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  1. Why would anyone want that to happen?
  2. Dude... don’t be a follower . It’s porkroll
  3. Stafford Forge wma. I should be there around 9 am or so. Look for the the thrower going bananas.
  4. Although... cough. My mother and stepfather live in Carney’s point. Right next to Shawn. So it’s possible I’ll be spotted there.
  5. Moms basement voyeur? Voyeur 9? pieces of the puzzle slowly coming together
  6. Had a her. Missed her. Now getting a big boy. I’m tracking
  7. So it’s all assembled. It goes up down and left right. Or jus up down. Or jus left right. Or jus off for @Ray Ray
  8. @GRIZ will say the same thing about shooting.
  9. @voyager9sighting would be way more impressive!
  10. Why the 25th? is it because of the 26th rally?
  11. Read the manual. I know the fords can override that feature
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