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  1. im confused as to why this even has to go in front of a judge? I mean wasnt Caetano Vs Massachusetts more than enough to say the law is clearly illegal here, the Supreme Court was pretty clear in saying tasers are protected by the second amendment and that specific case even revolved around carrying one im no lawyer but i wouldve thought that the day Caetano Vs Massachusetts came out is the day NJ ban on possession is thrown out the window, is a ruiling by the supreme court not enough anymore or is this just a jersey thing?
  2. im lost, didnt a judge just rule that dc law was constitutional? and now this judge is basically ruling the opposite way for the same law, so which judge has authority? who does dc have to listen to? cant they just listen to the Clinton appointed judge who ruled that the law was fine?
  3. yeah right, imagine mandatory smart gun technology since it is now available with no grandfathering law, 5 round limit and again no grandfathering, nothing larger than .22 again no grandfathering, ammo tax with a law on how much ammo a person can own at any given time, how many firearms a person can own, firearms insurance, home inspections, psychological tests, 500.00 dollar tax on every gun purchase and many more. I believe every single one of these or something similar has already been introduce or the idea was brought up by a dem
  4. im more worried about taxes raising in NJ when Christie is gone, gun rights is lost in this state, i gave up when every other republican gave up and couldnt be bothered to get off their a** to go to the polls and vote and gave the democrats one of the largest wins in NJ history
  5. the mass supreme court said she was able to carry a firearm for self defense, the concurrence knocked that down basically saying forcing her to use lethal force is absurd
  6. this and remember she was convicted of carrying a stun gun concealed outside of her home, the supreme court just said not in so many words that the 2nd amendment protects outside carry
  7. Commonwealth v. Caetano anyone following this? PER CURIAM REVERSAL! realeased today 8-0 ruling basically saying stun guns are protected by the 2nd amendment opinion http://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/15pdf/14-10078_aplc.pdf
  8. i personally hope he gets the maximum because i know if i did the same thing i would and he should be treated no differently because he holds a badge
  9. trying to get sympathy is all, most people including the judge in control of sentencing doesnt understand that a gun with a 12 pound trigger just cant go off, we all know he fired intentionally but most on the jury wont, maybe they should pass an empty gun around with a 12 pound trigger and have all the jurors squeeze it, maybe then they will understand that the shot was intentional
  10. this exactly, i think we as nj are just so deep in denial we will do anything to justify loosing one more notch, such as "this law isnt that bad, it doesnt affect me so who cares" "NJ is too far gone whats the point in trying to change things now" "why would you ever need to carry a gun, are you crazy" "i only own a rifle to hunt, what do i care what happens with handguns" "it was her fault that shes locked up for being stupid and not looking up NJ ridiculous gun laws" its all just denial, if we actually fixed this state none of these saying would have to be said
  11. this would be my next step also, the ecm uses the crank-sensor to determine which cylinder is misfiring, if its a dead miss or multiple misses it can be very inaccurate, ive seen cars with a dead mis throwing code p0301 indicating a cylinder 1 misfire but in reality its cylinder 3 misfiring, when it comes down to it the computer is really just taking a educated guess in which cylinder is missing next if you have diagnosed that its actually cylinder 5 i would check timing, and also perform a cylinder leak down test, just because you have good compression doesn't mean the cylinder is completely sealed, if all those check out you might want to take a look at the ecm last, this is the most unlikely but still a probable cause
  12. the best we can hope for is they change justifiable need to be more like Marylands G&S, atleast then we have a much more likely chance of getting a permit, if that happens thats the best well ever get and hopefully by 2018 the government will be established to it and the next governor wont change it, well just have to pray there isnt another mass shooting because if another one happens with a D governor were going right back to the good old justifiable need we know and love If Christie can change justifiable need to be more relaxed our next governor (Sweeny) can change it right back to the way it was, this is a temporary solution at best and dont say that if he does change it back there will be a revolution, thats a load of donkey sh** and we all know it
  13. this is a joke, republicans in this state cant get off their lazy a**** to vote, once a democrat is elected governor im going to do everything in my power to leave this state, already sending out resumes
  14. so are we allowed to now bring and carry our firearm in PR if we travel there?
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