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  1. Hey was visiting brownell website and the have percussion caps in stock check it out if you still need them
  2. Hey everyone! I’m looking for a knowledgeable Desiel mechanic for my 6.0 power stroke engine its a pickup and I’m considering on replacing and upgrading a lot of the engine components. Any recommendations will be considered. also want to replace some body parts as well id rather invest in this truck than start all over again any one interested or can recommend someone would be appreciated. thanks all! I’m located in the Union county area.
  3. Sonnylee

    NICs Question

    I got a question, not to open a new topic, I purchased, paid for and filled out all paperwork for NICS check. It almost been a week since I did the transaction. Haven’t heard back yet from dealer or NICS for that matter. How does the one pistol per 30 days apply? when does that clock start ticking?
  4. GameStopper! Welcome great area to live.
  5. Recobs has powder in stock rifle , shotgun and pistol!
  6. Recobs has powder in stock! For rifle, shotgun and pistol if anyone is looking
  7. Update! I have received approval for my permits, they are ready to go! Clark was quick! 2-3 weeks! so now I’m ready, show me what you got thanks!
  8. Are you supposed to call them or they call you when they are ready? I guess every township is different... Fars already did the background check and sent emails to the references, not sure what to do from here. I’m guessing wait..
  9. I have never seen anything like this, “Out of stock” everywhere! luckily permits haven’t come in yet.
  10. Looking for a DA platform thanks for the post!
  11. Called today, I can’t believe how busy these gun shops are... their website had everything out of stock just about, going to take the trip. thanks for the post! I’m going to call tomorrow and find out thanks again!
  12. I’m looking for a few pistols, one of which I like is the model 617 4”or 6” 10 shot 22 lr the other is a 10mm (glock20 or 40) im open to others as well. I applied for permits and figured I’d start shopping now.
  13. So The NRA has files for chapter 11 bankruptcy! All of the accusations I guess where in line with news reports. I didn’t know where to post this and I don’t post much, but this? I’ve contributed to them faithfully and was so confident that they would be there ne there for all of us
  14. Recob has 2 out of the four you need
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