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  1. I got a Sam Walton edition 22” barrel? if your interested in nib
  2. Ok, that was easier than I thought open to offers, but please no stupid offers! no trades
  3. WTS. Anyone interested in a benelli M4 straight stock jersey legal, I’m the original owner, maybe 100 rounds total, a few slugs and buck shot. Gun is a safe queen will upload a pic as soon as I figure it out again. Original box comes with it and manual. 1450.00 pm me if interested. Or text 908fourfourseven48zerofive i can probably send a pic faster by text Transfer ffl fee on your dime i will cover my end.
  4. If you already have a hunting licence from another state which states you can hunt with both shotgun and rifle, you can renew your licence in Nj they will issue you a CID number for shotgun, bow and rifle along with trapping, but you have to buy the rifle, bow and trapping permits in addition. Rifle permit is valid from June to June I’m not sure about semi rifles in Nj for hunting, but I know you don’t have to disclose or register your rifle for licence.
  5. You can hunt coyotes and fox along with other small game with certain restrictions centerfire or rimefire under 25 caliber With muzzleloader you can hunt big game or small game depending on season.
  6. Shooting skeet? I hate going by myself to shoot skeet. You can buy a remote voice control box to work with there machines. But I don't want to buy anything I don't have to. Got too much shit already.
  7. If so pm me and we’ll make arrangements no charge just come pick them up
  8. I have some Rio’s and cheditte as well I use these in the European style hull reloading I can spare a couple hundred of each if you like. Not sure how much you need
  9. I may have some to spare, how many and what specifically are you using them for? black powder rifle primer or reloading?
  10. I totally believe it.. I’ll give it a try this year with my Lacy ( pointing black lab) she’s 8 years old and a universal hunter.
  11. I’ve mostly hunted assunpink wma since the 90’s and it got worse every year. I’d bring my dog and work a hedge row and can see hunters on other side shooting in our direction from my dog flushing birds out. Another guy literally was shooting on the ground as if he seen a rabbit i would always distance myself and dog to other locations and fields, but it seemed like they would follow me because I had the dog I stop hunting there in 2005 and decided to hunt on semi -wild pheasant farms in harmony mostly and joined several clubs as well at least I knew I had an entire field and 2 hedge row to myself, dog with 2-3 other hunters and had more fun with less worries
  12. That’s the part I fear the most, when I was hunting public land for upland birds it was like a war zone!
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