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  1. Hockey a few years ago. But probably since ‘15 I’ve tuned out. I work, I work hard. Tired of being preached about oppression from millionaires that play with a ball....
  2. Your hand looks like a pineapple when you slip da grip
  3. Have you tried the sticky? @Rob0115 back me up! but to your point iwb sticky is not da best. But summabitch these things work
  4. My bad. Moderator.....
  5. Better choice. google keltec hand.. newbies should stick to the tried an true round wheel. If you enjoy this hobby and constitutional right.. you’ll buy more guns n stuff. Make friends here and try there stuff before you buy. Mostly good people here
  6. How dare you say that about my baby daddy! ya I’m thinking the grip module first. Then a compact slide and the PMM comp. and den.... Rmr
  7. I’ll bet @JC_68Westy says the sticky holster. It’s actually quite impressive. Even in IWB
  8. Stay out of Bayonne! @Ray Ray told.... all of us
  9. The Winchester is a nice gun very over looked. I would suggest get a regular hunter version of any pump gun and then buy home defense barrel
  10. I was building a garage. My boss/ demontor was a marine. We were ready with nail guns that day. thou shall not forget
  11. I’m just amazed ! Sold out in less then 24 hours. That’s nutz
  12. And just like that. All gone again
  13. And bring the young lads @Bklynracer
  14. Oh powder smoker, I’ve seen them all. The newbie girl that drives all the way from Manhattan to shoot with us is a yuge treky
  15. Well it’s a good thing I posted about it. Porkroll
  16. Werd buy a bigger gun safe. It’s a rabbit hole
  17. @Smiles31 please clarify all the trekky references. starwars is better
  18. Zeke

    WESHOOT Fees

    Is this gssc new? please say no
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