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  1. Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Sporting , Sale was $150 off retail + I saved $123 in sales tax , Sometimes you get lucky .
  2. So early this morninng I head to Cabelas in Delaware by some miracle I called about gun on sale yesterday they tell me they have it , great I'll take a chance be there in the morning . Got there at 9 AM senior hours store empty right up to counter show him the ad and SKU # for gun do the forms all on computer litterly within 5 minutes of hitting send I was approved paid out the door on my home.
  3. Cream Ridge / Jackson right by Six Flags Great Adventure
  4. My one and only sport was Football when Goodell took over was the begining of the end for me , I realize some changes had to be made to protect the players but it's gotten to soft , to political , and now way over the top There is only one National Anthem . You always stand for our flag , and you only take a knee if your hurt.
  5. I have a CZ TEAL by Cabelas 12gauge 28" $450 Check their site for info
  6. I have a box of Remington UMC 50 rounds & an open box of Federal with 32 rounds left there yours if you want them , I'm in Jackson out by Six Fiags , I'm available most anytime message me if your interested , don't want anything for them somehow acquired them have'nt any need collecting dust.
  7. You can also go to places like JEGS , SUMMIT , any speed shop and get all steel or aluminum Big Bucks , one other thing use old school GREEN ANTIFREEZE all that new permanent crap is caustic as hell on your system .
  8. Unless it's a classic car or truck or a piece of equipment made from copper most of the radiators are throw away plastic tanks & aluminum cores . Shop around for new or take a chance on a used in the junk yard.
  9. Shoots steel ammo just fine average groups anywhere around 1 1/2" to 2 + at a 100 yards more expensive brass like Federal , Hornady , lot tighter groups . I've put Golden Tiger , Tula , Wolf , & Brown Bear not one issue it all goes bang and extracts without no issues so far.
  10. I bought one a few months back , have a bunch of steel cased ammo that'll be wasted in an AK love this little rifle added a 4x12 - 40 NIKON and a Surefire Comp. , The Comp tamed what recoil it had to about 1/2 100 yards steel ammo decent groups bought some brass case name brands to try out then I'll start reloading for a little more accuracy.
  11. I paint mine using CUMMINS engine paint older engine color tan super durable also use a company called ammocanmagnets.com for ID
  12. Any information you need is simply a phone call away , LVSC staff has to be the most friendly and accommodating people to deal with.
  13. If your not reloading for volume as mentioned before RCBS is a good for long term but if don't want to break the bank to start and learn LEE Breech Lock around $35 or the Classic around $60. The one thing is stay away from a Turret Style Press for rifle they all have some extra movement , top wobble so to speak good for volume not so much for accuracy. Slow and steady for sub MOA .
  14. If your reloading for a bolt action rifle single stage press is hard to beat a few points of interest buy quality dies Hornady RCBS , also look into a decent trimmer (worst part of reloading rifle) a pretty decent caliper , and a good scale , And if your going for decent consistent accuracy separate your brass , there is always a difference between brands.
  15. I stand corrected 572 is the pump I had both but like the MARLIN 60 I"m not a big fan of the tube feed semi auto .
  16. Taurus / Rossi pretty much the same I own a Rossi 62 SA Octagon Barrel hard to find worth a little extra , also own the Henry Pump & one that's often overlooked is the Remington 552 Speedmaster which I also own . The Remington can be found used reasonably priced ., still made new close to Henry in price maybe a little bit more .
  17. Here's a twist if your gonna spend $1300 on a single gun look a 2 RANGE OFFICERS , in standard models one in 45 ACP & one 9mm almost the same money and have the best of both worlds. I own a SPRINGFIELD M C OPERATOR in 45 and a couple years ago a 9mm RANGE OFFICER . Never had an issue in either one , real 1911's are 45 but the 9mm are an absolute blast to shoot , bonus a lot cheaper to feed.
  18. Whether a Squib or bad workmanship the hardest part of this story is he noticed it when he got home. It's a HENRY RIFLE meaning it does not have a side loading gate, meaning it has to be loaded where the damage is just seems odd after the alleged last shot it was put away and taken home. Sorry just an observation not an argument starer.
  19. Ammo & feed ramp are good places to start but don't overlook the magazines , especially old surplus weak springs , worn followers , take them apart if possible and clean and inspect if possible.
  20. https://cdn.shopjfi.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/250x250/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/A/R/AR500SMALLTARGET_1_4.jpg FAZIOS WAII TWP
  21. If your planning on a snub nose really just go with 38 special save the 357 for something larger, especially if you go with a light gun, if your gonna carry make sure it's +P. Everybody says get a 357/38 unless you reload 357 is pretty rough, chances are you,ll only shoot 38,s in it anyway.At one time I had quite a few snubs sold them all kept the Ruger LCR 38. My favorites in 357's are my 4" & 6" Ruger GP100's.
  22. Go to CJRPC website click on calendar on the 18th they have a Cowboy Action Shoot open to the public
  23. Check any of your local clubs that have a 5 Stand shoots
  24. I own the CZ TEAL in 12 gauge bought it when it's on sale $550 I'm North of 3500 to 4000 rounds trouble free. It's Turkish oh well for the price couldn't be happier. Mainly 5 Stand & Sporting Clays. My next O/U will probably be a Browning CYNERGY CX priced around $1500 not super fancy but solid. Great entry level gun. Also personal preference I prefer Mechanical Triggers vs Inertia.
  25. Most the time if you use the NADA GUIDE the true value is the the one column that states bank value. That's what the bank is willing to lend and finance.
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