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  1. I'll have to give a shout out to Mike and Kevin. Both of them are great guys to work with. They were patient in holding my handgun for me while I was waiting for me and they did a beautiful cerakote job on my saiga. They are my go to guys for gunsmithing and transfers. They are the best!
  2. I did a change of address back in early March of this year. I finally received my fid and pistol permits last Wednesday, resulting in a two month delay. Part of the delay was on them. They "misplaced" my proof of address for three weeks until they "found" it while on the phone with me. The odd thing that they do is ask that you bring in the form typed out already. They won't accept handwritten forms. Also they ask for a proof of address. There's a form that you fill out consenting to an investigation. I'm, that's redundant to the other forms that you're bringing in anyway.
  3. A big selling point for Windows phones is the camera. They seem to be the best in the market.
  4. He should have banned cars. A drive-by wouldn't have happened without those terrible assault vehicles of death. They drive just too fast!
  5. I've seen a few of those sites. Does anyone know where I can get an unlined steel drum? I've done some searching on Google but there were no good results.
  6. Has any of you ever made a smoker from a food grade steel drum? I've been very interested in doing a project like that.
  7. No, no, no.... Mipafox you got it all wrong. It's this case that I'm looking for:
  8. Jack, I saw the tennis racket cases that Blackhawk makes and I just wasn't sure about the sizing and space capacity for magazines and such. @High Exposure. I saw that bag and I wondered if it would be kind of obvious only because it is longer than most other backpacks. Just to add to my concern about being discreet is that I live right across the street from a police station. I'm sure that they are familiar with many kinds of bags so I'm just trying to find something that wouldn't call for too much attention. Or am I just over thinking things?
  9. Here is the new addition to the family. I'm thinking of dolling her up with cerakote from Backwoods Custom Coatings.
  10. I recently acquired a 26" Saiga rifle in a bullpup configuration. I'm trying to find a discreet carry case that would fit it nicely. I have seen a few items online from Blackhawk to a bunch of no name companies. I'm just not sure if my rifle would fit in any of those cases. Does anyone have any suggestions on a carry case that doesn't scream "I have a gun in my bag"? I would like to carry the rifle without having to break it down.
  11. Went to the one in Philly. It was OK. There were some average prices on some rifles like the 10/22 but there were some jacked up prices. They are definitely taking advantage of the Russian import ban. One vendor wanted to sell a plain Jane Saiga for a grand and another wanted to sell a case of 7.62 for $325. If people buy it that's on them. Prices on other handgun ammo were still too high. I'd rather buy from Cabela's or price hunt on gunbot.
  12. That's right.. There is a show at Wind Gap. Even though the driving time is the same I'd rather drive westward than southward. Less traffic that way. From what I was seeing online it seems that the Wind Gap show has lesser tables than the Philly one.
  13. If you want to see a psychologist just to clear yourself and cover all of your bases check out the Institute for Forensic Psychology. They perform psychiatric evaluations for all police officers. If you pass it then you're good to go as far as any mental health issues. I know that people have a lot of opinions about this but be honest. You don't want to look like you're lying or hiding something. If you lie, or seem to be lying, on the forms then you are committing an offense (iirc).
  14. Is anyone going to the gun show at the Philly national guard armory this weekend? My wife and I are planning on going there this Saturday.
  15. Handgunlaw.Us is a good place to start with do's and don't's with your carry license. Also chamber your firearm with Guard Dog and not hollow points. Although they are legal in Delaware, NJ's laws will screw you over.
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