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  1. Brand New giant cypress 7 speed. large frame blue metallic paint $450.00
  2. Looking to buy rock island tcm tac ultra fs 51961 9mm/22TCM
  3. RTSP union! i think they have one
  4. Rock lsland Tcm Tac ultra Fs .22tcm/9mm nice looking gun.
  5. its cut for the Romeo1 1×30mm miniature reflex sight
  6. Slide/scope sig 226 got it at Osage county Guns $350.00 and free shipping.
  7. Smael watch homage to g-shock mudmaster great work watch! look on (youtube channel nutnfancy) $15.00 Amazon.
  8. the grip is bigger than a glock19 its a good gun! and with hogue grip all good.
  9. SOG flash2 good knife $50.00 Amazon
  10. Rustoleum high heat spray paint 5$ can look on YouTube
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