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  1. Zeke

    Got a new addition today

    Bro I would. But I cannot try any more guns. I’ve/we’ve exceeded our purchase parameters way past 2020. If I don’t try it I won’t want it. If I don’t want it I cannot argue I need it. but I think ya done did good! now remove the tape from your AR!
  2. Zeke

    Got a new addition today

    Heard nothing but good bout the cz’s
  3. Zeke

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Sunday night low is 6 Saturday High is 37 . Sunday high is 43. And we are days out. I dare you to have 49 on Sunday. We are that close.
  4. Zeke

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    In your moms basement maybe. 49 isn’t even on paper! Anywhere!
  5. Zeke

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Thursday also, but that system seems kinda wimpy
  6. Zeke

    2019 NJ anti-2A agenda

    Rhode v Becerra last action nov of 18
  7. Zeke

    2019 NJ anti-2A agenda

    It’s in the courts, but it’s the 9th soo it will take a lot of time
  8. Zeke

    Daily humor thread

    Did anyone ever try the gummy bears?
  9. The problem we all have is “ the American citizen residing here “ clause. I think that’s because our rights are being suppressed by the state.
  10. Zeke

    Adopt or Die?!?

    I think the accuracy of polls is also location oriented. But, just because you are a shooter doesn’t make you a conservative or a constitutionalists I.e Avb or Greenday. It jus makes you a shooter. Kinda a fudd syndrome if you will. ( I’m not disparaging those 2 or 3 examples, and merely suggesting we focus on the commonality). “ well, we have that in common “
  11. Zeke

    Adopt or Die?!?

    I’m flinching as to why the single stack 9 seems to be the new flavor.
  12. Zeke

    Adopt or Die?!?

    It’s not that hard. Take friends to the range. The hurdle is the permiting process. All my /our fence sitters are hinged on that. It’s an infringement on there time and $

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