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  1. $90 per box of 150 rounds. Located near Trenton
  2. 500 rounds 2021 headstamp. Located near trenton . $300 (.60cents)
  3. if you have a 14.5 inch barrel what you are looking for is something 1.5 inches or greater...IE the long dynacomp version and long battlecomps
  4. Firemen do not look at those stickers. They either search or they don't. When they search they look for any life
  5. This is possibly the dumbest thing I ever heard.... Ever
  6. Is a sig 229 scorpion with threaded barrel legal?
  7. nice offer fishnut.. Its really not a job for a gunsmith ive done plenty and they all look great
  8. I think the 870 is the best pump gun ever made. So smooth also easy to takedown and clean. Tons of parts available
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