen cosponsors in the Senate, all Democrats. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) has filed a companion bill in the House. http://www.politico.com/blogs/on-congress/2013/01/lautenberg-introduces-ammo-bill-154907.html
  6. TRENTON — A New Jersey assemblywoman has introduced a bill that would add an extra 5 percent sales tax on guns and ammunition. The money would fund safety improvements to public buildings. “Since the incident in Newtown, you start to listen to people. I’m listening to students, I’m listening to educators, I’m listening to everybody,” said Assemblywoman Connie Wagner (D-Bergen). “I think the first thing has to be to take caereof our infrastructure. then comes up the second question, well how are we going to pay for this?” Under the bill (A3727), gun purchasers would pay the extra sales tax on top of the current 7 percent sales tax. The money would go into a “Safety Tax Fund” that would pay for things like security cameras, electronic emergency notification systems, devices controlling entrances, panic buttons and doors that can only be locked from inside. Even though the bill defines a public building as anything from a school to a movie theater, Wagner said she plans to amend the bill so that it only applies to publicly-owned buildings. Wayne Viden, co-owner of Bob’s Little Sports Shop in Glassboro, said gun buyers already have to pay a $15 fee plus sales tax for a background check. In addition, there are fees for firearms purchaser ID cards and a handgun purchase permit. “I think they just want to charge more money for guns to try to discourage people from buying them,” Viden said. “There are so many useless taxes they have that they don’t use the money correctly for, what guarantee is there they’re going to use this correctly?” “I look at this just as a tax on alcohol or as a tax on cigarettes,” said Wagner. “I you want to use ammunition or purchase a gun I don’t think a 5 percent sales tax is much to ask for to provide for infrastructure improvement.” Wagner’s bill is about one of about two dozen that New Jersey Democrats have introduced in the aftermath of last month’s Newtown, Conn., elementary school tragedy. Gov. Chris Chrisite, a Republican, in July said New Jersey’s gun laws are sufficient. Thursday, Christie said he will create a task force to address violence in New Jersey. http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/01/gun_tax_nj_bill_would_add_extr.html
  7. I spoke with PK90 about me limiting a BX-25 mag for my 10/22 out of state, purely because I like the cosmetics of the 15rds. He told me that as long as it's permanently inaccessible to remove the limiter, aka, not bolts, but maybe physically unable to accept 25 rounds because of pretty much damage, than it's good to go. I thought of having an FFL, or out of state, maybe installing a permanent track or limiter inside the mag, and then replacing the bolts that hold it together with non removable pins or rivets, and glueing the body shut or something to that effect.
  8. Could a NJ resident drive over the border to PA to shoot, as long as he comes straight back to point A when finished?
  9. I read a story about this happening on r/guns. The person had no idea what happened to his gun being repaired after the owner passed away, and he reported it stolen after getting nowhere, and contacted the ATF. Within a few weeks the ATF got it back to him.
  10. No choice really, I had a bunch of gift cards I had to use up.
  11. So the phone line IS up? Or it isn't Because I prepaid for a 10/22 at Dicks in Union, and they refuse to do a fax saying the "fax they bought doesn't work" and keep telling me the NICS number is down.
  12. Who's to say whatever the ban proposes, he had recently privately sold, or just didn't actually possess in the first place, athus leaving his safe completely empty of any ban calibres or weapons and being an upright law abiding citizen?
  13. I have a completely clean record, and my town required both references to check a list of boxes about me answering to the best of their knowledge if I'm of sound mind and health, free of drug addiction, alcholism, seek to overrule the government etc, and then sign and get it NOTARIZED. Many towns do this minus the notarization
  14. I HOPE this is grounds to deny you a permit to purchase. You clearly demonstrated you're not responsible enough for one permit/license (driving), there's no way you're ready to safely and maturely handle and possess firearms.
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