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  1. Zeke

    Magpul Pro 700

    But they call it a stock
  2. https://www.magpul.com/firearms-accessories/pro-700-series is it a stock? Is it a chassis? Anyone fondle one? Your thoughts. Me like
  3. Stare decisis is a double edged sword. Depends on your point of view, but some times old dogs should let lie.
  4. Rib pics! Let’s see them. My faithful cohort @gleninjersey bailed. Apparently bbq sauce has too much carb awesomeness
  5. Lol! Do tell. the rock chucker also has the on press priming.
  6. I want to try a pig in a ground oven. Digging makes me tired though
  7. That’s jus silly! That’s for the meatloaf! Although crockpot Jamaica jerk ribs could enjoy some ananas comosus
  8. I’m shopping for single stage. Might be the rock chucker supreme now
  9. Nothing is better than crockpot ribs!
  10. My man! is that a pressure cooker crockpot?
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