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  1. Never knew that! Seems kind of dangerous to me though. Does this apply to red lights as well? The statute is a bit unclear in that regards. I guess intersection would mean any intersection, regardless of whether there is a stop sign or red light.
  2. How about if you drove by speed signs to show they sink up? Still probably not admissible, but that's how I know my dashcam GPS is accurate with it's speed display. Although, my speedometer is 2 mph off, but my dashcam, speed signs, and Waze all match up.
  3. Pretty sure Howard is just messing around guys.
  4. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/14/virginia-gop-baseball-practice-shooting-multiple-people-shot.html "Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., told Fox News he left just before the shooting. As he walked to his car, a man asked DeSantis if it was Republicans or Democrats practicing. About 3 minutes later, at around 7:15 a.m., the shooting began, DeSantis said. It reportedly lasted about 10 minutes."
  5. So does my M&P. I saw others have some nasty issues with their fancy steel guns and mags while my plastic piece of shit ran like a champ.
  6. Even with the sand getting in your mags?
  7. Steve, just wanted to say you guys are putting together real nice matches. Had a great time today!
  8. Mine took about 3 weeks. No contacting of my references.
  9. My son had tubes when he was 10 months. It's a VERY simple procedure. His took literally less than 15 minutes. He went from making no sounds, to babbling within days. Ear infections went away. His fell out on their own about a year ago, and he has had two minor ear infections since, but nothing warranting tubes again. Your kid will be fine, and this will be very good for him. Best of luck!
  10. Upload it to youtube, then post the link here.
  11. Are you mechanically inclined at all? Brakes are simple to do, granted you're not making stupid obvious mistakes like I did the last time I did mine. Record the noise it's making and post it up.
  12. All of you guys saying it was brake related were right. So when I installed the brakes a few weeks ago, I didn't line up the "pins" on the wheel hub properly. How did it go on at all you ask? The last mechanic apparently cut them off instead of punching it out with an impact driver. But they didn't cut one of them flush to the wheel hub but enough that I was able to get the rotor on. So the rotor was on but not flush with the wheel hub which is why it acted as if the rotor was warped. Good news is it was an easy fix and nothing is wrong with the brakes, shocks, or anything else. Thanks to everyone for your advice. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. A grandfather of one if the deceased is crying that it wasn't a fair fight because an ar-15 was used. Get the fuck outta here with that liberal bullshit. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  14. Yes. Cleaned and pads and rotors. Rear caliper has a single piston. I'm pretty sure the rotors are not warped. I've driven with warped rotors before. I do not feel anything in the brake pedal at all when I brake. I just hear that damn noise. But the more I read what you guys are writing, I'm thinking it is brakes related. Hopefully, I'll be able to isolate the problem easily.
  15. Yes, I used lube where there should be lube. What do you mean by caliper hanging? As in I didn't tighten it down enough? Haven't had any panic stops since I've replaced them. I'm hoping you guys are right about it having something to do with the brakes. It's very possible I screwed up somewhere and didn't realize it.