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  1. Almost gave @Handyman a coronary infarction
  2. That looks like @Handyman ekg on bodega viagra from China. jus sayen
  3. Putting the seals back in is kinda a pita. Even with a screen roller and a lotta lube.
  4. We need to develop our own form of jury nullification here. Like everyone’s friend in pa that lives next to the Walmart parking lot
  5. Paranoia can be debilitating. Aren’t we supposed to be making friends and influencing people?
  6. Discussed ad nauseam. Same with all parts for rifle un pinned..
  7. https://www.food.com/ideas/20-ways-to-cook-with-soda-6257 ha!
  8. Or listen to our Ffl’s here that actually know what they are talking about? The paranoia is confounding
  9. That is the awesomeness sound of America! Embrace it
  10. Top gun was like Pearl Jam Ten, I hope this isn’t vs
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