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  1. The saying goes: committees are where bills go to die. I read that only about 4% of the bills ever make it out of committee.
  2. Most of Bruce's movies are pretty cool!
  3. I do this all the time but I don't need no stinking mat!
  4. My permits are ready and waiting. I have a feeling these are going to cost a pretty penny.
  5. Just to be clear the FFL is only needed when you purchase the rifles. You are the owner and what you do with them is not the business of the FFL. After you take possession of the rifles you and your parents fill out the NJ COE for each rifle and you do not file this paperwork with anyone (not the ATF, NJSP, FFL, etc). As jackandjill said make sure you are not receiving anything in exchange for the gift or your purchase of the rifles will be viewed as a straw purchase. Pistols are very different. Your parents would need to provide you with a Permit to Purchase and you would have to file that with their local PD and the State Police.
  6. If you can get cable to it. There is no comparison to DSL. Much much faster.
  7. I don';t think these cases are listened to or won based upon strategy. There are a number of justices that don't want to accept the second amendment for what it is: an essential part of the bill of rights. Until they are replaced these cases will not be heard. And if there is a good chance of losing we are better off not having them heard. As with most things with SCOTUS we are going to have to be very patient. Trump's biggest achievement so far has been his federal bench appointments. The numbers far exceed previous presidents. And for that to continue we need McConnell and a majority in the senate. By the end of hist first term he may have appointed anywhere from 30% to 50% of the judiciary. That will ge HUGE.
  8. The following link takes you to the Camden County Prosecutors Office. They outline the process to file a complaint (which ultimately gets monitored by the NJ AG): https://camdencountypros.org/internal-affairs-complaints/ "To file an internal affairs complaint with the Special Prosecutions Unit, e-mail Angela Seixas at aseixas@ccprosecutor.org"
  9. Yes and the prosecutor then has to do an investigation. That in itself can convince the pd to change their ways.
  10. Welcome. Take some time to read the sticky threads in the forum that have lots of good information. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  11. Its kind of funny that face to face sales of ammo are probably more anonymous than other methods. You can pay cash and be gone. In an internet sale you give a credit card so they can trace it back to you. Unfortunately it will drive up the costs which is another of their objectives. Stock up now when it is on sale.
  12. I don't think NJ has any use for common sense. They are obviously going to target us and this has nothing to do with stopping crime. It is all politics and the fear that people have. It will all make sense to the general uneducated population. His agenda includes things like sanctuary state status which will have an impact on crime. It is going to be a long cold 4 years. Lots of this will effectively make criminals out of those that don't comply. We already effectively have handgun registration in NJ for newly acquired guns .The state police has all the info they need. The scary question is he so crazy that he will try to confiscate guns from people in their houses. So far I don't believe any state has tried this (correct me if I am wrong). For example in Connecticut there was extremely low compliance with their "assault weapon" ban. I had read the registrations came mainly from law enforcement (which I understand as their jobs are at stake). Otherwise the governor there declared they were not going to go house to house to seize the now illegal weapons. My real hope (I know that hope is not a strategy) is that they go so far that finally we get a case going to SCOTUS (similar to the MA case on stun guns) that even SCOTUS can overturn and possibly strike a lot of our gun laws. The Trump judges in the 3rd circuit will help. My real plan is winning the lottery and getting out of Dodge. One can hope anyway.
  13. I think he also said he took cover behind a car so only his head was exposed. That said we don't know how we will react to incoming rounds until we have experienced it. And that is why we should train so we will be better prepared for it. Not only was he trained but he also trained his wife and kids which is pretty cool.
  14. I think he said about 20 yards and he had an EOTech. Pretty close to make any type of shot.
  15. But the perp was wearing body armor so center mass doesn't get you much.
  16. The Pennsylvania constitution has the following section: § 21. Right to bear arms. The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned. Unfortunately New Jersey has nothing like this in our constitution.
  17. So I found at least one seller that has updated their web site and now ships Tasers to NJ: New Jersey Citizens Can Now Buy a TASER http://www.defenseproducts101.com/statestatutesummary_page2/tasers-now-legal-in-new-jersey.html
  18. I guess everyone is having a hard time believing any expanded rights come to NJ
  19. If long guns as long as they are inaccessible to anyone else (meaning locked) that should be fine. Pistols not so much.
  20. I also heard him say this at the SAFE conference. Call me cautious (or just paranoid about NJ) but I don't trust Loretta to not change this in the future and find another thing to deny us our rights. This would be particularly important in the future when SCOTUS extends Heller to outside of the home!
  21. My sample was too small and I shouldn't have said most. A couple of months ago I renewed my NH and last week I sent in my Maine renewal both of which ask the question. I just checked and my CT app also had the question but my others didn't. So I should have said a few states
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