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  1. 2020 has been a no lube experience thus far
  2. It’s like a 1/2 of a 1/2 of a 1/2 and it’s not inflatable or Bluetooth. pass
  3. That’s like winter in Texas
  4. Instapot.. fully next level! @JohnnyB
  5. It’s in my tinder profile... “must be able to clean my guns” problem solved still haven’t found one with an ultrasonic yet though....
  6. No one can see into the future and that’s why you are held harmless unless you feel your friend should not own a firearm from your personal history.
  7. What do you feel your friend would do that would make you liable?
  8. If you are uncomfortable vouching for them then don’t
  9. I have a question. Is this person not your friend and did not let you know or ask you to be his reference?
  10. Jeeps. The glocks of the automotive industry. But I was at rausche 2 weeks ago. Riding bitch
  11. Zeke

    What is MSRP on

    Well that’s new. I jus cked try gunbroker or cabellas to get an idea
  12. Dunno. But I’m finding it interesting you agree with @Ray Ray. ps. Stay out of Bayonne
  13. Forgive @Ray Ray he doesn’t understand the internet is forever .
  14. Arby’s is fancier
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